The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05.2 Ch. 16

Queen’s Request

I didn’t know what sort of organisation the chapel was or how powerful they were. I wasn’t from this world or nation, after all. Not to mention that I had been in Queen Sisi’s residential palace the entire time. With that said, I noticed all of Queen Sisi’s vassals who heard her declaration were shocked and confused. Actually, I’d say it was disbelief. If Queen Sisi didn’t have a serious look on her face, they probably would’ve burst into laughter. Their reactions suggested that the chapel’s foundation was solid, and they were not easy picking.

Queen Sisi couldn’t take the chapel down in one fell swoop even if she wanted to. She’d have to, at the very least, stagger step by step. However, there were no signs at present. Queen Sisi just waltzed in and declared her desire to destroy the chapel. Yes, it very much so was executed in Queen Sisi style, but some things just aren’t possible. You can’t change that fact with a single declaration.

With a smile of self-denial, one individual asked, “Your Majesty, are you serious? Surely you jest? Destroying the chapel is not so simple. You must know that their roots run deep with the people. We do not have any excuse to destroy them, either. They have not committed any mistakes. If we hastily attack them, it will only put us in a passive position. Moreover, the chapel has their own knights. They may have been weakened, but they are still formidable, nonetheless. Are you saying that we will unite our garrison soldiers or bring the field military into the city?”

I understood that either scenario was best avoided. Since the so-called garrison soldiers were separated, it meant that Queen Sisi was afraid that they’d unite and harm her. As for the field military, bringing them into the city would aggravate the people. It would make one question if the soldiers were staging a revolt or engaging in a battle. The semantic judgement is that soldiers will kill wherever they go, right? So, if they weren’t going to kill Queen Sisi, who were they going to kill, the people? Additionally, it was tradition to not have the military enter the city.

Though Queen Sisi had a tight hold on authority over the military at the moment, she didn’t have a hold over the people’s hearts. What would Queen Sisi do if the soldiers started an armed remonstrance after they destroyed the chapel? Who would oppose them? As such, Queen Sisi couldn’t use military might to crush the chapel. She had to resort to an alternative.

While standing behind Queen Sisi, I had lots of thoughts in mind, but I knew I had no right to give input on the matter. Not where we currently were, at tleast. The people present were all vassals Queen Sisi trusted. I was a mere attendant or, perhaps, pet. I had no right to speak up given the occasion.  Additionally, Queen Sisi would unlikely heed my opinion.

I wasn’t even informed of the situation, after all. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know about the chapel. Such an uninformed opinion was worthless. It was better for me to listen to the opinions of the vassals than speak in that situation. Queen Sisi couldn’t have possibly woken up in a good mood and then randomly decided to destroy the chapel. The chapel and Queen Sisi must’ve been dealing with friction between them for a long time already. Recently, the chapel had been probing where Queen Sisi didn’t want them; I just didn’t know the exact details.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before every time I mentioned this to you. You give the same response no matter when I mention it.” Queen Sisi dimpled, but I could feel her fire escaping her from behind her. She elaborated, “What about now? I put my life on the line and used my courage to capture the North, yet I have yet to enjoy the glory of ruling. The reality is that the chapel is in control. You keep claiming that you are prioritising my best interests, but every single one of you is just stuffing your faces, waiting for the day you pass on in the imperial capital while the chapel is running rampant in the North. Do you still not realise why I locked you up? Veirya!”

Veirya nodded. She didn’t give the people present a single moment to react or shout. She spontaneously drew her sword. Next thing I saw was a frozen body followed and a spurt of blood immediately after. A shocked human head slid down and dropped onto a table. The body that was still seated sprayed blood in similar fashion to a fountain, catching everyone around.

Before they could express astonishment, Queen Sisi loudly yelled, “Nobody is to move! Whoever moves shall die!”

Queen Sisi’s command stopped anyone from trying to run. Their faces were ashen; lips trembled; not a word would come out; blood still sprayed. Take a breath and blood would seep into your lungs.

“Much better.” Queen Sisi proudly laughed then sat back down in her chair. She crossed one leg over the other and then resumed: “Now you know. I’ve never been a patient. Do you really think that I’m oh-so fond of you? Stop dreaming. I like the things you successfully do and your money. I’ll be sure to take good care of your family. Now, whenever you can make me happy will be when I’ll release your family and children! I can’t promise I’ll treat them well.”

Queen Sisi then took off without caring for the blood on the ground whatsoever. I followed behind her to exit the room. Veirya shut the door. The people inside were arguably safe at that point, but there wasn’t a single sound from within. Nobody dared to budge despite trying to escape before.

Queen Sisi walked in front of me in the same manner she came over with. She continued to greet people with a smile as though what happened never actually happened despite her leaving behind bloody foot prints. She didn’t believe that she did anything wrong. Suddenly, Queen Sisi looked back at me with a smile I didn’t want to see and pinched my face: “Little Doggy, I don’t recall you saying anything. You’re not scared at all, are you? You’re not even shaking. Why aren’t you scared?”

“Mm… because I was scared last time already. Last time, Veirya’s sword was on my neck. In fact, she scraped open a cut. After that experience, killing others is no longer enough to intimidate me. In addition, I also know that this matter is none of my business. I am not part of them; therefore, it is only natural for me to not be scared.”

“I see.” An indescribable simper crept up on Queen Sisi’s face. She grabbed my collar and whispered in my ear, “Little Doggy, I’ve got a good idea again. Let’s do this: transform from a pet to a hunting dog for me. Go and help me investigate what exactly the chapel is up to.”

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