The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 15

Husband and Wife Fallout

“Lord Veirya…” The young man respectfully bowed. Then, he looked up and chuckled: “You have finally thought it through and chosen to come here. The atmosphere in the imperial capital is not the best it could be at the moment; everyone is restless. It appears that a nation cannot be without a wise Queen leading it, after all. In coming here, you have shown that you are still brave and act for the greater good.”

Veirya dismounted. She was covered in filth from her long journey, not that it bothered her. She, instead, headed to the imperial palace. She then asked the young man behind her, “If I. Become the Queen. Is it true. That I can. Have anything. I want?”

“Of course. As the Queen of humanity’s empire you can have everything that you want. As long as you name it, we will make sure that we provide you with everything that you want.”

The young man nodded frantically. He looked back, but what he saw left him somewhat perplexed. He wasn’t sure if he should voice his question or not. On second thought, nonetheless, he felt that he needed to ask. It was relatively vital, after all.

“Umm, Lord Vierya, may I ask where… your husband? Mr. Lin, that is…”

“He’s . Not here.”

Veirya’s reply was both simple and brash. The answer left the young man frozen in spot. He warily questioned, “Umm… did you and him… have a fight? Are you angry with each other?”

With a nod, Veirya expounded, “I. Am very angry. That traitor. Betrayed me.”

“Do you mean that he has a relationship with another woman?!”

The young man was bewildered as to why Lin Dongqing would betray Veirya, yet managed to survive. Veirya, on the other hand, was perplexed as to why the young man instantly understood what happened in spite of her answer.

“Yes. So, in other words. As long as. I become the Queen. I can have him. Come back to my side. Is that right?”


Truth be told, the young man wasn’t certain if it was possible or not; it wasn’t something that could be controlled, after all. However, the young man was boiling and harboured a desire to make Lin Dongqing spill blood. Lord Veirya was the woman every soldier devoted their hearts to. Not only was it because she possessed overwhelming might but also beauty. Lin Dongqing came after, yet he was able to have Lord Veirya.

“Winning Lord Veirya’s heart; then committing such a shameless deed. Betraying Lord Veirya’s feelings is unforgivable. He deserves to die,” the young man inwardly cursed.

“Good, then.”

Veirya nodded then went up the stairs. Queen Sisi’s place had become Veirya’s. The young man turned around and called over a few guards. He told them to enact the prepared plans.  The military had planned things out. Veirya, the only missing piece to the puzzle, had arrived. All the pieces had come together. A new Queen would appear. That man was an obstacle for Veirya, but she no longer had any other obstacles.

Veirya just forgot something.  When Queen Sisi reigned, she also wanted Lin Dongqing. Alas, he was still out of her reach. Veirya misunderstood the path. The reason she couldn’t have him wasn’t because she insisted on being the Queen. It was he who rejected Queen Sisi. Queen Sisi might’ve been able to have what she wanted but not everything.


If one was to run full pelt to the imperial capital from the North, it would take three days to arrive. If we travelled via horse carriage, one day would cover less than a quarter of the journey. The roads in the North were empty. The roads in the North were empty, a vast expanse of sand; not a blade of grass was within sight. Our two carriages travelled at full speed. Still, a single man and horse would always run faster than a horse carriage, Time wasn’t the most crucial aspect, but if we were too late, then it would be problematic. Keeping Leah’s transformation hidden was also quite tedious.

Once we reached the imperial city, the first problem I’d face was whether or not I could even enter.  Veirya should’ve arrived, and she most probably informed the military about what happened between us. Thus, the military would stop me from entering to ensure Veirya’s reign. As a matter of fact, they may kill Queen Sisi to prevent Queen Sisi from having any chances of stealing the throne. Given that they were fine with refusing to obey Queen Sisi’s command for their own hides, there was nothing to say that they wouldn’t kill Queen Sisi since she was out of power.

It would be impossible for us to waltz into the city as they controlled the imperial capital. So, how do we get in? The people in the imperial capital definitely recognised my appearance, while elves definitely wouldn’t be welcome. Queen Sisi would just be marching to her own death. Leah had been with me for a long time, so she, too, was a recognisable face. So accordingly, we only had one person among us who could enter. Angelina.

Angelina was completely identical to Veirya. Nobody could differentiate between them unless Veirya was the sentinel. With that said, if Veirya was the sentry, it’d actually be much simpler to enter. Veirya wouldn’t harm Queen Sisi or us… umm… She wouldn’t hurt me, I presumed.

If we let Angelina enter and then asked my friends in the imperial capital to help, we could get in. But nonetheless, I needed someone who could let us in. As for me, I could enter without a hitch as long as I didn’t have anyone with me.

I never did anything wrong. They, therefore, had no reason to refuse me entry. Moreover, what I wanted to see was conflict with the military. The people liked entertainment, so I’ planned to deliver them entertainment. Manufacturing conflict was the only means of attracting all eyes onto me.

It was a dangerous game; however, I reckoned it’d be easier than dealing with the elves. Veirya and the military? They were amateurs. I had to enthrone Queen Sisi, not for her sake but for Veirya’s.

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