Son-con – Vol. 20 Ch. 10

Bare Feet and Silk Socks

Sister Ning calmed down a little. I tightly grabbed her hand. If I could still come back, I’d confess to her but not at the present time. I was aware all of it was fake. Zhu Liangzhe was already dead. It was impossible for me be together with Sister Ning. I couldn’t do anything besides comfort her at the moment. From my chest, she sniffled and, in a timid voice, asked, “Is it really a ‘no’?”

“Sister Ning… You wouldn’t believe me if I told you… but I can’t. I have to leave soon. I have to…”

“You’re leaving with them? Did they come to take you away this time? Th-this is too sudden… I… there… there were no prior signs… What exactly happened, Liangzhe? Can you explain? What exactly happened? I… Everything seemed fine, yet everything changed this afternoon… what, what…”

“I concur. Honestly, it’s a little abrupt for me, too… however, there’s nothing I can do about it. Sister Ning, I want to stay by your side, as well… I once liked you… but I was under the impression that you considered me your younger brother. As such, I never expressed my feelings… Then, I met Lucia…”

I sighed. I couldn’t bear to look at Sister Ning’s expression. She shakily tried to grab hold of my hand, but her hand froze just centimetres before she touched it. She slowly took a small step back and wiped her tears. She gently cleared her throat then forced a smile. Voice raspy, she questioned, “In other words, I… have lost my chance?”

“… Mm.”

I really didn’t want to give that response. Sadly, it was my only response. I didn’t try to approach her again; I didn’t dare to. She didn’t want for me to approach her, which was evident from the fact she took another step back. She took in a deep breath and smiled: “I-I can’t help it, either… After all… I… I don’t know how to get close to a man I like… It was my mistake… not yours… If I confessed sooner, if I… found the courage… it… it wouldn’t… it wouldn’t…”

“… Sorry.”

I didn’t know how to console Sister Ning. I didn’t know if my apology was of any help. Unfortunately, that was all I had. All her crying left her eyes and face red. I really wanted to give her a tight hug, tell her how much I liked her and wipe her tears. I couldn’t act on my feelings. I couldn’t. When I went to speak, all I had was an empty and weak apology.

“It’s not your fault, Liangzhe. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” Sister Ning wiped her tears then raised her head to give me an awkward and helpless smile: “Understood. I’m heartbroken, but being able to express my feelings isn’t too bad… At the very least, I won’t feel wronged now… Liangzhe… whatever the case may be, I’m your sister. I’ll always help you… I’ll teach Lucia how to put on makeup. I’ll help you with your wedding. May I ask if I may attend your wedding?”

Well… Nevertheless, I answered, “Sure. I’ll be sure to invite you.”

Sister Ning bitterly smiled: “Attending an ex’s wedding is strange. Let’s head back. I’ve calmed down. Now, you need to think about how you’re going to explain it to Auntie. Also, if Lucia is your girlfriend, what’s Nier, the one who tried to kill me?”

“Nier… Nier is Lucia’s friend. Yeah, best friends.”

I knew from her gaze that Sister Ning didn’t want to believe it. Either way, Nier’s role didn’t matter to her anymore. She rubbed her face to get rid of the traces of her tears.  It wasn’t the best idea for me to return with her, so I pushed the door open first, only to see one of Mommy Vyvyan’s ample, slender thighs on the sofa and the other bent up on the sofa.

Mommy Vyvyan was in the middle of wearing on a pair of stockings over her attractive toes. She gently pulled the thin stockings up her leg. Seeing the long black silk slowly slide up her snow-white thighs was a mesmerising scene to behold. They say a woman is most beautiful when she wears on her stockings. After witnessing it for myself, I had to agree.

Mommy Vyvyan had quite the pile of clothes next to her. Her original green dress was placed aside. Sister Ning’s clothes struggled to contain Vyvyan’s body. Her underwear was set aside. Mommy Vyvyan just wore a simple white t-shirt, but she filled out the entire shirt. Consequently, her nipples weren’t covered. She might as well have worn nothing…

Mommy Vyvyan saw me when she looked up. She waved at me with a smile: “You’re back, Son. The materials here are so strange. It doesn’t feel right…”

“Mom, these clothes must be too tight for you, right…?”

I could barely contain my little brother when I looked at Mom’s nipples. She lowered her head to check out herself: “Yeah. There are no other clothes here, though. Son, I heard that we should change into these clothes. Humans occupy this world. If we dress the way we came here, people would ask this and that, wouldn’t they?”


Smiling, Mommy Vyvyan extended her hand out to me: “Come, Son. Help Mommy put this sock on.”

I nodded and then knelt down in front of the sofa. I took the sock Mom handed me. Mom lightly rested her foot on my thigh. She watched me with an amorous smile from overhead. I gently grabbed her foot with my left hand. Mom suddenly jerked her foot. I lingered for a moment then looked up at her smile that indicated she was being playful. I understood what she was suggesting; therefore, I looked back down and quickly went to grab her foot. She deftly circled around my hand then extended it out before me again. She gently pinched my face with her toes. I gently grabbed hold of her soft foot. Mom didn’t resist this time. Nevertheless, she still gently teased my cheek with her foot. At the same time, she pulled her other leg with her stockings already worn on and teased my face with it.

“Son, do you prefer the touch of barefoot or stockings?”

Mommy Vyvyan clasped my face with both feet. On one side, I felt her warm and smooth skin. On the other side, I felt the smooth silk stocking. She teased my face with her foot then pinched my ears. I could smell her fragrance that penetrated through my heart. She looked at me with a smile indicating that an answer was mandatory.

“I like either as long as it’s you, Mom.”

I lifted Mom’s naked foot and kissed it. Mommy giggled then suddenly pressed it on my mouth. She emitted her delight through her blue eyes: “Son, did you want something from Mommy for saying that? You want to do something to Mommy even though Mommy doesn’t know where this place is?”

I didn’t reply. I licked Mom’s toes on a whim. She moaned then pulled me tightly into her embrace. She patted my back in a whingey manner: “Geez, don’t do everything. Mommy will feel embarrassed… Geez… Okay, okay, Son, stop playing around. Hurry and help Mommy change.”

“Mm… I will get your measurements in a bit and then go buy some clothes for you.”


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