The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 45


“How is Dongqing?” inquired Queen Sisi, whilst handing her cape to the approaching lady-in-waiting.

The lady-in-waiting frowned: “He has not moved for two days. He has locked himself in your room this entire time, doing nothing but drinking. Your Majesty, while this is your personal affair and we should not comment as your ladies-in-waiting, we sincerely do not hope to see you marry an alcoholic. We cannot see how he is worthy of you in any capacity.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” contested Sisi, with a chuckle. “I feel much better with him in that state. You know, some birds can never be controlled. They’ll try and break their cage even after they bleed from banging on it with their head. My rear palace is massive. How easy would it be for him to leave? Furthermore, would I have to kill everyone’s hero when that woman charges in here? All I need is for him to choose to not leave. When someone proud discovers that everything they did was meaningless, they will end up in that state. It’s just a temporary breakdown; there’s no need to be alarmed. Having said that, you must ensure that nobody can approach him. Leave him in that state. Give him what he asks for. Time will smooth everything out. When he comes out, he’ll be a qualified Prince Consort.”

The lady-in-waiting didn’t have a positive impression of the alcoholic at present. Nonetheless, Her Majesty’s orders were absolute.

Sisi jogged upstairs jubilantly: “Since you don’t like taking care of a drunken man, let me, personally, take care of him, then. Oh, right, have you prepared what I asked you to? I will only have one wedding ceremony in a lifetime, so it must be majestic. I want people to comment that it was the most memorable wedding they ever attended decades down the road, understood?!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” respectfully responded the ladies-in-waiting.

Sisi hummed a cheerful tune as she opened the door. She ignored the scent of alcohol that her hard as a wave and entered.

Defeated, I had constantly lamented to myself, “All of it was my fault… mine… All of it was my fault… I should’ve realised it… I shouldn’t have taken the bait… Had I not agreed to join… Had I stopped myself from being baited and stayed at home without being greedy, all of this could’ve been avoided.

“Why did I have to leave home and stick my nose in it? Why couldn’t I resist the allure? I caused Veirya to end up hurt so seriously just to satisfy that insignificant desire for glory and to entertain myself… Last time, I gave Veirya a burn scar for spare change. Why do I never learn?

“Why don’t I think for Veirya? Why am I so selfish? I’m always claiming that I do everything for her and to protect Leah when, in reality, what have I even done? I did everything I did just to satisfy my selfishness and ego… I destroyed our entire family… I made Veirya suffer. All of it was my fault… Nobody is to blame for this… It’s all on me… It was my mistake… my mistake… my mistake… I brought it all upon myself…

“I don’t want to think about it. I really don’t want to think about it… Alas, try as I may, I can always see Veirya’s face as though she’s next to me… Is it because of the alcohol o me? I’m calm. I’m not agonised. Veirya has never left me or gotten hurt… She’s right here next to me… She’s living well on her own up North.’

“Nobody will hurt Veirya if I don’t stick around her, right? As long as I’m not with her, Veirya won’t be in danger. Veirya can protect herself if she faces danger… She’ll be fine as long as I’m not around… Sisi is right… My embrace will be what hurts Veirya. I can’t stay near her. She’ll end up in her current state again if I do.

“This is fine. This is fine. As long as I stay here, Veirya will be safe and well. Without me causing turmoil, Veirya won’t get hurt.  I’ll ask Sisi to repay my debt to the bank, and then the North will remain Veirya’s. In the future, the North will develop thanks to the coal mine. Life will be a lot more convenient. Veirya won’t need to bother with anything. She just needs to live in peace there. There won’t be any wars or people to look down on her. That’s fantastic…

“I’m fine as long as I can see Veirya alive. Sisi was right. A bird is prettiest when it flies in the sky. I can.  I’m no good. I can’t stay by Veirya’s side. I’ll only ever bring her trouble. I keep stating I love my family, but I can’t even provide Leah with a proper home now. Leah should be able to study with the elf at home without any woes, and then go to the field to train with Veirya in the afternoon. She should be laughing, playing in the water and dancing in the rainbow. That’s how things should’ve been. I’ve never done anything to bring them bliss. All I ever did was sabotage their happiness.

“It was my fault… It was my fault… All of it was… my fault…”

“I’m not against you drinking. With that said, alcohol is not good for you or your mind. Additionally, I think you should get some fresh air.”

Sisi opened the curtain and window. The fresh air whisked the scent of alcohol coming from my corner outside. She picked up a bottle of alcohol from the floor and, from the window, stated, “Alcohol isn’t bad. Drinking too much will get you killed, though. I don’t want to be a widow at such a young age. Come, Dongqing, I’ll arrange a bath for you. Have a nap in the afternoon, and then you’ll feel better.”

“… The fault was mine…”

“It’s all right,” consoled Sisi, who stroked my face with a smile. She kissed my lips and elaborated, “It’s not too late to realise your mistake. It was none other than pride that hurt Veirya and brought upon you a disaster. In saying that, Veirya isn’t one who can withstand a disaster. So accordingly, you two aren’t a good fit. Dongqing, I love your ego. It’s not a weakness that needs to be changed.  All you need to is someone who can help you resolve the problems resulting from your ego. I’m wholeheartedly willing…”

Sisi struggled to lift me up. She gently panted as fear took form on her face. Slowly, she unbuttoned me. Then, she anxiously and frantically pulled off my belt. She touched my body with her hands as lustful woman would. Her face was the face of an intoxicated and entranced woman. She leaned onto my chest and licked it.

“Mm… Dongqing’s scent… It’s Dongqing’s scent…”

Sisi’s hand slowly slid south to finish removing my belt. As her panting intensified, she ran her hand across my chest and down to my belly button. As if she finally made up her mind, she shoved her hand in…


Despite my conscious being fuzzy, I was still frightened. I was lost for what to do. I wanted to get away, only to discover Sisi had crabbed my crotch… Sisi’s hand…

“Where do you think you’re touching!” I wanted to blurt.

Queen Sisi let out high-pitched screeches that sounded darn weird. She wore a strange expression; make that a hideous wild smile. She gave my nether region a few strokes and then quickly pulled her hands out. She panted and panted. I was worried that her heterchromia eyes would burst into blood. She blankly looked at her right hand and, ignoring my presence, shook as she held her hand up to her nose…

“Fuah… Fuah… Hnng… I knew it… I knew it…”

Seemingly feeling not addicted enough, Sisi stuck her hand into her mouth and sucked it…

“Dongqing… It’s Donqqing’s taste…. It’s all…. Hmm… Seriously… this is amazing… Hng…”

Sisi turned her head in a dangerous manner. She seemed somewhat dissatisfied with her temporary catch. She pushed me down and tried to pull my pants off in desperation.

Creak! Someone gently pushed the door open. A startled Sisi almost pierced the lady-in-waiting standing stiff with her glare upon locking eyes with the latter.

“Umm… Your Majesty… I just… just…”

“Ahem, go on. What’s the matter?” Sisi did have to maintain her image as a Queen. She calmly got off and pulled over a chair to sit in.

The lady-in-waiting couldn’t have felt any more awkward. She felt that it was best not to say it in consideration of her safety. Nevertheless, she asked, “Umm… umm…. Ross wants to see Lord Lin… Do we let him in? Ross is Lord Lin’s pupil. Is it really appropriate for us to stop him?”

“Tell him Dongqing is drunk and asleep, so don’t let him in,” replied Sisi. “Henceforward, refuse him if you see him. I don’t care how you do it. Ask the guards to drag him out if you must. Is my rear palace a place that a cat can come in at his own pleasure now?!”

“Yes, Your Majesty…”

“Call over a lady-in-waiting to give Dongqing a bath, too. Ah, Edward is also back. I’ll go see him in the afternoon.” Sisi put on a fake surprised visage and got up after touching her right hand. The lady-in-waiting quickly made way. She lowered her head, not daring to look at Sisi. Sisi passed by the maid and whispered, “If you dare to leak what you say, I guarantee I’ll make you regret being born, understood?!”

The maid quavered, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Queen Sisi didn’t respond, nevertheless. It never happened, after all.

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