The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 46


Veirya tightly grabbed my hand and solemnly asked, “Are we. Going back. Now?”

After what happened, Veirya seemed to have become clingier. She wanted to hurry back, back to our North and pretend as though nothing ever happened. However, I no longer planned to go back. The North no longer served me any purpose. I couldn’t ask the elves for flavouring anymore. Perhaps Lucilia might come and discuss it again. Even so, the elves would probably haul me back to their place if I went to them To add to it, I promised to protect Queen Sisi. Consequently, I had to stay here.

“Veirya, I need to inform you beforehand.”

After a moment of silence, I decided to not hide it from Veirya. After learning my lesson once, I decided to keep Veirya informed on everything no matter what. I glanced over to Angelina, who was next to us, then explained, “The truth is, I promised Queen Sisi… to stay with her. I made the promise to her when you were absent. I will reinstate and protect her forever, so after I return to the North and settle some matters, I’ll return to the imperial capital. I want to stay here with Sisi… so…”

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re going overboard now, don’t you think?” Angelina admonished. She grabbed my shoulder with one hand and jerked me over. She shuoted, “What’s that supposed to mean?! Aren’t you already engaged to my daughter?! Why are you still thinking about Sisi?! What are you trying to do? You got engaged with Queen Sisi before coming back, did you? You betrayed Veirya from the beginning, didn’t you?!”

“I didn’t b-“

“Then why are you talking about being with Sisi?! You’re not her husband and most certainly not a citizen of this nation, so why must you stay with her?! The person you’re supposed to stay with and protect is Veirya, your future wife! How does Sisi come into the picture?! Also, nobody knows what Sisi and you do in the imperial palace during your stay here. What are you thinking?!!”

Veirya interjected: “It’s fine.”

Veirya snatched me from Angelina and pulled me into her own embrace. I’m a man, yet I was tugged back and forth between two women…

“I also. Protect Her Majesty. He can, too. Plus. I trust him. From now on. I will always trust him…”

“Veirya… don’t go from one extreme to another extreme…”

Angelina hopelessly held her hand to her forehead… Then, she pulled me into her embrace again. She looked at her daughter then kissed me out of the blue. I never expected her to kiss me right in front of Veirya. Veirya’s body jerked in response. She instinctively reached for her sword but then suddenly paused when she looked at her mother.

Angelina pushed me away and wiped our saliva. She then snickered: “You’re fine with that, too? You’re fine with it if another woman does that to your man? Don’t walk to another extreme! Care about things that you should care about!!”

“I trust him. After this time. I will trust him.”


I gratefully regarded Veirya. Indeed, she had gone from one extreme to another; however, given her limited abilities to think long-term, it was perfectly normal of her. That said, her trust made me feel somewhat guilty…. If you came home after having a tryst and saw your wife sleeping at the table with food prepared for you, you’d definitely feel guilty no matter who you were.

Veirya voiced, “Let’s do as you suggest. We will. Return to the Imperial Capital.”

Angelina heaved a heavy breath: “Ah, whatever. Since that’s your decision, go ahead with it. In saying that, seeing as that’s your decision, Veirya, it’s fine… if I do something, as well, yeah?”

“What do you want?!”

I vigilantly gazed at Angelina, who chuckled with a mysterious aura. I could faintly feel something was amiss…

Veirya kept her hold on me and conveyed, “Tomorrow. I have some stuff. To do. So. Let’s sleep now. I want to sleep. With you. And Leah….”

“Leah is asleep already, so let’s not disturb her…”

I began to shake with a hint of excitement. I was going to get to sleep with Veirya… and… and… Veirya and I were engaged. Since we’re husband and wife… it… it was… acceptable for us to do a little something, right….? We… not to mention this sort of place… There were lots of things that could make us happy… for instance… there was…

“Let’s. Not disturb her. Then. I also…”

Before Veirya could finish her sentence, Angelina’s expression suddenly changed: “Veirya, you heard that, right? There’s noise outside.”

Veirya nodded. Veirya released my hand and pushed me into a chair. Then ,she stood in front of me, facing away.

Angelina snickered as she drew her sword: “You still don’t do thorough jobs. It appears that someone is here for revenge. This wouldn’t be happening if you just slaughtered your way out of the imperial palace, right?”

“That’s Her Majesty’s imperial palace.”

Seeing Veirya draw her blade, Angelina chuckled but kept her eyes on the door. It was no longer just the two of them who could hear the sounds. I, too, heard the footsteps and clanging meal outside.

“Can you make sure not to destroy this place? The succubi need the place to live… While you’re at it, it’d be best if you could capture that young fellow. I don’t want to let him off the hook so easily.”

“Your fiancée and I are about to get into a fight, yet you’re busy thinking about keeping this place intact? You sure are a heartless man.”

Angelina pushed my head down. Someone slammed the door open. Angelina instructed, “Hide there, and don’t poke your head out. What you see may leave you sick. After all, Veirya and I aren’t too good at practicing mercy.”

I obediently lowered my head. I trusted the two of them. Though the enemy numbered a lot, I still believed that the two were invincible. With my instigation, the young man was just marching to his doom.

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