Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 16

Girls’ First Encounter with Danger

“Okay, okay. It went well. It went very well.”

The four sisters let out a breath of relief and rushed to the stables. Once they ascertained there was nobody around, Liu Yue quietly called, “White Deer King! White Deer King! Are you still here?”


They heard an unhappy voice. Next, they heard the rustling of straws. The White Deer King poked her head out. Liu Yue knew that the White Deer King was actually fond of them despite the latter’s grumpy look. She also knew the White Deer King was acting reserved due to the latter’s pride.

“White Deer King, can you take us to the port? We need you to be fast. Take us there as fast as you can.”

Liu Yue caressed the White Deer King’s neck. With a smile, she fed the White Deer King a piece of candy. While the White Deer King wore an annoyed look, she never spat the candy out. When you receive something from others, you have to cater to them. Thus, even the proud White Deer King had to get up and come out after eating their candy.

Seeing as the White Deer King was persuaded, Daisy led it outside. She pulled over the White Deer King’s carriage. The four sisters quickly connected the cart up to the White Deer King. The White Deer King looked over her shoulder, bewildered. She mused over what the four were up to. Their father made the carriage specifically for the White Deer King but had to plead the White Deer King in every way to convince her to accept it. The carriage finally got the chance to serve.

“You girls get in. I’ll ride.”

“All right!”

Daisy climbed up onto the White Deer King’s back alone; however, the horse reins her father prepared specifically for her didn’t quite fit her. The girl, consequently, had no choice but to tightly grab the reins to avoid being thrown off. The White Deer King stamped her feet a few times. Daisy patted the White Deer King’s neck: “We’re counting on you, White Deer King. Take us to the port. You must be fast, okay? Fast!”

The White Deer King snorted. Liu Yue ran to the entrance to pull the doors open. The White Deer King sped out. It truly went at top speed as Daisy requested, thereby almost throwing her off. Daisy screamed in a high-pitched voice. She grabbed the reins in front of her with one hand while grabbing the White Deer King’s fur with her other hand.

The three sisters and youngster in the carriage were literally bouncing off walls inside. It was nothing short of torture in there. The three sisters shrieked. They grabbed onto anything they could get their hands on. If they didn’t, they could very well be thrown out. The carriage intensely rocked as though it was going to break apart.

“Vera, it hurts!!”

“I’m hurting, too!! I didn’t deliberately bump into you! What can I do?! I can’t steady myself!”

Nona held her head because she fell on the floor. Unfortunately, before she could recover from that she flew up and hit the rear of the carriage, blowing the door right open. The strong wind kept the door open. Nona screamed as she grabbed onto the doorframe. Her predicament was comparable to a leaf in turbulent winds.


Vera wanted to rush over to Nona pulled her back in. She cared about Nona most among all of her sisters since they shared the same parents. However, she, herself, was in danger within the carriage. It was virtually impossible to reach out to Nona. Liu Yue struggled to keep herself from falling out, as well. Vera’s back trapped Liu Yue’s tail against the wall, so she couldn’t budge. Nona screamed while grabbing on to the thin doorframe with all of her might. Her body dangled outside the carriage. The frame of the carriage didn’t look as though it could hold up any longer. Nona screamed and cried for it to stop, but Daisy couldn’t hear her with the winds blowing. Daisy had to give all of her focus to steadying herself; else, she would’ve been flung off. She had no time to worry about her sisters in the rear.

“Help me! Help me!! Please!! Help me! Sister! Liu Yue!!”

Nona cried out to her sisters in tears. Vera screamed and desperately attempted to go over to Nona, but as soon as she moved, she was almost thrown out. Liu Yue desperately tried to pull her tail free, but as soon as she pulled it out from between the wall and Vera’s body, she lost her balance. She shrieked as she let go, thereby nearly leading to her flying out.


When Liu Yue wanted to jump out and transform to save her two sisters, the youngster rushed over. He caught Vera’s before she flew out, and then he flung her to the rear. He then immediately grabbed Nona, who almost passed out from crying. The youngster squatted down inside the carriage to gain his balance. He grabbed onto the edge of the carriage with one hand grabbed Nona’s hand with his other. He pulled her back and shut the door behind them before finally locking it.

The three sisters brought it upon themselves. They thought of everything but forgot to lock the door. Vera quickly crawled over to her crying and quivering sister. She tightly hugged Nona and stroked her back. In a shaky voice, she comforted Nona by her ear: “It’s okay now. It’s okay now. Sister. Nona. It’s okay now. It’s okay now. It’s all right now, it’s all right now. It’s okay now. It’s okay now. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. I will protect you. I’ll definitely protect you.”

Liu Yue slowly slid down the wall and panted. What just transpired was truly frightening. It wouldn’t be overreacting if Nona was to wet herself. Even Liu Yue would break several bones if she was flung out at that speed.

. The youngster, who was playing dead the entire time, suddenly stepped up and saved her two sisters. He must’ve been very scared himself. Still, he rushed over and saved her sisters. Though Liu Yue was aware that he dared to do anything for his Queen, the idiot seemed to be willing to risk his life for anybody and everybody.

“That was a close one,” remarked the youngster, panting.

The youngster looked at Liu Yue and continued slightly panting. Judging from his fear after the incident, he was definitely scared. Maybe his fear never disappeared. He and licked his lips. Baffled, he asked, “Where exactly are we? You… We…”

“We’re going to the pier.”

Liu Yue gave a simple response. Then, she copied his pose, placing her hands overhead to prevent herself rocking.

Vera continued hugging her sister. Due to reluctance, she lingered for a bit before softly explaining, “Thank you… for saving me just now… and my sister. Thank you very much… Mm, we’re now headed to the pier. We’re going to get onto the ship to go to your nation.”

“You’ve agreed?!” asked the youngster.

Liu Yue calmly explained, “We agreed from the start. Though our dad has refused, we will go and help you. With that said, we don’t know what to do, ourselves.”

“You just need to come over. Believe me. Believe in me. I’ll definitely protect you from harm as I did just now. I promise to protect you with my life.


Current Time with Sylvanas and Irina.

“My son’s letter? How rare. I remember he should have something on his agenda today.”

Irina enthusiastically tore open the envelope and passed the letter to Sylvanas. She just said she didn’t have any feelings for Troy and merely did what she did for the dragon race, but it seemed that her body had matured. Sylvanas set down the letter. She stood up and peered outside: “What happened with my granddaughters? Irina, how much longer until we’re done?”

“We need about one week.”

“That’s not too bad, then. I estimate we need a week to get from here to that unknown place. We’ll fly there once we’re done. I don’t want to let my cute granddaughters to be in danger. Moreover, this is my son’s request. As his mom, I can’t sit and watch. Irina, are you coming?”

Sylvanas turned around to look at Irina, only to see that Irina had already transformed her hands into claws. Irina checked every single one of her fingers before looking up at Sylvanas. With a menacing smile, she replied, “It will be all right. I am prepared. Queen Dowager Sylvanas, we can leave at any time…”

Sylvanas found herself stupefied. She suddenly felt that Irina didn’t seem to be what she imagined. She thought female dragons weren’t aggressive… But this particular female dragon appeared to be different… Her son and Irina had nothing to do with each other, so the latter claimed…


Current time at the station.

“So, you let them go?” asked Lucia, obviously worried.

“Yes,” answered Troy. “I think that it can be good for them to go out and train themselves. Don’t worry, though, Lucia. I’ve arranged for Ying and Tanya to protect them. Mommy Sylvanas and also… erm… no… that’s all… I promise there will only be Mommy Sylvanas… mm… I guarantee it… Only Mommy Sylvanas… She’ll go to protect them.”

“I see…” Lucia nodded then said, “In that case…”

“I’ll also go over. Once this is done, I’ll definitely personally go over. Lucia, trust me. I won’t let our children stay somewhere dangerous for too long. I’ll protect them! I promise!”


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