Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 63


From his tall seat, Emperor Yuansheng stole a gander my way and queried, “There’s a big problem with him?”

Emperor Yuansheng’s attitude and tone were inconsistent with what Mountain Monster was told. Being Emperor Yuansheng for so many years, his noble demeanour was difficult for anyone to match. He wouldn’t be a different man all of a sudden just because he was in different clothing. His tone was imposing, while his gaze and tone when he looked at me was void of respect.

As far as Mountain Monster’s knowledge went, I was Night Fortress’ subordinate’s Young Master Zhong, and those with me were my subordinates. She could clearly see that I wasn’t ranked that highly, and that Emperor Yuansheng was held in higher regard than I was from his response.

Using Voice Transmission, I warned, “Lass, what are you playing at?”

Mountain Monster brushed me off with a sly look: “Do you idiots not realise his skills are act-”

“What happened to her?” asked Emperor Yuansheng.

Mountain Monster convulsed and tried to fight the pain. Had I not sealed her strength, she’d have busted the carriage open.

Dugu calmly expounded, “When we found her, she was trying to relieve her qi deviation. Perhaps she did not finish because we interrupted her. It could be acting up again.”

Emperor Yuansheng acknowledged he heard Dugu’s response then transferred a small amount of energy from his hand to Mountain Monster’s back: “Her internal energy is comparable to the best of the best in the pugilistic world. Had it not been for qi deviation and sealed meridians, it would be difficult to subdue her.”

I knew Mountain Monster’s qi deviation was hogwash. Yes, her disguise technique came with risks, but the risk of qi deviation as a result of its usage was low since it wasn’t an offensive technique. What was happening to her was hundreds and thousands of different energy sources were rampaging inside her body.

“This is a conscious.” Mountain Monster glared at me and mouthed, “You know how to use Dream Invasion! Who exactly are you?!”

“Good insight. I left my conscious in you. You trigger it whenever you even think of exposing me. I sealed multiple of your meridians. Careful not to let the internal energy attack your meridians. If you refuse to stop, it won’t stop until your dead. It’s called Night Net Celestial Silk. You’re not the first friend it’s had.”

“Night Net… Celestial Silk… You’re Night Fortress’ master?”

“I told you not to speak thoughtlessly. Who can you blame if you court death on your own accord?”

It took Mountain Monster a while to recollect herself. Realising she had no escape, she behaved and told Emperor Yuansheng everything I said, albeit more short and concisely for she didn’t have the patience to speak to them. Maybe she was just irate. After all, she looked as though she wanted heads on platters.

“I’m glad Yiren is safe,” remarked Emperor Yuansheng.

We thought Abels already captured Boss Shen. Mountain Monster said they couldn’t capture her in time. The game was different if she wasn’t their captive.

I wasn’t too surprised Boss escaped since the conscious energy I left with her would’ve triggered her maximum hidden potential. Normally, the energy would’ve caught her opponent off guard. She, unfortunately, was up against one of the Supreme Ten Saints, so it wouldn’t be enough to defeat Abels.

Emperor Yuansheng wiped away his tears and exhaled hard: “Thank heavens! Thank heavens! I haven’t let you down, Brother Shen.”

Emperor Yuansheng unaware of the conscious I planted in Boss Shen. Deep down, he was aware Boss Shen was a goner. As opposed to calling it a rescue mission, it was more accurate to call it a march for vengeance. The fact he wanted to ask Luo Sword Manor’s master to fight Abels showed he was raring to fight.  Thus, he was so relieved he smiled genuinely for the first time on the journey.

Those escort who genuinely cared for Boss Shen, such as Su Xiao, also shed tears. Tang Ye was also relieved. Long Zaitian, Boss Shen’s big fan, was on cloud nine after hearing she was safe.

In response to Long Zaitian’s reaction, Emperor Yuansheng laughed: “He’s so used to being unruly that he’s embarrassing me. Keep it up, and I’ll have someone punish you.”

Mountain Monster found the celebrations so sickening that she buried her head between her legs.

Su Xiao leaned over and handed me a white handkerchief: “Here.”

“What? You’re the one with his face smothered in tears.”

Su Xiao kept staring for a while before finally asking, “Are you not crying, Big Brother Ming?”

“Why would I cry?”

In the end, Su Xiao shoved the handkerchief into my shirt: “You’ll eventually need it.”

“Pfft.” I left the carriage.

I pulled my collar down, allowing the chilly air to clear my mind. Su Xiao silently followed behind me.

Truth be told, I regretted not accompanying Boss Shen after I found out she was ambushed. I knew what sort of people the Seven Champion Princes were, yet I let her go alone. I overestimated her and even considered her someone I could depend on.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault.” Su Xiao picked up on my sentiments.

I looked up at the sky, relieved.

Boss… I’m glad you’re all right.

I wiped my snot with the handkerchief Su Xiao handed me then threw it back at him.

“Ew, that’s disgusting! Stay away from me.”

“What’s the big deal? We’re bros. Give me a shoulder.”

“Go away. You’re disgusting.”

Boss, hang in there. I’m coming with everyone to save you.


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