Son-con – Vol. 19.5 Ch. 05


Surprised, I asked Luna, “Has the White Deer King returned? She’s only left for three days, right? How did she come back so soon? Man… I just gave her stable to the new horse… I imagine the White Deer King won’t be too friendly with the horse… Luna, where is the White Deer King at the moment…?”

“No… Your Majesty, that was not what I wanted to report… Mm… how do I say it…? The White Deer King is very angry at the moment. She is currently standing on the lawn of the Imperial Palace and throwing a fit. She has already kicked the horse over. The vet said the horse suffered a severe injury; however, the guards currently have the White Deer King surrounded. She is attacking everyone who approaches her.”

I sighed. I went to look out the window. As Luna said, the White Deer King was standing on the lawn and hubristically watched the guards around it. The guards didn’t dare to use weapons as they were afraid of hurting her. She kicked aside those who wanted to take her back. The White Deer King was actually being merciful. If she attacked with her horn, the guards would, at least, have a bloody hole in them.

“By the looks of it, you will have to go down there. The White Deer King looks furious. You have, indeed, gone too far this time. The White Deer King has already made it so clear, yet you still arranged for the horse to stay in her stable. That is the equivalent of Nier and Lucia making it clear that they cannot accept another woman, yet you and Miss Ling Yue embrace in their rooms. Similarly, the White Deer King likes you a lot, so what you did would be perceived as an insult.”

Luna, who was beside me, wore a gentle smile. Judging from her tone, though, it was clear she was sternly reproaching me.

I scratched the back of my head: “I didn’t think the White Deer King would be back so soon. Anyhow, Luna, you’re right. In saying that, the White Deer King is just an animal when it comes down to it, right? It can’t compare to Nier and Luc-”

“Your Majesty, what does that make Miss Ling Yue, then? Is Miss Ling Yue is just a fox, then? The only difference is that Miss Ling Yue can transform into a human form. The White Deer King is the same as Miss Ling Yue. The White Deer King also has feelings. If you consider the White Deer King to merely be an animal, is that not neglect? Though the White Deer King cannot transform into a human and speak, she does not lack the feelings that a human possesses. If you want to have a friendly relationship with the White Deer King, you should give her as much attention as you give to Nier and Lucia, correct?”

Luna gently pressed her hand on my shoulder and whispered, “Even if gods no longer need the White Deer King, she will still be your friend and most reliable companion. You best not always disappoint her. No matter what happened, she always gave everything she had to protect you.”

“You’re right, Luna. I’ll be mindful in the future. By the way, what’s the matter with Bai Lu? I’m totally bewildered here; she was still here yesterday, so how come she asked for a vacation all of a sudden? Also, she’s never in the Imperial Palace. What’s she still doing, running about when she’s my maid?”

Luna pinched my face with a frightening smile: “Your Majesty, can you see how dense you are right now? Your one and only personal servant is right in front of you, yet here you are mentioning another maid to your one and only personal servant. Does that explain to you why the White Deer King is angry? Bai Lu is just a substitute at the end of the day, correct? As I am now by your side, why are you concerning yourself with Bai Lu? Is my presence not good enough for you?”

“Y-Yes, Madam Luna… I was just worried for my maid… Bai Lu has worked with me for some time, so it’s only normal for her sudden disappearance to bemuse me, right…? Let’s put Bai Lu aside for now, and take the White Deer King back to the stable… The White Deer King is as wilful as a young girl. I might have to even prepare a new stable for her… I really don’t know if I’m preparing for my own ceremony or hers now…”

I did my best to put an end to the topic; else, Luna would assume her scary state. Luna was an elf, one who knew intense jealousy. She treated her role as my personal servant as a treasure. She wouldn’t allow me to have any other personal servants except Bai Lu. I figured I should avoid mentioning Bai Lu to her too much.

Luna quietly giggled behind me. Tere was a hint of joy and mischievousness in her giggle. I couldn’t help feeling Luna had some insider information that she withheld from me. I didn’t know who the insider information pertained to.

The guards were relieved to see me arrive on the scene. Confronting the White Deer King must’ve been mentally intense. The White Deer King also spotted me. She looked at me with a frigid countenance and aggressively stamped her feet. I smiled helplessly then cautiously went to touch her face. Still seething, she knocked my hand away with her head. I walked up to it with a helpless smile: “Sorry, White Deer King. About the horse… can you really not get along with him?”

The flames in the White Deer King’s eyes intensified.  Assuming I said something I shouldn’t have, I quickly caressed her face and went on, “I just thought that it wasn’t bad to raise a pet. The horse was Alex’s gift for me, after all. It wouldn’t be nice if I refused him. You can rest assured, nevertheless. I won’t give you the cold shoulder for the horse. It can’t understand what you and I went through or places we saw. Rest assured, White Deer King. I’ll like you forever.”

The White Deer King flinched. She slowly turned her head away and snorted. Though she still refused to make eye contact with me, it was clear that her hostility gradually faded. I stroked her fur then indicated for the guards to bring over the White Deer King’s reins.

“Since you’re a little jealous, I’ll raise that horse somewhere else. I’ll treat it as a present from Alex and Troy City. I won’t give it any attention. There, therefore, is no reason for you to be worried. However, as you’re back, how about we go for a stroll as usual? Let’s take a stroll in the Imperial Palace. It’s been a long time since we’ve gone out. You must feel lonely, right?”

The White Deer King didn’t reply. Instead, she looked at the guard holding the reins. The guard quivered and didn’t dare to approach. The White Deer King then slowly lied down on the ground, and then turned her head to look at me.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll wear it on for you. I’ll do it. Then, we’ll go for a stroll.”


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