The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 44

Steadfast in her Faith

Gasp! Angelina vigorously opened her eyes. Veirya, who had been deep asleep the entire time, suddenly shuddered and then began to tremble. Angelina grabbed her and softly called her, “Veirya! Veirya, what’s wrong? Are you all right? Veirya… Veirya… Shall… Shall I call Lucia over…?”

“No need. I have already arrived,” informed Lucia, as she came in from outside. She removed her gloves and placed them aside: “Don’t worry. I predicted it would be around today. I meant that this is an indication that her wound is healing quite well. She should come to in a few hours’ time. She’s truly lucky. If Travor’s blood didn’t match hers, not even I would have been able to save her. I know that she’s definitely going to search for Travor once she wakes up, though. You must stop her. Her wound hasn’t fully closed. If she doesn’t want her organs to pop out and bleed to death, she needs to stay here and recuperate. For convenience’s sake, I’ve asked Ascillia to come over, since you’re humans. If you have any issues or needs, let her know.”

Lucia and Angelina weren’t exactly on good terms, but neither were they on bad terms. While Veirya was a warrior with the army, as a former knight of the chapel, Angelina rarely had contact with elves. As a result, Lucilia and Angelina didn’t have much to say to each other. Hence, Lucilia left after giving a small nod.

Angelina hesitated for a brief moment. She lingered and lingered,  but finally spoke out, “Thank you, Lucilia. Without you, my daughter w-“

“There is no need to thank you. I did what I should have done,” replied Lucilia, who turned around and shook her head, as well. “After all, she’s my companion. She once fought side to side with me and saved me on many occasions. It’s my turn to save her this time. Moreover, Travor asked me to save her. If you genuinely wish to thank me, then when Veirya wakes up, ask her to stop being excessively possessive. Let Travor come over and keep me company occasionally.”

“I can’t make any promises there.”

Angelina honestly couldn’t make any promises there. Plus, she didn’t want to make a decision on her daughter’s behalf. Lucia left with a laugh.

Veirya gradually calmed down. She fell asleep again as she usually did. Angelina gently stroked her daughter’s hand. She leaned in and kissed Veirya’s cheek.

“Veirya… hurry up and wake up… You’re Mommy’s only child… Although… Mommy never fulfilled the role of a mother and even has a crush on your man… Mommy sincerely loves you.”

Usually, Angelina would never say such things. She would never vocalise her love for Veirya. She always wholeheartedly loved Veirya no matter how circumstances changed. That included when she was still the chapel’s knight, while her daughter chose to be the Queen’s knight. That also included when Veirya drew the line in their relationship. Angelina was once asked if she could kill Veirya, and she nodded. Deep down, nonetheless, she knew that she could never get serious with her daughter. Her blade would never pierce her daughter, because she loved her daughter. She loved her mother than her life and loyalty. Veirya was her only daughter. She was her most beloved daughter…


“Miss Leah, do you need anything else?”

Leah stood up from the bathtub. She checked out her perfect body but couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was odd. The succubus at her side courteously handed her a bath towel. Leah dried herself and shook out her long hair. She swept her red eyes over the succubi. She wasn’t the Demon King or even a daughter he liked. To be fair, however, he didn’t like any of his children. Nevertheless, the succubi trembled as if the Demon King swept his gaze over them.

Leah calmly issued her orders, “No, nothing. Just prepare me some food and do my bed. I won’t stay here for long.”

The succubi immediately began to move upon receiving their orders. Sophia entered the room. She bowed to Leah first before speaking, “Miss Leah, may I ask what opinion you have of our place?”

“Nothing,” remarked Leah.

Leah had no plans to continue speaking. Sophia dawdled for a second before speaking again, “I apologise, Miss Leah. What I say next may not please you; however… I think that Lord Lin will not be coming back…”

“What are you saying?! Of course Papa will be back to pick me up!” thundered Leah, after turning around to look at Sophia. Tone stern, she exclaimed, “Papa has never abandoned me! He never abandoned me at any point, and there’s no way he will abandon me now! Papa will come back for Leah once he is done resolving the problem! I am certain of it!”

“I beg your pardon for my bluntness, Miss Leah! Miss Leah’s father went to the imperial palace but has still not come out. Furthermore, Ross, who was outside, has also been called into the imperial palace. Clearly, they do not plan to leave the imperial palace. Miss Leah, I may know what your father is up to. If he does not plan on leaving the imperial palace after entering, then that means he has been kept there by Queen Sisi… Do you think that she would accept you?”

Leah knew from the very beginning that Sisi wasn’t Veirya. Sisi didn’t like her from their first meeting. The only reason Sisi was nice to her was because of her papa. That was precisely why Leah didn’t want to be around Sisi and would take the risk to bring Veirya to her side.

If her father went into the imperial palace and didn’t return, then she… either stayed with the succubi or joined Sisi. There was no doubt in her mind that Sisi would find an excuse to banish her.

“I’m going to go find Papa!”

Leah instantly understood where Sophia was going with what she said. Leah spun around and left. Alas, Sophia grabbed her before she could. Leah whipped Sophia’s grip off with annoyance. Sophia solemnly advised, “It is pointless to go find Lord Lin now. Moreover, they will not let you into the imperial Palace. Her Majesty will not be pleased, either… Therefore, you should wait, in my opinion. I just want to remind you… that I do not have my hopes up…”

“Papa… Papa won’t abandon Leah… Papa… will come back…”

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