Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 76

Returning Home

The eradication went smoothly. None of the pirates escaped. It was too easy to locate their ship on the water from the sky. Troy didn’t need any prisoners. Troy was a cruel man in the first place. The pirates became a part of the ocean. Not even a piece of plank would make it to shore. The fire that dragons breathed could melt gold, let alone a pirate ship on the water. If they were on land, then they had somewhere to run to. On the water, however, they were food for animals in the water.

The four sisters were taken home. As soon as they got off the ship, they were met with their furious mothers. Their mothers were angry at them for leaving without discussing it with them beforehand. Troy wasn’t angry about it, but Lucia and Nier were furious. Ling Yue didn’t complain. Instead, she took Liu Yue home.

Freya obtained what she wanted from Ikana. Because the power balance between Ikana and Vera had to be balanced, Troy didn’t give Ikana any grief. His daughters were safe, after all. The three elder sisters were then grounded in the Imperial Palace for some time. All they could do was spend their days with their dad in the palace. However, that was nothing short of a reward for them; hence, the three girls clung to their father even more.

Because Daisy killed for the first time, Troy reminded Nier to not let Daisy see blood again. He didn’t want his daughter to become an emotionless killer. Daisy entered a state of anxiety after she returned home. She had nightmares practically every night. Sometimes, Nier wouldn’t be able to help even if she was at her side. As a result, she had to sleep holding her father.

As for Vera, she was always on edge after her kidnapping. Lively Vera refused to see any strangers. She wanted to stick to her father’s side. Troy felt her response was normal, so he let her have his way.

Nona was worried for Liu Yue since Nona also reacted fearfully when Liu Yue transformed. Nona was fully aware the fox was her sister. Alas, she couldn’t help panicking and retreating. She wanted to know how her dad was able to be fearless. She went to Sylvanas every day and asked her to transform as a means of training herself to not be afraid. Sylvanas just couldn’t get serious in front of cute Nona, though.

After returning home, Liu Yue filled Ling Yue in on everything that happened. Ling Yue, clasping Liu Yue’s face, asked, “So, you like that youngster? He makes a lot of appearances in your story.”

“Not exactly… I don’t think he’s my cup of tea. He’s still afraid of me… Also, Mom, is touching lips with each other very important to humans? Why did my sisters say that it’s important? I don’t quite understand. Don’t we consider touching noses to be showing intimacy?”

Dimpling, Ling Yue caressed her daughters head: “That’s true for humans because their noses are short. Liu Yue, we’re wild beasts to begin with. Though we have human forms, our wild-beast side still frightens humans. That’s just human instinct. There’s no human who’s not afraid of a large beast.”

“But Dad isn’t scared.”

“That’s because your dad has seen me. I’m even larger than you when I transform into my fox form.”

“Was Dad scared the first time he saw you?”

Ling Yue recalled it with a smile. Her true animalistic instincts were displayed when she was pregnant. At the time, people tried to dissuade her husband. He ignored their warnings and bravely approached her, nonetheless. He didn’t back down despite her attacking him and, instead, hugged her.

“No,” Ling Yue responded with a blissful giggle.

Liu Yue scrunched her face up and grumbled, “Geez… bragging about you and Dad again… You just happened to meet him before I did…”

“Of course. Your dad is my husband. I wouldn’t let you have your father even if you’re my daughter. You aren’t in your aroused season, are you?”

Ling Yue pinched her daughter’s ear. Liu Yue loudly protested and swung her tail. Ling Yue laughed as she released Liu Yue. Ling Yue then stood up and shared, “Have a good rest. You got hurt. Your father may have treated you, but you did suffer mentally, didn’t you? Enjoy some peace at home. School is also resuming soon, right? Once winter break comes, I’ll take you to the Imperial Palace again, but this time, don’t go running about outside again. We’ll go to Troy City for a dip in the hot spring.”

“All right…”

Liu Yue pulled her blanket up. Ling Yue pinched her daughter’s face. Liu Yue was a mirror that reflected Ling Yue’s past. She recalled her free and blissful days. After she left the room, she gazed at the moonlight far in the distance. Her daughter’s story reminded her of her husband.

When a Moon Fox transforms into a true wild beast, they care immensely about whether their close ones are afraid of them or not. The reason she didn’t want her husband to see her was due to her fear of seeing him afraid of her. Despite knowing it was perfectly normal to be afraid, it was upsetting. Fortunately, her husband tried to scrub her fur for her when she was at her ugliest.

“What an idiot he is,” muttered Ling Yue, lips curved up from ear to ear. Despite gazing at the moon, her beloved husband was the only one on her mind.

Liu Yue lightly spun around to look at the necklace on the table at her bedhead. Though she transformed in an urgent situation, she didn’t forget to put her necklace away beforehand to avoid breaking it. It was a commemorative present for her. She didn’t want to forget what she went through with the youngster. Mishap befell her in the foreign nation, but it was an adventure that was hers.

Admittedly, Liu Yue did have a few regrets. She was sleepy on the way back, so she didn’t get any cosy time with her father. Summer was coming to an end, meaning the next opportunity she had to visit the Imperial Palace was during winter break.

“I have to have some quality cosy time with Dad at the hot spring when we go. After all, on that full-moon night, Dad found me when I stood on that desolate plain. Dad wasn’t afraid, and he didn’t dislike me. Instead, he came up to me and gently hugged me. The warmth he gave me is enough for me to savour for a lifetime. I want that sort of man, one who won’t be afraid of me and has the courage to hug me. Only Dad would hug me. After my mom, it should be my turn to hug Dad, right…? I like Dad the most…” Liu Yue said to herself.


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