Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 38

Vera and Vera

The morning wasn’t peaceful. People were making noise in the flower garden before the sun could sweep the coldness of the night away. That, therefore, deprived the four sisters of their wish for more sleep. It wasn’t just the outside of the palace that was packed as even nobles crowded the palace. Besides seeing Miss Vera, the nobles would all exchange a few words with the sisters.

The North was a mysterious, yet powerful, place. Nobody from Galaluocia had been there before. Liu Yue was the centre of attraction. Some young girls were so frightened of her sharp fangs that they didn’t dare to budge. They were curious about the pretty magical species, but Daisy gave them a friendly reminder to never touch Liu Yue’s tail or ears. At the end of the day, Liu Yue wasn’t an object on display in a museum.

The four sisters’ clothes were designed with dedication. Their clothes could be considered a robe, except that the opening at their hips was high up, thereby revealing their long and slender legs. The sleeveless design revealed their arms. Although the four sisters weren’t yet adults, their charm bordered on young and mature. Of course, Vera was… cute, as well.

Nona suffered due to her physique that developed too well. The button at her neck clearly looked endangered, and one could see the charming ditch in between the space between the buttons. As a result, she had to deal with lots of uncouth eyes.

Miss Vera, adorned herself in elegant light blue and white that matched her graceful and dignified personality, embellishing her tall and erect posture. Princess Vera, standing next to Miss Vera, was envious of her courteous demeanor towards everybody she spoke with, regardless of who they were.. Vera knew she was the next Elven Queen. She thought it would be so nice if she could become an equally a dignified and graceful woman in the future.

“Father would definitely think differently of me too, right…?” wondered Vera.

Truth be told, Vera always felt her mom looked strange next to her dad. When she saw him with her Grandma Vyvyan, to the contrary, something about them just looked much better.  Her graceful and dignified Grandmother Vyvyan fitted with her cool and confident dad. She couldn’t do anything about it, sadly, since Vyvyan was her grandmother. Nona would also be an elf with overwhelming mana if Grandmother Vyvyan was her mom. Vera argued she might even have breasts like her Grandmother Vyvyan’s…

Daisy was allowed to carry her sword with her at a formal occasion for the first time. Because Tanya had gone to Ikana’s place, it was a little exhausting for Ying to protect the four sisters by herself. Subsequently, Daisy was ordered to guard her sisters, as well. Daisy was fond of the job. She wore suave male clothing as opposed to formal wear. She finally got to experience the feeling she didn’t get to experience at home. Daisy always admired her mom’s Valkyrie past, and her father had also nostalgically mentioned to her that he liked her mom’s suave and heroic demeanour during her Valkyrie days the most. Daisy bore a striking resemblance to her mother to begin with, so she wondered if her father would feel he missed her when she returned.

In consideration of others touching her, Liu Yue bound her tail and clothing together. That way, her tail wouldn’t wag around and be caught. She used to grumble her mom was always prattling on and on about her tail, but she finally understood her mom’s good intention.

Miss Vera touched Vera’s head and, with a smile, she inquired, “This afternoon is pretty tiring, isn’t it?”

“It’s all right.” Though Vera said that, the fatigue causing her to fold at the waist couldn’t mask her fatigue. Vera gently sighed. She hopelessly asked, “Trying to keep this up is very tiring. I really admire you for still being able to maintain your composure. Do you have any special training methods?”

Miss Vera set her cup down and answered, “If you have somebody you like, you will naturally do your best. Back then, I met with the man I like, which was a rare opportunity to come by. If I could see him once, I will do everything in my power to show him the best side of me. When the time comes, I can maintain this standing and sitting posture of mine for the entire day. I’ll be absolutely spent afterward for sure; but nevertheless, I wouldn’t consider it of any significance in comparison to the warmth and bliss I feel when I see my lover.”

“Is that right…? I have someone whom I like, too… Why did I not think that way?” asked Vera, with a frown. She suddenly realised, “Perhaps it’s because I lacked attention to detail that Father was nonchalant toward me and considered me a child. That’s Dad’s fault. Dad has never asked me or my mom to do that, which is why I’m not meticulous about the details. I might have to do as Miss Vera says.”

“It’s a fantastic if you can display your true self as, when you’re together in the future, you will have to show your true nature. If you can show your true self to the one you like, that means that he accepts everything about you.”

The youngster approached the two Veras engaged in conversation. Noticing the young girls looking slightly tired, he dawdled for a moment before speaking: “I am sorry to interrupt you. It is time for Miss Vera’s speech, so please prepare yourselves. After this speech, you can have a rest in the afternoon. Thank you for your hard work.”

“If a ‘thank you for your hard work’ could alleviate the fatigue, that’d be terrific.”

Liu Yue sighed and then stood up. Last night, she was so excited about attending the event she was literally unable to sleep. Hours later, however, she was wishing to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, she was unlikely to have time to squeeze in an afternoon nap since the flower garden outside was packed. Actually, there was absolutely no chance of getting a nap. The so-called rest in the afternoon was just being able to go for a stroll around to the stalls or watching the denizens’ performances outside of the imperial palace in the afternoon.

“Sorry,” apologised the youngster, when he noticed Liu Yue’s ears flopped down. “Sorry, Miss Liu Yue… I-I do not know how to make you feel better, either… I-if there is something you need to help you recover your energy, just let me know… I shall do my best to help you… But… But… All I can do right now is giving you my thanks.”

“Nothing much. I just want to have a good sleep.”

“I see Liu Yue’s habit of not being able to sleep due to excitement for these sorts of events is still with her. What a child,” jibed Vera. She couldn’t help herself from pursing her lips into a smile to tease her sister.

Liu Yue shyly raised her head: “Weren’t you excited?!!”

“You’re still kids, after all,” stated Miss Vera

“We’re not kids!” The four sisters froze Miss Vera in place with their unified exclamation when she tried to end their bickering.

Miss Vera cheerfully laughed: “Whether you are a kid or not is not determined by your age but whether or not you can display the courage and sense of duty of an adult. I believe you can prove yourselves. For example, you have to gather yourself to complete what you promised yesterday, correct?”


“I am happy to be able to give my speech together with you. Let us go see our adorable citizens and enjoy their cheers and respect for us!”


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