The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 28

Vivid Dream

The golden orb in the sky woke me. A quick think told me that something was amiss. The familiar scent came from rainbow flowers, a scent the elves carried.

“Am I back in the elven lands?” I wondered, heart skipping a beat. I inwardly told myself, “Why am I in the elven lands? Didn’t I reject Lucia? I shouldn’t be here, then. Ah, Wh-wh-what’s the matter with me? Wait. Calm down.”

The roof was the same one seen every morning at my home in the North. I couldn’t be any more familiar with Leah and my bed.

“It doesn’t appear that I’m in the elven lands, then. Am I… at home? So in other words, the rainbow flower scent is coming from my flower garden? Man, how did I forget? I, personally, planted the flower for Leah. How did I forget?” I inwardly chided myself.

I sat up and scrubbed my head. It was the same as every other ordinary day. There was a formal black robe neatly set next to the bed. My cane was leaned up against the cupboard at the head of the bed. With that said, it didn’t resemble my cane. It had been switched for a more lavish one. I didn’t recall arranging any of it.

Suddenly, I heard light knocks on the door. Anna came in. Noticing that I was still spacing out on the bed, she paused. She grumbled, “Sir Lin, how can you still be so laid back when there is something so serious waiting for you today? You are not showing Lord Veirya and the guests the respect they deserve, are you? Hurry and get changed. Sorry, but because of your tardiness, you no longer have time for breakfast. You need to hurry and go see Lord Veirya.”

“Ah… sorry, I can’t remember properly, but… uh… what was on today’s agenda?”

“You cannot jest about this, Sir Lin,” reproached Anna. She came up to my side and opened the curtain: “You and Lord Veirya are getting married today. You have spent a long time pursuing her. I can finally say congratulations. Lord Veirya is ready. Do not make her wait long.”

“Uhm… Uhm…”

I picked up the clothes. Although I couldn’t wrap my head around what happened, I was excited. “I get to marry Veirya. I get to marry Veirya. I finally get to marry Veirya,” I kept repeating to myself. Being with Veirya was everything that I wanted; it was my biggest goal in life, and I had finally realised it.

I got dressed as fast as the wind, thereby almost accidentally ripping the clothes. Anna chuckled at my hasty manners. She affixed the black cape to my clothes: “It sure is rare to see you so hasty. I am so glad that you finally get to marry Lord Veirya. She looks sensational in her wedding dress.”

“Yeah? I’m looking forward to seeing her, then.”

I dusted my clothes, and then sped off. It was lively downstairs. Literally all of the townsfolk were gathered in the large hall that I had deemed to be useless. When they saw me descend the stairs, they cheerfully laughed and sprinkled burgundy flower petals on me. I crossed through the crowd, smiling from ear to ear. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol of not, but my feet felt particularly light, so light that I felt as if I was flying, making even the cane in my left hand feel as though it was dead weight.

I mounted the white house outside. Without requiring my command, it took off toward the familiar direction, which was the small hill where there was lush grass. Veirya once trained Leah there. It was a beautiful place where you could see a blue sky and drifting clouds. I smelt Veirya’s entrancing scent from some distance away.

The place had been completely decorated, but there weren’t many people besides my friends. Leah carried a big bouquet of flowers and looked at me all smiles. I peered to the top of the hill and saw the rear view of a wedding dress. Her back was upright as always. I didn’t mind that she had a scar from a burn on her back. Angelina stood next to her and gently adjusted her dress. When she saw me, she smiled. She whispered something in Veirya’s ear.

Veirya spun around. Her lips curled up into a subtle smile, which was a calm, yet incomparably charming, smile. I genuinely felt the climb up the hill was a pain in the neck. I wanted to leap over and tightly hug Veirya right away.

I struggled to dismount before my horse halted. I staggered over. Leah scattered flower petals on me. I rushed over, but Angelina stopped me with her outstretched hand. With a smile, she said, “Don’t be so hasty. You’re going to get married anyway, so she won’t run. Don’t be so hasty. We have to stick to procedure. Now, exchange wedding rings…”

My heart stopped, and so did my hand in my pocket. My pocket was empty. I remembered putting it in there, I swear. I started panicking: “My ring, my ring… ring… my ring…”

“You… don’t have a ring? If you love Veirya, why wouldn’t you have a ring? If you don’t have a ring, you can’t exchange rings. Consequently, it proves that you don’t love my daughter, Veirya.”

Angelina’s voice suddenly turned frostier than ice. Even the air around me instantly turned freezing cold. My heart felt as though it stopped dead, and my blood ceased to flow. I lowered my head as I didn’t dare to look Veirya in the face. I was scared. I was truly scared that I would see her gaze of despair and anger again…

“Don’t… don’t… I love her.  I truly love her… I truly love her…” I silently pleaded desperately.

A pair of hands gently took hold of mine. Her hands were warm and soft. Her left ring finger had the touch of metal. A soft voice that was comparable to the sound of nature came from overhead: “Dear, don’t worry. Your ring. Is on my hand. Come, Dear. Let me. Wear mine on for you.”

Behind the white veil was Lucia, who wore a tender smile. The ring on her left ring finger radiated the bright light of a gem. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t look at it as the light felt as though it spurred on my tears.

“Come, Dear. Be with me. I will take care of you forever. I’ll take care of you forever and love you forever, Dear. You gave me this ring of love, so please accept my love.” Lucia tightened her hold on my hand.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I wanted to plead. The words just wouldn’t come out.

“This isn’t Lucia. Why would Lucia be so strong…?” I thought.

It felt as though I was bound in a vortex. Lucia pulled me toward the dark forest.

“I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go there! Stop! Stop! Stop! I don’t want to be with Lucia. I want to be with Veirya. I love Veirya! Stop! Stop!” I was virtually wailing at that point, but my pleas went unheard.

Suddenly, a hand tightly grabbed hold of me. I heard another familiar voice from overhead. I couldn’t have been any more familiar with the voice. The tone was arrogant and playful.

“Hehehe, what’s the matter, Little Doggy? It’s impolite to look so pathetic during our wedding.”

I looked up to see Queen Sisi smiling at me in a wedding dress. She pulled my hand, but I felt a hot sensation from them. It was akin to a flame or hot water, melding us together.

“Little Doggy, we have to be together forever. Together forever and ever…”

“No!!! No!!”

I put up a desperate struggle. I sat on the ground and continued to struggle, crying out in despair to try and pull my arm out from Queen Sisi’s grasp. Alas, it was futile. Queen Sisi smiled as if she was mocking me as …

Lucia bit my ear and chuckled: “Do you really think that you can be with that woman? You think you two can live a carefree life and even have your own children?”

Sisi clung to me from my other side and kissed my lips: “Everything has a price tag. Little Doggy, you’re aware that you have to corresponding price for everything that you gain. This is the price. You will never be able to escape us. There’s no way you can. Stop dreaming of a fairy tale story with her. We’ll always be by your side unless you accept this reality or watch her die…”

Suddenly, I felt a painful sensation at my chest. I blankly looked town to see two sharp tentacles thrust into my body. I then felt tentacles from behind. The tentacles bound me as if they were snakes. All of my limbs and even my head were bound.

“Papa is mine… Leah won’t give Papa… to anyone. Leah will not give Papa to anyone!”

Gasp! I vigorously sat up. My heart felt as though it would explode from my chest. My clothes were soaked in my sweat. I frantically surveyed my surroundings. It was a small room. Queen Sisi had her back to me on the bed. She was still taking gentle breaths. Leah wasn’t in the room. It was just me and my frantic breathing.

“A dream. So it was a dream. It was only a dream, right…?” I wondered.

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