The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 45

With the Daughter and Mother Pair in the Mill

How can I illustrate Veirya’s beauty? I don’t know how to. Put another way, I was so shocked at the time that my brain was just blank. I couldn’t think of anything. All I remember was a sudden eruption of cries when the blades swung toward me.

The group went into frenzy as they screamed. Next, I heard a sequence of metal clashing with metal, people crying out in panic and frantic footsteps that sounded as if their owners were fleeing helter skelter. I opened my eyes and panicked.

Veirya stood in front of me, keeping me safe behind her tall physique. Her short silver hair gently danced in the air. She held her sword in her right hand and coldly observed all of the adventurers. There were approximately a dozen adventurers in the room. In the past, they were all warriors who armed themselves to kill the Demon King. This time, however, they all threw their weapons down and quaked in their boots when Veirya was their opponent. Their legs wanted to do nothing other than flee.

Angelina was the only one who remained in control of her emotions. She seriously looked at her biological daughter, but neither budged nor revealed any particular expression. With her sword in hand, Angelina straightened up: “You sure are early. I thought you wouldn’t have set out for another one or two days. What, your patience ran dry, and so you came looking for your man?”

“Mm.” Veirya was not shy, and definitely not proud. She calmly nodded but continued to watch the adventurers and Angelina. Without turning around to look at me, she asked, “Can I. Kill them?”


I froze for a moment. I never expected to hear that question from Veirya at that moment. She kept her eyes on the quivering crowd and her mother. In a calm tone, she explained, “In the past. You didn’t let me thoughtlessly kill. So, I’m asking you. Can I. kill all of these people?”


Veirya wasn’t making an empty threat. Unlike me, she wasn’t just threatening them. Her tone was calm and indifferent as if she was asking me what was for dinner. However, her murderous and cold undertone instantly dispersed in the room. Veirya wasn’t joking. Her sword, which she slew the Demon King with, could knock all of the swords in the room away within mere seconds, which meant she could kill everyone present in mere seconds. The so-called adventurers instantly dropped their weapons and ignored the fact Angelina was still present. They shrieked as they tried to squeeze out of the broken door. They ran out and into the wild as fast as their legs could take them. This place was no longer their den but a slaughter venue.

I gulped then used the wall as support to get to my feet. I quietly said, “Don’t kill Angelina. I was wrong, Angelina. The reason you protected Leah that night was to kidnap her, wasn’t it? From the very start, you and the chapel chased Leah to the North, didn’t you? You were never there for some flavouring trade. You merely did that to trick Achilles and Her Majesty, am I right? Your true goal was to create a new Demon King, wasn’t it? Frankly, you never cared about Leah, did you?!”

Angelina shrugged with a smile: “Obviously. As you said, I don’t care about Leah. She’s not my daughter; I have no obligation to care for her. I’m merely serving the chapel. Your guess, deduction and methods are all correct. We’ve failed…”

A strong gust of wind in front of me rose from the ground. The floor creaked due to the enormous impact. Before I realised it, Veirya was already in front of Angelina. Angelina raised her sword; their swords clashed, thereby emitting explosive sounds comparable to gun shots. From behind her blade, Veirya shot Angelina a savage expression and thundered, “I won’t allow you to touch my daughter!!! Leah is mine! Nobody is allowed to touch her! You killed my father! What else do you want to rob me of?!”

“Leah is not your daughter!!”

“She called me ‘Mama’!”

Angelina amplified her output, pushing Veirya back. I quickly grabbed Veirya’s cape. She turned around and furiously glared at me. Leah jolted and almost cried when she saw Veirya’s violent expression. Veirya froze. She gradually relaxed her expression back to her usual expressionless one. She carefully pinched Leah’s face then turned back around to look at Angelina. Without a word, she charged back at Angelina.

Angelina coldly looked at her daughter. She continued with her argument: “So, her calling you ‘Mama’ is enough for you to attack your own mother?! You called me ‘Mom’ for over ten years. Of course I have to give up everything for you even if it means I have to betray my beliefs and conscience. I want you to come back to my side, Veirya. I’m your mom, your biological mom!! I would never harm your father! Your father’s death was not my fault! It was your father’s decision!”

“Shut up, coward!!”

Angelina’s statements provoked Veirya. Thus, another gust of wind whirled up. This time, Veirya blocked Angelina’s attack. The intense clash between the two seemingly split the floor. Angelina looked into her daughter’s eyes that were identical to her own. She raged, “I will not allow you to call me a coward!!”

“You couldn’t even protect your family. You are a coward!” Veirya bumped Angelina with her shoulder. She then added, “I’m different. To you. I’m going to be. A qualified mother!”

I grabbed Veirya’s shoulder. With Veirya between Angelina me, I shouted, “Wait! Wait! Stop, you two!”

Angelina dawdled for a moment before looking at me with a cold smile: “What’s the matter, Queen’s lapdog? You have anything else you want to say? This is our family business; it has nothing to do with you. If you don’t want to die, get lost.”

“Listen to me, you two! I know what you two are thinking; I know that you both actually care for each other. What happened between you two is in the past now. Explain it properly, and Veirya will be able to understand. Angelina, you did this to bring your daughter back to your side, didn’t you?!”

Veirya thundered, “I will not. Accept her. When she used such sinister means!!”

Angelina folded her arms and indifferently looked at her daughter. In a serious tone, she exclaimed, “Whether you admit it or not, I’m still your mother! See? These are the breasts that fed you. I raised you in these arms!!”

Angelina ripped open her clothes, leaving me feeling incredibly awkward. Was I supposed to look or not? Veirya also froze. She probably didn’t expect Angelina to do that. She stood in place and hesitated before arguing, “That’s still not a reason for me to let you harm my family!!”

Angelina calmly explained, “I’m dead after this, either way. Veirya, whatever happens, Queen Sisi will try and kill me. I won’t be able to wash my hands off this after the plan fails. That’s why I don’t care if my death will allow you to forget the past. Veirya, can you still fight? Let’s have one hearty fight. The result will depend on what you’re made of.”

Me: “I’ll resolve it. Veirya, you and Angelina put your fight aside for now. Don’t hurt each other. I swear I’ll resolve this issue. There’s still time; I can still change all of this.”

Angelina looked over and snickered: “How? You can’t change it! We’ve failed; the Queen will definitely kill everyone involved! How are you going to change it?!”

Tone solemn, I answered, “I have my own way. I have a chance. As long as there’s still time, I’ll have a chance. I know how much you love your daughter. I hate everything you did to my daughter, but you’re Veirya’s mother. I’ll help Veirya. I will.”


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