The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 62

Starving Succubus


Angelina sat up from her bed and swiped her sword by her bed toward her as she rose. She was no longer a knight. Still, having lived with a highly vigilant lifestyle, she still maintained her heightened senses during her sleep. She heard footsteps in the corridor. Worth noting was they were footsteps she was unfamiliar with. It was late at night; the three elves should be asleep; Anna lived downstairs, so she wouldn’t come up. The footsteps didn’t belong to Leah. The footsteps belonged to a mature woman, and the owner deliberately tried to stifle the sound they made.

This is suspicious. If it was my daughter or son-in-law, they wouldn’t need to be sneaky. Plus, I don’t hear footsteps belonging to a man. Whoever it might be is suspicious. Is it a thief?” wondered Angelina.

Angelina carefully went to her door and slowly drew her sword one inch, using her finger as a stopper. She readied herself to draw her blade at any given moment. She listened in; the footsteps were audible every now and then. Perhaps the individual was walking then stopping.

“Are they searching for their target? There are lots of rooms upstairs,” questioned Angelina.

Angelina didn’t get hasty. She noticed the individual gradually approaching her. The individual would definitely stop at the front of their door. All she had to do was open the door and subdue them.

Angelina thought, “It must be a thief. That’s what I call having guts. The thief probably doesn’t know that the two strongest beings in the world reside here. Well, one of them is off on a date, but I’m right here.”

The woman stopped at the front of the door. Angelina swung her door open. Before she could draw her sword, however, the woman outside leapt over and tightly hugged her. The woman’s body wasn’t large or tough, but her explosive strength was enough to press Angelina onto her bed. Angelina never expected she was targeted before she opened her door.

“This woman might’ve been waiting for someone to open the door,” assumed Angelina. She then exclaimed, “You!!”

Angelina suddenly had her face licked. She instinctively resisted, but to her surprise, her body felt numb and weak, rendering her defenceless. She gripped her sword in her right hand but was powerless to slide it down. The woman exuded a strange fragrance. In that instant, Angelina realised that she must’ve been poisoned.

“I was careless!” Angelina cursed to herself. She didn’t expect there to be someone who’d apply poison to themselves. She wondered, “Won’t she get poisoned, as well? Could she be a demon, and not a human?! What sort of demon is she? I’ve never seen this type of demon before.”

Angelina tried to break free, but the woman was too strong for her. Angelina couldn’t escape. Nevertheless, the woman didn’t do anything to Angelina. Instead, she clasped Angelina’s face and kissed her.

Angelina’s body violently convulsed. In the next instant, Angelina’s body swiftly began to change; she felt her body gradually burning, her skin turning red, and a hot liquid pouring onto her bed sheets. Meanwhile, a liquid was also smudged with a liquid.

“I… I want…”

Angelina murmured with a hazy gaze. She couldn’t rest the urge to reach out. She gently panted and looked at the woman before her through her hazy eyes. She touched the woman’s face. The woman lowered her head and bit Angelina’s sleepwear similarly to when Veirya went for her still impressive mountains, biting, sucking, tugging and teasing. Angelina tightly clenched her teeth. She rubbed her legs against each other. She felt as if her body was ablaze. She wanted to play with her body; anyone would do. She was fine with anything as long as she could avoid the pain.

Angelina was no longer a breastfeeding mother, yet she suddenly had an infinite amount. She didn’t know what happened to her body. Howbeit, she recognised the sensation. The extreme ecstasy and arousal were sensations she was familiar with. She was once hooked on that desire, but she never experienced it after her husband left her.

The woman on top of Angelina lowered her body and bit Angelina as if she was a vacuum cleaner. Angelina shuddered; she couldn’t hold back her loud moan and convulsing. The intense ecstasy wiped her mind blank; she almost even forgot to breathe. Her attacker was definitely not human. A human’s tongue wouldn’t feel as if it had so many miniature hands that could tease every inch of her nerves. Angelina almost passed out from lack of oxygen due to the endless arousal.  Her body went limp after every muscle in her body intensely contracted. She sat on the ground with a lifeless gaze while allowing herself to squirt and other fluids to be expulsed as if she was dead.

“This isn’t enough…”

Leah gently licked her lips, but her red eyes lacked the life they once had. To the contrary, they were as empty as Angelina’s eyes were. Leah was in her adult form, but she felt something black akin to wings along her back. She listlessly looked at Angelina, who looked empty and repeated the phrase again, “This isn’t enough. This isn’t enough.”

Succubi required food, but the food had to be a man. Women would suffice. Sadly, it wasn’t enough for a succubus who had just awoken. The craving wasn’t for herself. A man a succubus loved was her food. In exchange, she granted him her beauty and love. Regardless of what the case was, a man’s liquids would do. Succubi needed it to combat their hunger. Once a succubus was hungry, she might ambush human men and drain them completely.

Leah slowly left the room. The first rays of sunlight had begun to shine in the sky. Leah weakly dropped to her knees. She was at her limit. If her father still didn’t come back, nobody could say for certain what would happen to her.

“It’s her fault…” Leah weakly sprawled out on the floor. All that she could hear was that voice in her mind saying, “I’m feeling so miserable. Meanwhile, that woman might be holding my papa and enjoying herself… He’s my Papa… He belongs to only me… He should only be my papa… He’s my food… I don’t want to share him… It’s… it’s… it’s her fault! It’s all her fault!’

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