The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 08

I Refuse

“Veirya…”Angelina cautiously called out to her daughter lying still on the bed.

Veirya had never looked so down. She curled up on the bed and firmly gripped her chest, yet she was still expressionless as always. She sat up and lightened her hold on her chest. She solemnly said, “Angelina. I need treatment. My chest. Hearts badly. It feels. Similar to suffering an injury. A very serious one.”

“Veirya, nobody can treat that wound of yours. You need him to come back.”

Angelina softly sighed. She walked up to her daughter’s bed and tried to hug her daughter. In the past, Veirya would’ve refused such intimate physical contact with anyone. However, Veira hugged her mother. Angelina juddered. Her daughter hadn’t been intimate with her in long time; therefore, the hug came as a surprise to her. She hugged her daughter back and assured, “Don’t worry, Veirya. He’ll be back. He loves you. He went to the elven lands by himself and worked for so long. He could’ve stayed there, but he came back to you, which shows that he loves you, Veirya. You don’t need to worry.”

“I know. But. My heart. Still hurts. Why exactly. Does it hurt? Even if. He and Lucia. Lived together. I shouldn’t. Have. Any thoughts on it. Why exactly. Does. My heart ache?”

“It’s jealousy, Veirya. You’re jealous. Love is selfish. It’s something that you will never agree to share with anyone else. He’s yours. You don’t want to let him be with Lucia, and you’re angry because he was intimate with another woman. That’s love.”

“Jealousy. Is bad. Lucia is my friend. Being jealous of friends. Is not good. But him being with Lucia. Makes me. Very unhappy. I waited here. For Him. But he enjoyed himself. With Lucia. He said he loves me. But betrayed me. With Lucia. Traitor.”

“According to what he said, he did it for you. He still loves you. That might’ve been the only feasible idea he came up with. Look, he managed to bring Queen Sisi back, which meant that he wasn’t wrong. Veirya, I understand how you feel. If your father fooled around with women, I would also be seething. Now, you have to bear in mind that he went to rescue Queen Sisi in the first place for you. That is an undeniable fact. He was afraid the elves would kill you if you went. He’s brought her back. Veirya, you should be grateful to him.”

Veirya released her arms around Angelina. With a blatantly displeased visage, she remarked, “He’s clearly just a traitor…”

At some point, her daughter always had this indifferent demeanour and even lack of emotions. She was a splendid weapon, but she wasn’t a good daughter. She had once thought that it was impossible to revert her daughter back to her old self. Whenever the topic was brought up, she’d just unhappily pout. When Veirya talked about him, on the other hand, she showed a different expression.


Current time at the border of the elven forest and humanity’s lands.

Lucilia waited at the border of the forest. She didn’t wear her leather armour or carry her bow and arrows anymore. Instead, she wore a long dress designed according to the elves’ ancient style. She also wore a crown on her head. The former lively Lucia gave me an imposing glare. I never had issues meeting her in the past, particularly due to her forthright character; however, I discovered that I was afraid of meeting her again.

“If I don’t sincerely love Lucia, would I be this reluctant to see her?” I asked myself.

“Travor, I’ve come for you. I believe you have already informed Leah, correct? Bring Leah back with you now, then. I don’t mind you taking Queen Sisi. She’s just an abandoned rat. If you really want, just tell me. We elves don’t mind.”

“… Not entirely.”

Lucia took a step forward: “You do have any other requests, then? I’ll definitely satisfy you. It’s not elven business but our private business. Do you have anything else you want?”

Lucia looked forward to me pulling her into my embrace, taking her away. However, I definitely wouldn’t do so.

“Lucia, I’m very sorry, but you must know that my goal was purely to rescue Queen Sisi. Truth be told, I did it for Veirya because, if I didn’t rescue Queen Sisi, Veirya would go. You two would then inevitably fight. Lucia, I’m sorry I used you. I’m sorry for lying to you.

“I have nothing to say now that you’ve found me, but if you plan to wage a war for me, I would advise against it. I’m an ordinary human. You would be sacrificing more elves. That would not be wise. Although I lied to you, I have come to like you all after my time with you. Don’t sacrifice so many elves just for me. Lucia, if you want to exact your vengeance on me, go ahead and take my eyes. That way, I, at the very least, can give you an apology.”

As she listened, a tinge of sorrow crept up on Lucia’s face. She didn’t dig my eyes out. Voice soft, she asked, “You don’t want to come back even if you have to give up your eyes? Travor, you’re heartless. I left a space for you in my heart, yet you won’t take responsibility for it. You left with peace of mind after telling me that you didn’t love me, but what can I do? Have you consider my feelings?”

“… I’m sorry.”

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