Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 31

Luoyang’s Wealthy Young Master

Elder Shou was a respectable and skilled individual. Young Master Ling and the man with the red head scarf didn’t want to make an enemy out of Elder Shou unless hopelessly necessary. On those accounts, the two ceased fighting after Elder Shou knocked them off balance.

Elder Shou primly reminded, “Young Master Ling, Hero Lie, both of you are established and recognised individuals in Jiangnan. What was the reason we journeyed together? We were aware we would face hurdles on the way to Huzhou. We travelled together as we hoped to reduce unnecessary friction. These ladies and gentlemen genuinely don’t have a reason to target us. Why are we trying to go out of our way to start conflicts? I hope you have not forgotten the reason we are going to Huzhou this time.”

Young Master Ling and Hero Lie earnestly contemplated what Elder Shou said. Indeed, their goal was incredibly important; it was no time to be looking for fights.

Palm and fist together in front of him, Young Master Ling said, “Thank you for the reminder, Elder Shou. I was thoughtless.”

Hero Lie laughed: “Kid, let’s fight again some other time. You might be stronger if you don’t use a spear.”

Tang Ye was disappointed the fight ended before he was satisfied.

Elder Shou gave the Emperor a smile: “May this old one trouble you to introduce yourselves and explicate your goal? Although this old one can determine you do not practice unorthodox arts, your backgrounds are complex. Please pardon this old one for lacking insight.”

Pi Pixia: “Nice! Elder Shou is exactly right. Who exactly are you people? Why are you going to Huzhou? Those variables are the crux of the problem.”

The cat caught the Emperor’s tongue. No doubt, they were going with an escort group story; however, they were confronting veterans of the pugilistic world. If the various sects demanded the “escort” open their chests, all of the light armour and weapons would be revealed. It wouldn’t be surprising if the sects accused them of being criminals smuggling weapons.

Before the Emperor could conjure an explanation, Young Master Ling broke a grin: “He doesn’t even know how to tell a lie. How about you surrender; we’ll spare you some of the misery.”

“Hey, punk, a reward for that potty mouth!” exclaimed Long Zaitian, from the roof.

Crack! The roof suddenly started to tremble and crumble. Long Zaitian’s strategy finally had its chance to shine. When he called Ye Luo over, the two sneaked up to the roof and found vulnerable places to break the roof’s beams at the same time. If the plan went according to predictions, Long Zaitian would be able to catch all of their enemies underneath the roof by surprise.

“For victory!” cried Long Zaitian.

The Emperor’s group looked aghast again…

The girl who had yet to speak finally remarked in an aloof tone, “Pitiful worm.”

The young and well-endowed girl could be called the embodiment of grace, with the perfect face shape, skin tone and body. Behind her graceful appearance and aloof demeanour was lethal power. From the first moment she swung her staff behind her and back around, a gale followed its trajectory. After circling behind her to build up momentum, she violently swung back to the front at a blistering velocity. She batted a large beam over to the Emperor, dropping it right at his feet. Fragments of it were strewn. Those standing around could feel the shockwave generated from her swing.

The girl glanced up at Long Zaitian, who was disappointed and stunned, without shifting her head position. Sounding and looking full of confidence, she indifferently stated, “Embarrassments should stay home.”

Young Master Ling dropped onto his bottom unlike the girl. Embarrassed and infuriated for previous reasons and his embarrassment, he gnashed his teeth: “Elder Shou, they are picking a fight again! Men, don’t stop beating them until they stop moving!”

“Beat what? Beat who? What is this stupidity I’m hearing?” remarked someone outside, in a tone that’d earn him a punch in record time.

The tall young man in shabby clothing finally appeared. He walked with his chin up as if he was running the show. In his arms was a gorgeous young girl blushing and obediently resting in his arms. As he brazenly strutted in, he laughed: “What are you all doing? I can’t even sleep with all this ruckus. Teacher Li, what’s their deal? Are they disrespecting me, Luoyang’s wealthiest Young Master, Zhong N-, are they disrespecting me?”

Young Master Ling: “Luoyang’s wealthiest young master?”

The Emperor: “Zhong Ming?”

“That is this great one’s name.” The young man grinned confidently. Accompanying a fist and palm salute, he announced, “People in the pugilistic world know this one as the wealthiest young master of Luoyang. Where this one comes from, Luo River is on the sunny side. The rivers flow from west to east. The sun is to the south of the river. The sun always shines on the north side of the river. They call this one Young Master Zhong Ming, also known as Young Mingming, a pleasure to meet you. This one hired them to escort his parcels. If you have questions, feel free to ask.”

Yes, it was the landlord’s retarded Young Mingming and his new third mistress, Su Xiaoxiao!

Young Master Ling repeated, “Luo River is on the sunny side. The rivers flows from west to east… That’s also Luoyang, troll!”

Brows knitted and in a muffled voice, the Emperor said, “Ming Feizhen, what are you up to? They’re all adepts. Don’t be stupid.”

Ming Feizhen responded with just a smile, worrying the Emperor.

Hero Lie pointed at Ming Feizhen’s clothing with a derisive grin: “You? Wealthy young master? In that clothing? I thought I’d seen it all, hahaha.”

The corner of Ming Feizhen’s lip tugged upwards triumphantly: “Not as rare as the ‘broadsword’ character on the red scarf you have, Hero Lie, Lie Shang.”

Lie Shang’s lips gradually reset to a straight face: “Who told you my name?”

Ming Feizhen shrugged: “This one goes on holidays everywhere. How could he not know of your name? You wiped out Shandong with your Lie Secret Broadsword style, yet ran to Jiangnan for fun? I think Jiangnan’s heroes have a reason to be worried.”

Li Shang intended to maintain a low profile in Jiangnan, which was why he was silenced once Ming Feizhen exposed his identity.

Pi Pixia: “I recognise you. You’re the retarded young master who came in and started singing opera with the waiter!”

“Piss off, retard of retards!”

Patriarch Xia questioned, “Really? So, he really is…”

Since Ming Feizhen identified Lie Shang, the Emperor surmised Ming Feizhen knew what he was doing. Additionally, in consideration of the opposition’s combat force, he decided to go along with Ming Feizhen’s skit: “Indeed, he is our young master. He hired our escort company.”

Lie Shang and company still had their doubts because of Ming Feizhen’s slovenly appearance. Ming Feizhen noticed their hesitation to believe him. He, therefore, pulled his third mistress in and intimately said, “Xiaoxiao, give me a kiss.”

Miss Xiaoxiao refused to cooperate and slapped Young Master Ming: “Piss off! I’m a man!”

The Emperor tried to suppress his panic. Lie Shang and company had their jaws gaping and eyes bulging. Only Young Master Ling reacted uniquely. He gently fanned himself and narrowed his eyes, thinking, “Mm, he’s definitely a young master. He knows how to enjoy himself.”


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