The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 37

Request for the Queen

“Veirya, what do you think of the North, the furthest region that I rule and the region with the most demons and heretics? It sounds as though you can’t even obtain food there. If you’re hungry, you can come back anytime you like. The imperial capital isn’t in the state that I want. At the very least, you can eat whatever you like, however. You can find whatever you like to eat here.”

Queen Sisi rested her face on her palm as she watched Veirya wolf down big mouthfuls of honey on bread. Veirya didn’t reply; she just calmly looked at her breakfast in front of her. The Queen finished breakfast a while ago, while Veirya enjoyed breakfast number two. Veirya already ate, but she didn’t hesitate to eat again. One truly must wonder what her gut was made of. As she ate, Veirya responded, “The North. Quite Nice. Actually. Did not. Starve.”

Queen Sisi wore a proud grin. The way she grinned was akin to her looking at her favourite puppy. She still liked Veirya except I wasn’t sure how she thought of Veirya… Actually, I’d say she considered Veirya , who lacked brains and schemes, to be a dog.

It was precisely because Veirya didn’t have much for brains and didn’t scheme that she was easy to trick. That was why Her Majesty was extremely vigilant of her. Veirya wouldn’t betray her or start trouble; however, for those who have a semblance of a brain, Veirya was just a tool for reputation purposes. In other words, they could hold Queen Sisi hostage and act in her name, thereby usurping her rule. If Veirya was tricked, it was unlikely that anyone could tell. Veirya was a sharp blade, one that could allow Her Majesty to easily slay the Demon King, but the blade didn’t serve any master. Once it was dropped, it would bring a catastrophe onto the enemy.

When the Demon King was alive, said figurative sword was Queen Sisi’s best weapon for combatting him. With him gone, however, the safest bet was to get rid of the dangerous sword. Nonetheless, it was a sharp blade that could protect her for the moment. I, therefore, had to protect the sword.

Queen Sisi never spared me time of the day, and I didn’t speak. She didn’t look as if she wanted to speak to me. I presumed I’d be asking for it if I spoke out. Veirya eventually put her food down. She questioned, “You. Him. Have business?”

“Mm. However, I like watching you eat more than Little Doggy. I enjoy watching you eat. Now then, Little Doggy, come with me to my bedroom. It’s best to not let anyone else hear what I have to say to you.”

Queen Sisi stood up. Vierya looked at the Queen then me, feeling somewhat surprised. She titled her head: “Bedroom? What is it about?”

“Mm, it’s nothing that I can’t tell you. Actually, it’s very simple. I really want to know if Little Doggy successfully completed what I tasked him with. Do you happen to care about Little Doggy? You don’t want him to be in my bedroom with me?”

“No.” Veirya’s response literally froze my heart. She calmly sat back down and said, “I shall do as command, Your Majesty.”

I almost sighed. Queen Sisi looked at Veirya with her eyes narrowed. On her face was an odd smile. She then turned around and grabbed my collar. She dragged me off to her bedroom as if she was taking her dog for a walk. Then, she turned around and checked on Veirya with a strange smile. She snorted, and then gently shut the door.

When I entered the room, Queen Sisi sat down on her bed and crossed her legs. She looked at me then narrowed her eyes: “Don’t you notice there’s something odd about Veirya? The real Veirya would unlikely have allowed me to bring you in. Think about it carefully. Is that really characteristic of Veirya? It doesn’t matter, though. I don’t care about her right now, for that’s between you two. What I want to know is what you have learnt. What is the deal with the chapel.”

I calmly answered, “Sorry, but I do not know anything.”

Queen Sisi gestured for me to come closer with her hand. I approached her. Suddenly, she kicked my bladder, thereby almost causing me to fall down. She then rubbed her foot around my crotch, sporting a spooky smile: “I’m amazed you have the gall to say that, Little Doggy. You don’t know anything? What in the world did you do all day, then? You don’t know what the chapel is scheming? What about the other stuff? What about their weapons?”

“I do not even know if they purchased weapons anymore. Whatever they are planning, it is not so apparent. After I investigated them yesterday, I found myself even more baffled. I do not have an inkling as to what they are scheming, and neither could I locate their weapons. I, in fact, have to question if the chapel truly does possess weapons now.”

“Oh?” Queen Sisi put more force into her foot. She smiled and, in an indifferent tone, stated, “So what are you reporting today? Regardless of whether or not you found anything, I will strike tomorrow. You’ve let me down, though. I may even choose to off you while I’m at it.”

“I want one more day. Your Majesty, you, too, are excited, right? You, too, are looking forward to finding out what exactly the chapel’s scheme is, right? The chapel is not planning just an assassination. Their scheme is very strange. It is definitely not something that they came up with in the moment; it is a meticulous plot.”

“… Is it?”

Queen Sisi stopped. She gestured with her finger for me to come closer then grabbed my collar and indicated for me to kneel. I did as I was told. She pointed to her shoe. I helped her take off her shoes. Then, she pinched my face with her foot. She began to vigorously rub my face, wearing an incredibly gleeful smile. I felt sweat and heat on my face as soon as she took her feet off. With a smile, she said, “How nice, how nice, Little Doggy. You truly can please me!! I like this you very much. I am not interested in that which is easy to solve. Nevertheless, I’m now immensely interested after what you said. All right, sure, I’ll give you one more day. What else? What else do you need?”

“I hope you can invite the pope to the imperial palace today. As for what to have him partake in, anything will suffice. Please lure him out.”

“All right. I shall do so. In saying that, I hope you can provide me with a desirable conclusion.”


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