The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 47

Good Morning Kiss

“Your Majesty, it is so good to have you back.”

It was good news for the lady-in-waiting that her Queen was safe and sound. The ladies-in-waiting evaluated Queen Sisi as a considerate Queen. Also, the usual cool Sisi, who was only ever able to be with women, was an excellent individual. However, she was a lot more quiet and silent compared to before.

Queen Sisi stretched out had left hand before her eyes. For some reason, she paid particular attention to her left ring finger, deliberately fiddling with it. T

“Normally, a ring on one’s ring finger represents love and marriage, but why is Sisi touching it? Could she have… fallen in love? But would a girl in love actually be so silent and say so little?” mused the lady-in-waiting. Hesitant at first, the lady-in-waiting cautiously broached the question: “Your Majesty, did something happen to you?”

Romance topics were a relatively sensitive one. Queen Sisi was nice to the ladies-in-waiting, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t get angry. When she did get angry, she was frightening.

“Nothing. I’m just musing.” Queen Sisi then lowered her head and sunk down a little into the water: “If I really like a bird, but the bird doesn’t want to stay with me, should I just watch it fly away or break its wings and lock it in a cage?”

“I beg your pardon?”

The lady-in-waiting panicked a little. She could faintly detect a hint of something from the question, especially since she heard the military personnel speak of a man who miraculously appeared and left with Veirya. She deduced that Queen Sisi cared about him.

“Mm… pretend I never said anything.”

Queen Sisi rubbed her eyes with her hand. The red from her tears was clear clear on her white skin, so clear that it was heartbreaking to see. The only memory of Queen Sisi that the lady-in-waiting had was her cool demeanour. Never had she cried, yet she shed tears that she hadn’t shed for over a decade for a man.

She was the Queen of the entire empire. She could have everything in the empire, yet couldn’t have what she most wanted.

“I knew the answer long ago. My father helped me learn the answer in the past. I preferred the look of the bird soar the sky more, but could you resist the desire to have it when you see its captivating feathers? Humans truly are contradictory creatures. I’m not Lucilia, though. Since he likes Veirya, I have a new idea.”

Queen Sisi thought, “Yes, he’s very loyal. He said he would love Veirya forever. What happens if Veirya no longer exists? If I kill Veirya, I mean, if Veirya dies in an accident, and the North is destroyed, then where else could he go? Would he have any other choice than to love me?”

Needless to say, she wasn’t aiming to break his wings. If he lost his wings whilst flying, the fault wasn’t hers.

“I can do it. I definitely can. As long as he’s by my side, I can do lots of things,” determined Queen Sisi.

Queen Sisi’s exit from the water was akin to a stunning water fairy making an appearance. The lady-in-waiting quickly provided a towel. Wrapping herself in a towel as she climbed out, she commanded, “Prepare a double bed for me. I should be getting married soon to the most extraordinary man in this world.”

“Yes, Your Majesty…”

Although the lady-in-waiting wanted to confirm if the man Queen Sisi referred to was the one she knew of… she was somewhat afraid. Queen Sisi didn’t seem willing to mention him. Therefore, the lady-in-waiting decided to pass.

“Oh, right, one more thing. There’s still some time until the sun comes up. Go and have someone immediately bring me a sky blue cape. Remove the latches on the shoulder and neck. I’m going to personally make a cape for the man I love. If he doesn’t receive it before our ceremony, then all the tailors can get out of my imperial palace.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the sun came up, Leah had yet to wake, but Veirya and I had woken. Queen Sisi was holding her ceremony, which was to be held in the imperial palace, for her return today. Thus, I had to go. My original plan should’ve been held off for a few more days. I didn’t think that my daughter, Leah, would go and look for Veirya. I never expected it’d bring about such a miraculous result, either. I didn’t know if Leah had spent a long time with the succubi and increased her succubus powers or not as a result, but there were no humans who could resist her.

“I wonder if I can use Leah in the future. Scrap that. I don’t want to endanger Leah,” I inwardly chided.

Yes, I spent the night with Veirya, but it felt more akin to sleeping with my mom. Veirya hugged my head, pressing it firmly to her blessings, but I didn’t dare to suggest that… I was ready to graduate from virginity, but I got wet feet when I was in her embrace… I froze whenever Veirya hugged me.

Veirya watched me get dressed from the bed: “Are you. Going to. The imperial palace?”

I nodded. It was quite the weird scene… However, I couldn’t deny that I wimped out last night…

“Then. Don’t. Get too close to Her Majesty.”

Veirya stood up and picked up my cloak. I went to grab it, but Veirya shook her head: “Come. Here.”

I walked up to Veirya, while she got to her feet. She tossed the cloak on my back, and then pulled it around to my neck. I stood stiff in place. Her breasts were pressed firmly enough to my back to make it feel as though something would break… She did up my collar from behind and carefully did up my cloak. Then, she spun me around, quite pleased with the results of her efforts. She patted my shoulder: “I still. Have something to do. See you tonight.”

“I’ll be taking the kid. I’m sure Her Majesty will really like the present.”

“All right.”

I awkwardly stood in place. Truth be told, I wanted a goodbye kiss before I left. But nonetheless, I figured Veirya wasn’t the type of person to do that… And unsurprisingly, she blankly looked at me, completely ignorant of why I didn’t leave… I knew that Veirya had returned to me and even helped me with my cloak, but I didn’t think she’d give a goodbye kiss.

“I’ll get going…”

I felt stupid and ashamed when I realised what I was trying to do… I quickly turned around to leave, but, apparently, a light bulb lit up for Veirya. She grabbed my hand from behind and spun me around. The blissfully lightheaded sensation and the sensation of my brain jolting as a consequence of a teeth crash left me speechless. Nonetheless, I was quite happy…

Veirya’s goodbye kiss brightened my day. I wasn’t frustrated despite having to look at the young man who had an arm and a leg broken. I had people throw him in the back of the horse carriage, and then rode toward the imperial palace. I had become the Queen’s guardian, so I had to be there to watch her return to her throne. Oh, and give her a present while I was at it.

A horse carriage parked alongside mine. The Elven Queen and Ciara were helped to the carriage. The Elven Queen called, “Lord Lin, it is good that Lord Veirya was able to return, right? I never had the chance to as since it is not our place to get involved. However, when you are heartbroken, you can always come to my side.”

“Sorry, I’m not used to sulking in a woman’s embrace all the time.” I smiled then went up to her and held her hand: “What is about to happen to you is definitely not a good thing. You will be humiliated in front of humans. If you don’t want to be publicly shamed and wish to refuse, that is totally fine.”

“It is fine. We can accept it. We no longer had any dignity to speak of from the moment we were exiled.”

Ciara sighed, “What can we do? We no longer have any dignity to speak of. If you need us, we shall go.”

“All right, thank you for your help. I will be sure to repay you for the favour.”

“Hehe, I am looking forward to it, Lord Lin. I wonder how you will repay me.”

The Elven Queen nodded with a giggle. She then got into the carriage with Ciara’s help. The time for Queen Sisi to return to the throne was ripe, but she had to erase the people’s doubt for her. She had to prove that she didn’t fail. The elves helped prove that point. As Queen Sisi’s knight, so I had to dedicate my efforts for her.


*The ring finger in English is denoted as a ring finger, but in Chinese, it’s denoted as the ‘nameless finger’, which is why the explanation of it might sound verbose and ridiculous.

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