The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 09

Goodbye Kiss

“Breakfast is ready.”

Leah finally came out from the kitchen in the morning. I went upstairs to grab clothes for her to change into before she came out. We didn’t have much luggage; we only had two sets of clothes. Most importantly, we had two hundred and fifty gold coins from Lucia. Nobody opposes money. I wanted to use money as my stepping stone. Money was the only way I could obtain what I wanted and to secure Leah’s future. Queen Sisi will take care of our living needs – at least, I believed so.

I placed breakfast on the table. Leah leaned over onto the table and yawned. Veirya looked at Leah’s head underneath the sunlight. She seemed to have a desire, but also minded Veirya’s reaction. I knew she must’ve wanted to rub her head, but she was afraid she’d disturb Leah.

I rubbed Leah’s head. She moaned in response. She grabbed my hand with her right hand and placed it on her face. Veirya took in a deep breath. She attempted to touch Leah’s head. Leah grabbed Veirya’s hand with her left hand, and then placed it on her face. Veirya’s expression went stiff. Veirya softly remarked, “She’s. Truly adorable.”

I smiled quietly stated, “You should’ve been aware of that from the start.”

Veirya didn’t nod; instead, she said, “She’s the Demon King’s daughter. I had a duty to kill her. Now, however, it’s different. I will. Protect her.”

“Mm.” I nodded: “I’ll also protect her. Leah, Leah.”

I raised my voiced. I lightly pinched Leah’s face. She moaned, and then looked up at us in a hazy state of mind. The tips of our fingers were touching, as Leah was holding our hands. Leah pouted. She then pushed Veirya’s hand aside and interlocked her fingers with mine. However, she then realised something and froze. Surprised and ashamed, she lowered her head and muttered, “Sorry… Mama Verya.”

“Don’t mind it,” responded Veirya, satisfied. She had no complaints for Leah. Instead, she turned back to grab her spoon and enjoy her broth.

Anna came up to us, emotions swirling inside. She gently placed a small wooden horse on the table, surprising Leah. The horse was carved by hand but was very detailed. You could, therefore, tell the carver was very skilled. Anna softly said to Leah, “I am very sorry about last night, Miss Leah… I thought Lord Veirya and Sir Lin were unaware of your identity, which is why I did not protect you… I am sincerely very sorry. I know I hurt you… This is my way of apologising. I hope that it can cheer you up a little…”

As soon as Anna finished speaking, Leah immediately hugged Anna around her waist with a warm hug. Leah gave surprised Anna a bright smile” “It’s all right, Sister Anna. I don’t blame you, because it’s a fact that Papa didn’t tell you. I can understand… I’ve seen the people who lost their homes due to my own kin… So, I won’t blame you.”

“Leah…” Anna hugged Leah and gently rubbed her head.

I looked at Anna, who was so touched that she was on the brink of tears, and said, “Anna, I’ll be leaving Veirya in your care during my absence. Veirya is still injured; before she heals, don’t let her run around.”

“I know. I know, Sir. I will definitely take good care of Veirya.”

Anna responded with a firm nod. Veirya lowered her head and continued eating breakfast. Then, she said, “I don’t need. To be taken care of.”

“Of course you do. How are you going to put ointment on your back injury without someone helping you?”

“All right.” Veirya stopped to think for a moment, but in the end, just continued eating.

Leah turned to Veirya. She hesitated for a moment then tested the waters with her: “Mama Veirya… umm… did you want anything? We can bring you back something.”

“Nothing,” answered Veirya, not having any desires as always. “I’ll go. To see Her Majesty. Later.”

“All right,” replied Leah, nodding and watching me put my bowl down.

A horse carriage rolled up outside. To my surprise, Veirya placed her bowl down and stood up. Due to her still having her back injury, she was virtually undressed. However, she still picked up our stuff and went to the door. I quickly stopped her: “You’re still hurt. I’ll carry it.”

“It’s all right,” nonchalantly replied Veirya.

I hesitated for a moment before responding. “You’re not dressed. Go back. Don’t let others see you.”

“… Mm.”

I was surprised Veirya docilely nodded. She placed my stuff down then suddenly clasped my face. As fast as lightning, she leaned her face in and smashed her teeth into mine again. I gave up. I think I needed to tell her, “Humans’ kisses aren’t teeth to teeth collisions!!”

Leah quickly rushed in between us and pushed Veirya away. Veirya didn’t bother with Leah; instead, she said, “You can’t. Let others. Do this, either, then.”

“Don’t you worry. Nobody besides you will do it…”

I sighed. Leah grumpily looked at the two of us then pulled on my arm. I looked down at her. She forcibly pulled me down by my collar. Because my leg had yet to heal, I almost fell down. Leah kissed me on my lips.

Satisfied, Leah let go of my collar then cheerfully hugged my arm. She turned around to look at Veirya and gleefully bid her farewell: “So, then, Mama Veirya, we’ll be leaving now! Take care of yourself!”

Veirya seemed confused as to why Leah kissed me.. I, too, was stunned by Leah’s surprise attack. It took a moment before we returned to our senses, with Veirya being first. Veirya nodded: “All right. Give it. Your Best.”


I didn’t quite understand what happened. I supposed Leah’s saliva was an effective aphrodisiac that would rob me of my ability to think for a while. Veirya and I were left speechless as Leah cheerfully pulled me outside.

A simple-looking black horse carriage was prepared outside. Achilles stood next to the door. He attentively opened the door upon seeing us come up. Leah tightly clung to me. She knew my left leg was still wounded, so she supported my body. The two of us sat down inside. I was quite surprised to find the inside was so extravagant. Achilles also got in and shut the door. He then knocked for the coach to take off.

I looked back at the house. Veirya wasn’t standing at the door. Perhaps it was because I told her not to come out. I never thought my first time separating with her would be so ordinary. Nothing emotional happened. I was fascinated with the fact that I wasn’t emotionally upset. I wondered why I felt that way.

“As you have now gotten into the carriage, you have officially joined us on our path. Therefore, it will not be easy for you to get away now. It is true that Her Majesty wants to eliminate the chapel.  Now, I shall tell fill you in on the current situation.”


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