The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 14

“So, I have done some thinking, and I think that we have an excessive number of people going this time,” I told the family at breakfast.

I called the Elven Queen down to join us this time, too. Due to Veirya’s absence, Leah was able to sit next to me, while Angelina took Veirya’s seat. My eyes would ache if I saw her empty seat, otherwise.

Angelina placed her fork down: “Will you feel a little better since I’m by your side? I’m not my daughter, but I’m almost identical. You’re not in the best frame of mind. Don’t take risks and get yourself killed.”

“I won’t. I’m very, very calm at the moment. I’ll be fine. You have to come along with us, though, Angelina. You may be the most valuable person in the team.”

“Are you talking about during the day or at night?”

“Don’t crack that sort of wise joke right now.”

Angelina unhappily pouted: “What a fickle man. You wanted to do it with me that night… yet you’re fickle now. Just treat me as my daughter. Gosh…”

I ignored Angelina as I knew that, if I responded, there’d be no end to it. I gently picked up a boiled egg and held it up to the Elven Queen’s mouth. She carefully gave it a few blows then gobbled it. Queen Sisi watched me with her chin in her hand and a smile: “Little Doggy, you really are a sinful man. Watching you makes me feel that Veirya left for a good reason. Perhaps she had been putting up with it for a very long time already.”

“I can’t ignore that. This is what we call a nice and gentle person, isn’t it? To begin with, Veirya agreed to keep the Elven Queen here. It is perfectly normal for me to be taking care of her.”

I set down my fork. The Elven Queen softly giggled. She was unsure which direction to turn as she wasn’t sure which direction Queen Sisi was in. Nonetheless, she argued, “Queen Sisi, have you also fallen for Lord Travor? That is a big surprise. It appears that your spot is further back in the line. I thought I was behind Lucilia.”

Queen Sisi laughed with her gaze still on me: “I don’t plan to share with any of you, you know? In saying that, it seems that Little Doggy is still as loyal as always. I just wonder how long he can hang in there for.”

“My, Queen Sisi, you still have not learnt how to share, I see. As a confident woman, you should have your own charm to keep your man. I am just a blind woman. Are you still not willing to share with me? Does that not mean that you lack confidence? In addition, Travor was never yours at any point, was he? Do you not think that you have crossed the line when you speak of sharing?”

The Elven Queen searched for my hand while chuckling. Queen Sisi clicked her tongue: “Sharp tongue, huh?”

“That is a given. After all, like you, I do not need to worry about anything this time. You would not affront Travor now, would you?”

Leah panicked as she looked back and forth between the two Queens. Technically speaking, however, they were former Queens. Leah couldn’t comprehend adults’ fights at her tender age. I smiled helplessly then scrubbed her head to let her know to continue eating. I then asserted, “The Elven Queen must join us this time. Ciara, if you’re worried, you should also come along.”

“Your Lordship, is there any point in us coming? Humanity and elves are currently at war. Problems would arise if we entered humanity’s imperial capital, will they not? Are you positive that you want us to come?” inquired Ciara.

“Why not? You’re the second most important individuals. It’s just that I may impose rude behaviours on you, so I will need to apologise in advance. I thought of potential scenarios and designed a plan last night. You are needed in this plan of mine.”

The Elven Queen nodded without a moment of hesitation: “That is fine with me, Lord Travor. We are now your property. We will not complain whatsoever. We can even give you our lives.”

“That’s a bit too grim. You won’t need to risk your lives this time. With that said, it is still very serious. Everybody, prepare yourselves after we finish breakfast. Anna, I apologise, but there are still wounded personnel here. We can’t leave the house empty. Furthermore, a group of Anks people will come to permanently reside at our town. I’ve organised everything. Oh, remember to not tell them about Veirya’s departure.  Just tell them we are on vacation or have gone on a business trip. Don’t let them know about our conflict, understood? I’ve already arranged living locations; just do as I’ve written in the notebook on the table in my room.”


Anna wasn’t involved in the following plan. History had abandoned adventurers, and they still served no purpose in my plan.

I said it before: to oppose the military, one requires the people. Only the power of the people can topple the military’s power. Without the support of the people, the military will be forced out of a city. Howbeit, a leader was compulsory.

Previously, I believed victory to be within grasp as I had both Veirya and Queen Sisi with me. Alas, Veirya was likely with the opposition, which posed a challenge for me. The reason it would be very difficult was that the people considered her their hero, while Queen Sisi lost a war. Given those two perspectives, it’s not hard to see who would garner the people’s support. Therefore, I needed to rally the people to support and trust Queen Sisi again.

The people were stupid. Nevertheless, they had a fearless power. Those who were skilled could leverage that power. I was sure that the military didn’t know how to lead. On the other hand, I could use that power to demolish the military. I had to bring Veirya back. She was not Queen material. In fact, she might very well get herself killed.

“All right, then, let’s get going. There will be dangers this time, but Queen Sisi, believe in me. I guarantee that I can crown you again!”

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