The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 46

Travelling Through the Night

I slowly took two steps while using the wall for support. The most terrifying outcome happened. I couldn’t feel my left foot and had no control over it. People walked with an alternating gait. My left foot, unfortunately, was completely incapable of performing that. All I could do was lift my leg and move it forward.

“Papa, what’s wrong with your foot?!” The first one to notice my abnormal condition was Leah.

While Leah was still in shock, she quickly shifted over to my arm to support me. I shook my head and laughed in a soft voice: “It’s all right, Leah. Papa’s foot just hurts a little. It’s nothing major…”

Leah tightly clung to my arm. She looked down at my foot. Anxious, she exclaimed, “You’re lying, Papa! You never walked this way before! Papa, what exactly happened to your foot?!”

I just shook my head with a helpless smile. I turned around to look the mother and daughter pair, who were fiercely eyeing each other:, “Veirya, Angelina, I’m begging you two. If you trust me, stop fighting. Veirya, I promise to give you an acceptable answer. I promise you! Angelina, listen to me: you lied to us and hurt my daughter, but I know merely exacting a vengeance is meaningless. You don’t need to die. If you believe me, put your weapon down!”

Angelina was aware of her predicament. She wasn’t stupid. She knew she was already on death row. Her part of the plan failed, which meant the chapel would never be able to rise from the ashes again. Once Queen Sisi took down the chapel, she would never spare their strongest knight. Queen Sisi ruled everything in the capital. The empire would pursue even those who fled. Furthermore, she had to face her own daughter. There was no certainty she could escape from her daughter.

Angelina knew her death was inevitable. She was sorrowful; everything she pursued and worked for her entire life was reduced to nothing overnight. Her husband was a skeleton at this point. Queen Sisi would destroy the chapel she devoted herself to. Her only daughter aimed her sword at her. She had lost everything.

“I still have my daughter. I always wanted her to understand me and return to my side. I, too, am cognizant of my mistakes. I also know what the consequences of my actions, but I had no choice. It was the only way I could get my daughter to return to my side. I’ve failed. Nevertheless, Lin Dongqing said he’d help me and resolve the issue between my daughter and I. I don’t trust him; however, what other choice, besides death, do I have now? I, at the very least, want to try one more time,” Angelina told rationalised.

Angelina looked at me then Veirya. Angelina exchanged eye contact with her daughter. She suddenly sighed and dropped her sword onto the ground. She reached her hand out: “You don’t need to wait anymore. Restrain me. Let’s see what this man can do if you believe in him, Veirya.”

Veirya returned her sword to its scabbard and went up to Angelina’s side. She tore off a length of her cape and restrained Angelina’s hands with it. She then tied a rope around her waist. She kicked Angelina’s calf then stomped onto Angelina’s ankle.


The sound of Angelina’s bones breaking startled me. Veirya mercilessly broke Angelina’s ankles then dragged her up to me and crouched down. She faced her back to me and calmly said, “I’ll. Carry you.”

“Has your back wound… healed?”

I carefully touched Veirya’s neck. The traces of her burn were still there. It was still slightly red, but it should’ve healed already.

“Basically,” answered Veirya.

I gently leaned onto Veiya’s back. She gently grabbed onto my thighs and picked me up. I was a grown man, yet it was a walk in the park for Veirya to carry me and drag Angelina along at the same time. I felt a tad nervous when I looked at Veirya’s short hair and neck. I didn’t know if I should’ve leaned on it. Veirya said to Leah, “Leah, follow me.”

Leah gently nodded. Worried, she glanced down to my foot then followed alongside Veirya. Veirya carried me toward the door. Angelina crawled along the ground as her daughter dragged her. She couldn’t stand up, let alone escape.

“Ah… I thought something happened inside.” I didn’t think that Sophia was still waiting at the door. She had her eyes narrowed. Her tone hinted her surprise: “Did you get hurt or… And… is this Lord Veirya? Mm… What exactly happened? Thank heavens you are all right, though, Miss Leah.”

“Ah, Sophia, take Leah away from here first. I need to go elsewhere for now.”

Although I was quite embarrassed on Veirya’s back, I still had to keep Leah’s transformation in mind. It was night time; who could say for sure what something would happen next. Sophia responded with a small nod. Leah questioned, “Papa, is your foot… really okay…? Really, really…?”

“I’m okay, Leah. Don’t worry about Papa for now. Papa is still busy. Go with Sophia for now.”

I touched Leah on her head. Veirya hesitated for a moment before speaking: “Leah. I am glad. You are all right.”

Leah gently touched Veirya’s hand: “Mm, thank you… Mama Veirya… You…. saved me again.”


Veirya seemed to absolutely enjoy it, but she didn’t have a hand to touch Leah with. Sophia left with Leah via another route. Veirya began to walk again, taking me to the imperial capital. I gently leaned onto her shoulder in silence. Her back was more comfortable than anything. The fatigue, tension and fear accumulated over the entire day almost put me to sleep. Veirya didn’t speak and neither did I. The moonlight, however, made our two shadows appear very long. Very long.”

All of a sudden, Veirya spoke, startling me. She didn’t turn around and spoke in her usual voice: “I thought. You’d have me kill her.”

I shook my head. In a soft voice, I explained, “I wouldn’t tell a daughter to kill her mother. I am very angry, but I wouldn’t ask you to kill your own mother. She’s your only family. Veirya, I know you care for Angelina very much. Additionally, I have never thought that revenge was purposeful. Angelina is much more useful alive than dead. Also, could you really kill her? Could you really personally kill your mother?”

Veirya didn’t reply. She, apparently, didn’t hear what I said. I looked at her short hair and added, “She’s your mother, Veirya. I can’t possibly hurt her, because of you… She may have deceived me and Leah, but I couldn’t bring myself to kill her when I saw you and her standing together…”


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