The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 25

A Minor Error

“I want to see him. I want to see him. I want to see him. I want to see him. I want to see him. I want to see him.

“I left in a moment of anger, but I now genuinely regret it. I really do. I missed him so much when I was in the North. I looked forward and hoped he could come back from the elves sooner, even if it was just one day earlier. He had returned, yet I ran off in a moment of anger. I shouldn’t have been so angry. I had never been so angry before. I wasn’t just afraid; it was because of a painful feeling that I was furious. It was comparable to a lion suffering from pain, yet unable to find a suspicious target that could retaliate, thereby feeling enraged due to a sense of powerlessness.

“When I saw him kiss Queen Sisi, I felt as if I had my heart was hammered. I almost collapsed on the spot, even. I don’t know why it hurt so much. There was also anger, but I don’t know why I felt that way. He’s the man I like, and she’s Queen Sisi, the Queen I have pledged an oath of loyalty to. I shouldn’t be angry, but why? Why did my heart feel as though it shattered when I saw them kiss…?

“I regret it now. I didn’t run away to exact revenge. It wasn’t to vent. I just didn’t want to feel the painful feeling. I purely wanted to escape from the pain and aching sensation in my heart, not him.

“He’s arrived. He’s in the city I’m in. I heard his voice in the imperial palace. I’ve done it. I wanted him to come to me. He’s come to me, so it’s enough. I don’t want to be Queen. I don’t want power. I don’t any of that. I just wanted him to come to me and provide an explanation. I wanted to hear him tell me that he loves me.

“I’m not very sure what love means, but when he says it, my body feels light for some reason. It feels as though I’m swept off my feet. It feels as though the world is brighter. I don’t know why I feel that way, either. I just want to see him and hear him say it again. I don’t know what it means, but I want to him to say it again and again. Nobody can stop me. The military won’t let me see him, but they can’t stop me,” Veirya mused.

Veirya lightly jumped out of a window and deftly landed in the flower garden below. While her hands and boots were covered in mud as a result, it couldn’t slow her down or extinguish her will. It would be hard for people to jump over the imperial palace walls without help, yet it wasn’t even considered an obstacle to her. She vaulted over the wall ran outside.

“Where is he?” Veirya wondered as she searched.

Everyone going back and forth on the street was a carbon copy of the person next to them; everyone wore identical black cloaks and outer coats. With the eyes of an eagle, Veirya spotted him. He was completely wrapped up with his black cloak. His gait was odd as his left foot suffered an injury, and he didn’t have his cane on him. He walked along with a group of people but looked no different.

Veirya’s heart began to race. She stood still in place. She missed him so much, but when she saw him, she became timid and overly cautious. She didn’t know why, but her heart palpitated faster, and the world would appear brighter whenever she saw his back. However, her racing heart made her happy. “Perhaps this is the happiness that I haven’t recalled in a long time…” Veirya surmised.

The last time Veirya had the feeling… was a long time ago. At the time, she was a nameless knight in training. At the time, she had companions. Her sword had never seen blood, and the sky was brighter than ever.

Veirya took a step forward. She wanted to chase him. She wanted to hear his explanation, leave Queen Sisi in the imperial capital and go home with him. She just had to stop Lucia from approaching him again. That would make everything perfect. She just wanted to live with him as they did in the past. She would pretend their spat never happened.

Veirya pushed aside everyone in front of her to chase after that back she was familiar with. The closer she got to him, the more excited she was. Her steps became lighter and lighter…


Queen Sisi stood at the door with her arms around Leah. They seemed to be waiting for something. Upon seeing me, she smiled, while Leah excitedly sprinted over to me and tightly hugged me around my waist: “Papa is back. Papa is back! Leah knew Papa wouldn’t lie to Leah!”

I scrubbed Leah’s head with a smile: “Papa is back, Leah.”

Queen Sisi strolled over. She stretched her arms out then tilted her head with a smile. She cast her gaze behind me and then smiled again: “So, victorious warrior, can I give you a hug?”

I nodded. Queen Sisi gave me a hug. Leah was trapped in between us. Sisi then went up on her toes and cupped my face in her hands. She kissed me on my cheeks then chuckled: “My knight, seeing as you have been able to return, I suppose that means you successfully achieved your goal? Things on my end also went superb. If possible, I hope you can go see the food merchant in the city tomorrow, and you should know what I did.”

“Actually, I would prefer it if you told me what you did now.”

“Oh? You want to compete with me? I shall tell you what I did, and you tell me what you did. Let’s see who’s more astute.”

It was obvious to me that Queen Sisi was incredibly excited. Queen Sisi had to stay hidden, so we couldn’t stay outside for too long. I wrapped my arm around Queen Sisi to cover her appearance and then headed into the building.

Veirya blankly stood in place. Veirya saw everything. She saw the man who belonged to her hugging Queen Sisi. She couldn’t recall a beautiful scene, but she was of the opinion that there wasn’t anything better than him and Sisi being together. She had never seen Queen Sisi smile so brightly and blissfully. Queen Sisi didn’t smile that brightly even after she slew the Demon King. She had never put such a happy smile on Queen Sisi’s face before, yet he could. Arguably just as important was that it was so simple for him. His presence was enough for a smile to bloom on her lips.

Leah also smiled so brightly. He walked into the building with his arm around Queen Sisi and Leah. The building was also exquisite. There were red flowers and decorations everywhere. It could compare to a palace.

“Maybe… maybe… this is everything Queen Sisi wanted? I could give up everything of mine for Queen Sisi, but I can’t bear with the thought of giving him away. It hurts just thinking about it. I can’t bear to give him away even though he can bring her so-called bliss and everything she wanted. But… but he looks so mature when he’s with Queen Sisi. He looks so gentle with everyone. Maybe he doesn’t love me. Maybe he just lied to me. He’s lied to so many people, so why wouldn’t he lie to me?

“He doesn’t seem to love me. Everything that I care about, all of the torment and bliss I feel when I think of him appears to be fake. What I feel, what I look forward to seems to be all pointless. I was just thinking about leaving Queen Sisi here and going home with him. However, it appears that I’m the one who should stay here. Why does my heart hurt so much…? Why? Why does my heart hurt so much when I’ve felt this feeling so many times already? I haven’t been wounded or failed. Why do I feel so hopeless? Why? Why exactly? What did he do to me? Is my only option to stay here? I have no place next to him anymore…” Veirya mulled.

There was one more thing… She suddenly remembered the item… The dwarf gave her a ring… one that represented love… She… still wanted… that ring…

He didn’t see the shocked woman behind him. Everything he came to the imperial capital could’ve been resolved in an instant, but he missed the chance.

“Forgive me, my warrior. All is fair in love. There’s no such thing as shamelessness in love because, in a contention for love, everyone is at a disadvantage… Your weapon is might. I only have my wits,” Sisi inwardly jeered, looking over her shoulder.

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