The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 03

Bursting Bladder

“Lucia, I need you to help me with something. Go and shut all of the town’s doors. Don’t let anyone leave. The sooner you get it done, the better.”

Lucia nodded to indicate she understood my command then immediately left. I slowly stood up. Leah suddenly grabbed my hand. Expression tense, she quietly said, “Papa… I… I can’t control myself… I… I need…”

I suddenly recalled that Leah transformed at midnight. Although Vierya didn’t mind Leah was a succubus, I thought it was best not to let Veirya see how Leah looked when she slept. Veirya wouldn’t kill a child, but as for an adult succubus… Veirya had yet to let go of her hatred for demons. She could only accept Leah when the latter was young. She’d probably kill a mature Leah as she did with others. It, therefore,  was best not to take that risk.

Unfortunately, my foot was injured. Thus, I couldn’t take Leah upstairs for her to transform. All I could do was do my best to pull her into the kitchen. The dark kitchen was safe. Veirya was stuck resting on the table for the meantime. She didn’t concern herself with what we were doing. Anna was still taking care of Veirya, so she didn’t comment, either.

As soon as I brought Leah into the kitchen, she painfully whimpered, and then quickly stripped. Her body gradually grew underneath the moonlight. Her hair gradually grew longer, and her face shape began to change. Her body grew similarly to an expanding balloon. She quickly grew taller and transformed into mature Leah. Afterwards, she gently hugged me except her breasts were larger than Veirya’s, thereby suffocating me.

I lightly clasped Leah’s face: “Leah, you probably won’t be able to go out for some time… Unless Veiryva can… Nevertheless, it doesn’t look as though she’ll leave… You need to wait until tomorrow night. The town has yet to calm down, so don’t leave the house, understand, Leah?”

Leah nodded, but she looked as though she was in pain. Her legs wiggled back and forth: “Papa… I know… but… but… Leah… Leah wants to go to the toilet…”

“Say what?!”

I was startled. Leah had her long and ample legs tightly squeezed together. Her pretty face was replaced with a look of suffering. She firmly pressed her hand to her bladder and added, “Leah needed to use the toilet from the time Leah was helping Mama Veirya… except… except Leah never went… Leah can’t hold it in… Papa…”

“You can’t go now!! Not now!!”

If she went out, Veirya would see her for sure, and she’d be naked. Veirya couldn’t accept there being a succubus she hadn’t seen before in her house… Not to mention that she was a mature succubus and the Demon King’s daughter. I couldn’t ward Veirya off in my current shape. Veirya wasn’t immobilised; she just didn’t want to move.

“What does Leah do, then, Papa? Leah… Leah really needs to use the toilet… Seriously… Papa… Leah can’t hold it…”

Leah looked as though she was going to cry. Given the urgent situation, I had spark of inspiration. I grabbed a bowl for soup and helped Leah onto the top of the kitchen table. I then separated her legs. However, I didn’t pay attention to her sensitive spot. Besides, it was jet black in the kitchen. I held the bowl below her and told her, “Go ahead. I’ll just pour it away after.”

“No… no… I-It’s so embarrassing in front of Papa…”

Leah went red in the face. I did say that it was dark, so you could imagine how red she was. She pressed her hands firmly to her face. She virtually couldn’t speak. I said, “I’m your father, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Leah. Papa will turn around. Papa will turn around.”

It was mind boggling to me that she was embarrassed when we bathed together, and she’d gone much further when we slept together.

I turned around. Leah pressed her hand onto my back, seemingly to ensure that I had turned around. I then heard Leah speak in a shaky voice: “Papa, you’ve turned around, right? Don’t turn back. You can’t look at Leah in this situation…”

I nodded: “I won’t.”

As soon as my voice vanished, I heard the sound of water. Leah truly must’ve been at her limit. I heard the sound of water pouring into the bowl. I couldn’t resist the urge to imagine what was happening, but as soon as I started to have the thought, my little brother began to rise…

Leah pressed her hand firmly on my back; it was apparent she didn’t want for me to turn around… The sound gradually ceased. Leah carefully tugged my sleeve from behind and quietly said, “Papa… Leah is done… Leah is done…”


I instinctively turned my head, but a warm and soft body plastered itself to mine from behind. Leah slid her hands up my back to my chest. She pressed the side of her face to my back and muttered, “Papa, please… please…. Come back to Leah’s side this time… please… Leah… Leah was truly so scared… Leah isn’t afraid of dying… this time… Leah was scared… scared that Leah wouldn’t ever see Papa again… Leah was truly so scared… Therefore… therefore… Papa… please… no matter what you go and do… please… return to Leah….”

“Mm…” I didn’t know how to comfort Leah. I gently pressed my hand to Leah’s hand on my chest. In a soft voice, I continued, “Leah, trust Papa. Papa will definitely come back to you even if Papa is ripped apart. Papa will love you forever. Papa will always stay by your side.”

“Mm… Papa… Papa, don’t lie to Leah…”

“Papa has never lied to you.”

Leah released me. I picked up the bowl. The bowl was hot, but I had no sick and twisted ideas. I turned around, gently touched her face and explained, “It’s precisely because I’m your father that I’ll never sit and watch someone hurt you. I failed to protect you, so I must make them pay the price.”


I gave Leah a kiss on her forehead and left the kitchen under her watch. When I arrived at the door, Veirya suddenly spoke out from behind: “Are. You leaving?”

I turned my head to see her looking over by stretching her head. She looked at me with an expressionless look.

I nodded while using the wall as supported: “Mm.”

“I’ll go with you.” Veirya used her hand to support herself up. Anna swiftly pressed her hand down on Veirya’s shoulder. Veirya looked at Anna and I with a baffled expression: “He. Can’t walk.”

I declared, “I can. I can walk, Veirya. Just focus on recuperating. I have some business that I, alone, have to go deal with.”

“… Mm.”

Veirya didn’t seem to quite understand; but nevertheless, she turned her head back and lay back down on the table. Concerned, Anna asked, “Can you really handle it in your shape?”

“Of course.”

I pulled the door open. Just as I went to say something, I met with a blue pair of eyes.


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