The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 02


Lucia supported me over to Veirya. I looked at her back that was covered in ointment. Worried, I asked, “How’s Veirya’s condition?”

Lucia subtly nodded: “It’s nothing major. While it looks nasty, it’s just an exterior skin wound. This is an ointment we elves formulated for burn wounds. She’ll heal as long as she applies it on time. Plus, Veiyra has a sturdy body in the first place; therefore, it’ll be even easier for her to recover. Her wound is fine.”

I nodded back. Veirya gave me the same response: “I’m fine. I’m fine.”

I nodded with a heavy heart. Lucia softly sighed: “Seriously, Travor, do you really have to get revenge? Honestly, I don’t know who exactly was behind this. Everybody seemed to be after Leah, because they all knew about her succubus nature. As for the chapel, I think they’re also victims in this… I think I wronged Angelina. If I didn’t hurt her with the arrow… Angelina would’ve been able to protect Leah.”

“That’s true, Papa. Sister Angelina was the only one who tried to protect me,” interjected Leah, grabbing my hand. She hopped over to my side, leaned on my shoulder and anxiously said, “I feel that Sister Angelina genuinely wants to protect me, Papa.”

I clenched my teeth and fumed, “Did you forget who attacked us in the forest? The chapel attacked us in the forest. My foot is in this state now thanks to them. Do you think they’d be so kind to protect Leah? I don’t know what happened, but they knew what we were up to, which was why they wanted to snatch our money and flavouring… By the way, Lucia, where’s the money?”

“I buried it somewhere safe, and then went to Leah’s aid.”

“Retrieve it as soon as you can,” I said, pausing before turning my attention to Leah. “Angelina might’ve tried to protect you during the day, but she definitely wasn’t planning to protect you at night. If the townsfolk didn’t riot, I’m certain her goal was to kidnap you so that the chapel could use you as a hostage to bargain with me.”

Leah grouchily exclaimed, “Sister Angelina is not that sort of person!!”

Veirya turned around and solemnly stated, “That is the sort of person. Angelina is. She. Won’t side with you. Just because of you. She’s a qualified knight.”

“During the day, she genuinely planned to protect you, but we objected. Therefore, she was the chapel’s knight, who was carrying out their orders. Fortunately, due to the townsfolk staging such an intense riot, she ended up protecting Leah.” I caressed Leah’s head and elaborated, “Leah, don’t ever think that everybody is a good person in the future. I’m not denying that Angelina is usually very nice to you; however, you must bear in mind that she’s not someone who can unconditionally love you.”

“What about Papa?”

“Papa can give up everything for you.”

I gently hugged Leah and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Lucia felt envious watching us. She looked as if she also wanted to give Leah a kiss on her forehead. I turned to Lucia and explained, “By the looks of things, this was all the chapel’s work. I think they were the ones who spread the news to try and incite the townsfolk into taking Leah out from the house; then, their knights would swoop and snatch her away on justified grounds. Their plan went awry when they underestimated the townsfolk’s fury, which led to the situation spiralling out of control. They prepared two plans. One plan was to kill us in the forest and take the flavouring. On the other hand, they wanted to take Leah hostage as an insurance policy. If their first plan was a success, they could’ve leveraged Leah to ask for more. You could say their plan was so sickening that I’m disgusted.”

Lucia, puzzled, stuttered, “Really…? How did they know about our deal, though…? I… I never mentioned it to anyone. Plus, I never did anything that would have given it away, right?”

I asked, “How many people know about this?”

“You, me and Achilles. Just the three of us. How else did they see through our plans? We didn’t do anything, didn’t we?”

“Don’t you already have your answer? I didn’t tell anyone. Neither did you. To add, we never did anything. Doesn’t that tell you that the only one who could’ve leaked it was Achilles?” I peered outside with a cold gaze and went on: “Businessmen don’t take sides. Those who do won’t make money. My guess is that Achilles and the chapel planned to get rid of us. I’m positive the chapel promised them a bigger share. Achilles never promised to keep the secret, which is why he tattled on us to the chapel.”

Lucia deliberated it for a moment. Her ears then stood up. She shot me a furious glare and raged, “That’s betrayal! How lowly!! I knew humans were trash! We all agreed to it then he went and betrayed us! That’s what you humans are always doing!!”

Judging from Lucia’s reaction, she also abhorred betrayal. She snatched up her bow and arrows. She coldly declared, “I’m going to go kill them, damn traitorous scums! I thought it was all an accident, but after your explanation, I now realise it was all a despicable scheme and act of betrayal!”

I grouchily grabbed Lucia’s arm. I explained, “If you, an elf, kill humans, the head of a company and a bishop, we’ll have a big issue on our hands. It might lead to a war between elves and humans.”

Lucia lowered her head to look at me and thundered, “What do we do, then?! I can’t accept this sort of act! Their schemes and betrayal hurt my friend. They even jeopardised Leah’s safety! Look at the state you and Veirya are in as a consequence. How can I just walk away?!”

“You have to. This has nothing to do with you elves. Furthermore, you have an internal struggle of your own, don’t you? Sort your own problems out first. I’ll deal with the chapel and company here. They hurt someone important to me and my daughter. If I need somebody to help me with this, I lived all these years for nothing.”

Lucia wanted to speak, but held back. Eventually, she said, “If you think you lack the strength to accomplish it, let me know. I’m very willing to help you.”

“I got this.” I caressed Leah’s hand: “I can do it on my own. I know how powerful words are. They had to succeed with their plans; sadly for them, they failed. While we did end up hurt, we’re still alive, and we know what they did… Lucia, go get the money, and then find me a cane. I’ll go now.”

“Now? Your foot…”

“I must seize the chance for what I might gain. It’s just one foot. I can handle it. Didn’t I tell you that if I’ve started betting, then I won’t care about how much I lose but how much I can gain?”


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