Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 74


The huge dragon landed on the ground and irritably flapped its wings, thereby blowing the guards aside. Then, the dragon reverted to his human form. Vera froze for a moment. She was aware of the previous two individuals and their dragon lineage, but the last one, which was the smallest dragon, was a male, and he was somebody she’d met before.

He was Queen Vera’s bodyguard, the young man in white. It turned out his uniform was made of scales. It was her first time learning her father had a dragon as a guard. Vera finally realised he was the only guard granted an audience,as he was a dragon.

That must be why Queen Vera chose him. A dragon would be able to shock many people. The aura of a dragon was enough to keep assassins at bay. Queen Vera was probably unaware of his true identity. She, presumably, allowed him be her bodyguard, as nobody dared to meet his gaze, giving her a sense of safety and reassurance.

The young man in white walked up to Troy and went down on one knee. He courteously said, “I apologise, Your Majesty. I misunderstood your command. I thought you order was for me to protect Queen Vera; therefore, I… I will accept any punishment you have for me, including failing to protect the Princess.”

“Put that aside for the meantime.”

Troy ignored the young man and focused his attention on Ikana, instead. He pushed Liu Yue and Vera behind Sylvanas and Irina. In a serious tone, he stressed, “I’ll put my guard’s matter aside for now. Ikana, you didn’t do it on purpose, but therein lies the problem. You hurt my daughter. A mere apology isn’t going to settle it, is it?”

“I am very sorry. I know that an apology is not enough to resolve the problem, but I still need to offer my sincerest apology.”

Ikana stood up and pulled Aber behind her. She knew Abner couldn’t match Troy. Troy always wanted to make the world a cosy and benevolent place. However, his true nature was a murderer who massacred the anthropoid army in the North without batting an eye. He didn’t spare women or children. She had to appease him in order to reduce her losses to the bare minimum. She wasn’t certain she could win against Troy, let alone Abner.

“I don’t want anything. The entire world isn’t as important as my daughter is. I just want revenge. Who kidnapped Vera? Call him out here.”

“I am sorry. They were pirates that I hired. They have departed with their reward money.”

Troy instantly narrowed his eyes. He aggressively walked up to Ikana and grabbed her collar with one hand: “You treating me as a moron?! You mean to say this has nothing to do with you, and I can’t even get my revenge on anyone? You want to just wipe your hands clean and absolve the blame?”

The guards around Ikana began to move, but Sylvanas and Irina roared at them at the simultaneously. Startled, all of them dropped their weapons. Troy’s face began to undergo a dragon transformation as his rage surged. His scales started to stand up and reveal his flesh underneath. Even his eyes had transformed into the eyes of a dragon. As a man who inherited dragon blood, he exhibited dragon transformation characteristics when he was genuinely angry.

“While I cannot send him to you, I can provide you with their hiding locations. They have to be at one of the locations. If you are willing to wait, I will capture them to bring them back. You can wait with your navy. I will also share some of their reward money with you as compensation. I will do as I have previously promised you. You need not worry. You just need to wait. I promise to bring the culprit to you!”

“I don’t need you to capture them. Leave everything to me. I’ll teach them what the consequence of touching my daughter is. I’ll make them regret choosing the pirate profession.”

Troy released Ikana. He had no intention of continuing wasting time with Ikana. The only reason he took the initiative to visit was for his daughter. Over ten years ago, Troy swore before the doors of Troy City that he wouldn’t let his rage burn innocent bystanders again. Consequently, despite his rage, he ended up leaving his navy out on the waters.

Troy aggressively waved his hand: “I’ll send somebody to discuss the aftermath. I don’t plan to do any more than what is necessary this time. Be glad. Had Vera been treated with the slightest ill-will, I’ll rip your head and your husband’s head off your shoulders. I’m now going to hunt those pirates down. Mommy Sylvanas, Irina, we’re heading out.”

The two women nodded. Before they left, though, Irina hugged the young man in white and rubbed his head. With a smile, she said, “I’m glad, Son. You’ve done your best. Mommy is happy to see that.”

“Yes, Mom.”

The young man in white reacted with a hint of embarrassment. He then turned his head to look at Troy in a slightly nervous manner. He wanted to say something to Troy, but he lacked the courage to. Irina read her son’s mind, so she went up to her husband’s side and tapped him on his shoulder.

“What?” asked Troy.

Troy hesitated for a moment then turned his head to see Irina and the young man in white. He understood what his wife was indicating. He turned his head to look at Vera and Liu Yue. He had qualms. The two of them were still with Sylvanas, though. The young man in white wrestled for a while but eventually lost the courage and turned away. Troy rubbed his head and quietly said, “It’s all right, you did very well.”

“F-F, I mean, Your Majesty!”

The young man in white jolted as if he was electrocuted. His lips trembled so much that he couldn’t speak. He had a lot to say, yet his mind was blank. Troy gave him a smile then turned around. He walked up to the stunned youngster and stopped in front of him. Tone serious, he said, “Though I don’t like you, I’m grateful you came to my daughter’s rescue. Thank you for the gift. I shall return the favour at a later date.”


The youngster went down on one knee, but his focus wasn’t on Troy. Instead, he fixed his gaze on Liu Yue, who had her eyes on her father the entire time. Sylvanas found an open area and transformed into a black dragon again. Troy climbed on. He instructed, “Liu Yue, go to the docks. Dad won’t bring you this time. Hunting pirates is risky. Miss Ying and Miss Irina will take you back.”



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