The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05.2 Ch. 15

Queen’s Plan

Queen Sisi woke early every morning, but not any lady-in-waiting was permitted to enter her room to help her get dressed and deliver breakfast. Usually, only her most trusted head lady-in-waiting was allowed to wait on her. Although Maria had gone to take care of Leah, that wasn’t a free ticket for me to enter Her Majesty’s bedroom in Maria’s place. Instead, another lady-in-waiting was assigned to the vacant post. Everyone else could only wait outside. Once we saw Queen Sisi off, we’d begin cleaning her residential palace. Maria wasn’t present for the day, so our ladies-in-waiting were relieved. Apparently, they were nervous solely because Maria would split hairs with them.

Veirya silently stood at the entrance with the ladies-in-waiting. Swords were supposed to be forbidden at the residential palace, yet Veirya was in full gear and had a long sword with her. Not one person dared to comment, nonetheless. Veirya, who leaned on the wall with her arms folded, was as cold as the icy and snowy North. Nobody dared to approach her. I, however, wanted to.

Veirya wasn’t a fool who’d mindlessly hack people. She was able to control her sword. She just didn’t know when to sheath it. With Her Majesty in the imperial palace, Veirya wouldn’t dare to behave audaciously. Being Queen Sisi’s trusted and loyal guard, nothing bad would happen.

I sauntered over to Veirya. She asked, “You. Have business with me?”

I felt that I needed to greet Veirya before I got to the topic: “Mm, nothing really. I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me from there.”

“I didn’t. My original goal. Wasn’t to rescue you. And. I never wanted. To protect you. Or anything. You are just. A spoil of war.”

“Yeah…? Regardless, I’m grateful you spared Leah and I back there…. May I ask what you are doing here?”

Needless to say, there was only possible purpose for Veirya’s appearance there. She was there to guard Her Majesty. That was the only way I could get the answer to my real question.

“Henceforth. I will stay. By Her Majesty’s side. As her bodyguard.”

“I see. I thought you were always her bodyguard…”

“Indeed. I am,” replied Veirya, with a nod.

“Did you go somewhere when you weren’t by Her Majesty’s side? You weren’t around all this time.”

“I went. To carry out. A mission. Her Majesty gave me.”

“Where did you do that?”

I doubted Veirya would tell me what the mission was if I asked, so I had to ask in a roundabout way. I didn’t think I’d easily find out what the mission was, but I could hazard a guess if I knew the location it was to be completed. After all, there are set things one would do in certain places.

“The North.”

My question didn’t go too far. Veirya, therefore, continued to respond to me. Before I could continue questioning her, however, someone pushed the door open. It was Queen Sisi.

Queen Sisi spotted me before I could return to the group of ladies-in-waiting. Seeing us converse, Queen Sisi revealed a subtle smile. That was a sign of danger. A monarch’s bodyguard is a sensitive individual, especially since it was Veirya, who was Queen Sisi’s bodyguard. Queen Sisi was bound to have misgivings about me after seeing me associate with Veirya. In saying that, Queen Sisi didn’t appear worried in the least. She walked up to Veirya and touched the latter’s face.

“Let’s go, Little Doggy, Veirya. Let’s go out together. I want a pet and a bodyguard with me this time.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Veirya responded with a small bow. I froze in place, dumbfounded. I questioned, “Your Majesty? You want me to follow you, as well? H-How would I be of use with you?”

Queen Sisi frowned: “You mean that I have to explain to you why I’m bringing you if I want to bring you? Little Doggy, you’ve been with me for a long time; do you still not know that I’m not a patient individual? Don’t ask too many questions. Just follow along.”

I nodded: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

I followed along without a clue as to why I had to, but Queen Sisi definitely wasn’t someone who made impulsive decisions. She was sure to have her own designs. And so, I followed behind her to the front of the palace.

The Imperial Palace was similar to palaces during ancient times in China. It wasn’t a castle structure. Queen Sisi’s rear palace was her residential palace, while the palace to the front was where she and workers in the palace worked. That was where she spent the majority of her day. On both sides of the path leading there were flowers waiting to bloom. Veirya followed behind Queen Sisi with her head and torso up. Veirya had an imposing and glorious aura around her. Both of them looked harmonious. As for me, I really did follow behind as a pet… I didn’t exude the same awe they did.

We entered the front palace. The people immediately saluted Queen Sisi upon seeing her. Queen Sisi walked past the crowd with the corner of her lips up. We finally arrived at a large room. Everyone inside quickly got to their feet. I stole a quick gander. They should’ve been Queen Sisi’s high-ranking officials by my predictions. Veirya shut the door once we entered, and then she stood at the door. Queen Sisi and I went over. I helped her pulled her chair out.

“Welcome, everyone. You don’t need to be so flustered; you should feel proud, actually. I called you as I believed you to be loyal and competent. Further, you have another excellent trait, and that is I believe you are all tight lipped. I’ll be forthright with you all. I want to destroy the chapel!”

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