Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 90


The landscape was devastated after the match between two Divine Realm adepts. The black bears bolted off the moment River Monster left. The true aim of Abels’ visit was left up to the escort’s imagination in the end.

Emperor Yuansheng’s heaved a breath of relief, was grateful from the bottom of his heart for Master Ming’s life-saving intervention. Emperor Yuansheng was always willing to take risks for gains; however, he almost gave an unwitting Abels a historic accomplishment – assassinating two Emperors.

Understandably, Emperor Yuansheng never really liked factions independent of the Seven White Champion Princes’ influence. It wasn’t an issue of justice and criminal. He just didn’t want any martial world faction to grow to the extent that they could rival the imperial court’s power. He had reasons he didn’t mind the three biggest orthodox sects despite their influence. The three rarely involved themselves with the pugilistic world’s affairs and kept a low profile in recent decades. Howbeit, he changed his perspective of Night Fortress after the ordeal. He didn’t change his evaluation based on gratitude but thorough deliberation.

If Night Fortress’ master was against the imperial court, he wouldn’t have stepped in to rescue them from someone so dangerous. Moreover, considering the Qilin Guards were still “cleaning” the martial world, for him to not bear a grudge and step in wasn’t something one could reasonably demand.

The imperial court was on good terms with Luo Sword manor. With respect to the other six, the imperial court wanted them off the grid. The imperial court was in need of help to tackle the remaining six among the Seven Champion White Princes. With The Ultimate Three not around and the Qilin Guards busy holding down the martial world, having Master Ming as an ally…

Night Fortress’ master’s reputation was never that positive or negative. He wasn’t an obscure individual, but he wasn’t considered a name that could hold down Jiangnan for the reason that his whereabouts were always shrouded in mystery. Few people could even put a face to his name unless they had met him when he personally handled business. Accordingly, only those familiar with him in Jiangnan would know him. Instead of belonging at either extreme, he was at both extremes simultaneously.

Master Ming convinced everyone present that he could’ve harvested Abels’ head if he desired so, leaving no room for scepticism of his abilities. Emperor Yuansheng couldn’t name any more than five individuals who could match Master Ming after personally witnessing the latter use Abels for a warm-up.

Though Emperor Yuansheng didn’t explicate his gratitude, he expressed it through his gaze, which Master Ming acknowledged with a cordial smile and polite nod.

The first person Master Ming chose to speak to wasn’t surprising and, as a matter of fact, matched the information the escort had on hand.

Smiling brightly, Master Ming asked, “Long-time no see, Young Ming. Have you been well?”

“I-it is nice to see you again, Master.”

“They really do know each other,” Emperor Yuansheng inwardly remarked, continuing to think, “Why did I even suspect Ming Feizhen? If Ming Feizhen was Night Fortress’ master, Jingan’s husband would be Lord San Shen. What a fool I am.”

“Haha, how many times have we met now, Young Ming? How many years has it been?”

“Three years, Master Ming.”

“Wow, three years already.” Master Ming gave Ming Feizhen an amiable head pat: “Didn’t scare you, did we? Your skills are still lacking, huh? It’s unbecoming for you to only have medical and divination skills as a disciple of Mount Daluo. I’ll personally teach you a technique or two when I have some time on hand.”

“Thank you in advance, Master Ming.”

Master Ming smiled and then shifted his line of sight to Su Xiao, who was spacing out, and queried, “What’s the matter?”

“Ah, oh, me? I think I have the wrong person.” Su Xiao glanced to Ming Feizhen then lowered his head.

Su Xiao felt Master Ming’s gait, mannerisms and even tone were familiar to the point that he almost called Master Ming “Big Brother Ming.” Su Xiao didn’t ask out of courtesy since Master Ming saved him from death before. Su Xiao brushed aside the feeling and graciously expressed, “Thank you for helping me.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Master Ming turned to meet with the aggressive stare of Tang Ye, who was still lying on the ground.

“You truly are incredible, Master Ming.”

Master Ming cheerfully asked, “Is something the matter?”

Tang Ye sarcastically answered, “Wow, ‘ridiculous’ is the only way to describe your prowess. You really resemble someone I once met. He had me napping on the ground in a second after we shared a drink. I think you two would be a close match.”

In Master Ming’s mind: “Just you wait, punk!”

“Brother Tie!” cried Ye Luo.

Barely-breathing Tie Hanyi’s eyes flew open when the pent-up blood behind his teeth needed an escape.


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