Son-con – Vol. 19.5 Ch. 06


Castell bowed to Elizabeth. Then, with a smile, he reported, “The army has completed their preparations. King Troy’s ceremony will dazzle. I hope I have the opportunity to personally witness it.”

“What are we going to do about work here on this end, then?” asked Elizabeth, stroking her battle steed’s fur. “Stay here, and don’t worry. I’ll bring you some souvenirs.”

“Our gifts for King Troy have already been sent. I wonder if he is content with them.”

“They’re splendid handmade art crafts we’re talking about. Even I want to keep one in my storage.”

Elizabeth looked at the grand escort and laughed. Although she had gifted Troy a perfect crown, that was a gift she prepared together with the elves. Elizabeth didn’t want to give Troy a gift prepared in conjunction with the elves. She was pleased with the idea, but unfortunately, humanity’s artisans couldn’t create such a perfect crown. As such, Elizabeth had to swallow the bitter pill. She had to bite the bullet and hand the gold to the elves. Both parties were satisfied with the result, except Elizabeth still went ahead and prepared additional gifts. Of course, lots of those presents were gifts from the vassal states to the King of the North. Frankly, the most valuable present Elizabeth wanted to give her son wasn’t in the horse carriages but on the back of her horse.

Being able to spend a night together with her son was a blissful and happy privilege. Her father was no longer around, so the only one who could comfort her was her son. Furthermore, the one thing Elizabeth adamantly refused to admit was that her son aroused her feelings as a woman, especially at night.

Smiling, Castell questioned, “Your Majesty, you sold your own throne when you first built your nation. Should I or should I not say: do not go too far with luxuries as a monarch?”

Castell was probably the only person who would dare to speak to Elizabeth in that manner. She didn’t reprimand her long-time vassal. She, instead, answered, “I wouldn’t say that this is excessively luxurious, though, right? After all, our national treasury is now capable of producing countless similar crowns. It’s just that it depends on Vyvyan. Enough now, it’s time for me to get going. Before that, however, I want to ask something.”

Elizabeth turned her horse sideways. By humanity’s standards, she was already past fifty, yet she possessed the beautiful and youthful appearance of a twenty year old. Time had stopped for her. Castell’s once young eyes and face had changed with the passage of time. Thus, he looked a lot older than her. Elizabeth inquired, “Have you still not married?”

Castell laughed: “I still have no plan to for the meantime.”

“It’s better for you to get married sooner, Castell. It’s bliss to have a child, especially for women. If you plan to get married, let me know. I’ll help you arrange it.”

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Your Majesty.”

Castell gave Elizabeth a deep bow. She smiled and then tapped her horse. The escort began to slowly advance toward the North. Castell watched the dust left behind. With a helpless smile, he inwardly said,, “Sometimes, having a child isn’t something worth being happy about, though… especially in my case…”


Current time at the Elven imperial capital of Duargana.

“Wow, that sure is bold clothing.”

Vyvyan was astonished with the underwear presented. The thin and transparent underwear didn’t leave anything to one’s imagination, yet was the form-fitting type. It’d be better to consider it a wife’s blessing for her husband.

It was rare for elves to do pursue sexual pleasure between husband and wife. The clothes were modelled primarily after humanity’s designs. Elves were intimate under the sheets exclusively on full-moon nights. Consequently, clothing emphasising a woman’s body was doomed to never be available on the market. The reason this one existed was because somebody specifically ordered it.

The tailor proudly and earnestly explained, “That is right. I designed it according to humanity’s designs and your wishes. Needless to say, clothing was one reason, but your perfect beauty is the best weapon. This set of clothes will definitely allow you to charm any elf. But… what are you intending to use this clothing for?”

Vyvyan smiled and, in a soft voice, directed, “Do you think a pharmacist would ask their buyer what they’re planning to do? Do you think a man selling swords would? Sometimes, it’s better to ask less. That said, I’m very pleased with what you’ve made. Leave it there.”

Vyvyan took off her ring on her finger while she was at it and placed it into the hand of the tailor. The value of the ring was secondary to an elf. The value behind the ring was that she gave it away, which was the most perfect and valuable gift, was a sentiment all elves concurred with. Elves viewed Vyvyan as an existence close to that of God. If God was to take off his ring and give it to you, what would you think?

The tailor gratefully accepted the ring and left, thanking her the entire way.

Vyvyan scrutinised the daring sleepwear. She checked to ensure nobody was around then locked the door. She quickly switched out her clothing. Her two blessings were propped up underneath the immaculate flower design. Down low was a flower petal opening that could be opened. Exquisite flowers were sewn on both sides. They really did resemble flowers that had bloomed.

Vyvyan gently caressed her alluring body and pursed her lips. She didn’t remove her underwear. She wore her formal clothing straight over the top of her revealing underwear. She checked herself in the mirror again. After confirming that nobody could see her insanely seductive underwear underneath her green dress, she nodded.

Vyvyan wasn’t a patient individual. She planned to wait for her son on his bed with a more beautiful and alluring present after his banquet. Howbeit, it wasn’t going to be Lucia or Nier… Eyes red, she licked her lips.


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