Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 11

Young Girls’ Despair and Guilt

“Do we really have to go..? I think that Dad will be angry if we leave without a word… Also, is it really safe…? Surely Dad will be worried if we leave on our own accord,” expressed Nona.

Though the four sisters had made up their mind, Nona was still concerned. Vera’s thinking was arguably far too bold. Nona never made such a crazy decision on her own before. They were leaving the Imperial Palace with a stranger without their dad’s approval.


Indeed, Vera couldn’t provide an explanation to her questions. Logically speaking, their sudden disappearance was bound to render their father worried sick. Moreover, based on his personality, he wouldn’t come alone. He’d most likely bring the entire military to obliterate the entire nation… The problem was that there was no backing down. On one hand, the youngster had them locked up; on the other hand, Vera admittedly wanted to leave the Imperial Palace.

Vera contemplated, “It’s actually quite safe when I think about it. Dad wouldn’t bring an army and declare war on them, would he? Dad refused to help precisely because he didn’t want to get involved with this conflict. I’m sure that, even if Dad does want to launch an assault to save us, then Miss Freya would stop him, wouldn’t she? Our biggest threat for this trip should be Ikana, but then, Ikana is acquainted with Dad. She shouldn’t be so bold as to give us grief. As Dad doesn’t want to get involved, Ikana won’t hurt us; therefore, we will be safe. As for the people on this guy’s side, I doubt there’d be anyone who’d want to harm us. Even if there was, we have Daisy and I. Worse comes to worse, we have Liu Yue. I don’t think there’s a problem.

Nona sighed: “The root of the issue is Dad… Vera, have you forgotten about Dad? You think Dad wants to see us leave without a word? I think Dad will be extremely worried. I don’t want Dad to be worried about us. If we leave without a goodbye, Dad would be scared, right?”


Liu Yue began to wag her tail. Vera stopped speaking. The four girls wanted to go to polish themselves with the goal of winning their father’s affection. Trying to do what adults did, yet running without a word would produce the complete opposite result. The four fell into a silence to think about how to deal with it.

They had successfully dealt with youngster. He already opened the door for them. They could charge straight out. Although Vera couldn’t use magic, Daisy’s strength wasn’t affected. If they fought head-on, Daisy may just be able to defeat the youngster while enraged. The four sisters didn’t charge out, though.

Nona dryly chuckled: “I think that we should tell Dad… Whether we go or not… We need to let Dad know…”

Even Vera had to admit that they needed to ask for their Dad’s input. When he does find them, it wouldn’t be a touching and cosy scene. They might really be on the receiving end of their father’s fury. In saying that, Vera was cognizant of the fact that the chances of them being able to persuade him to allow them to go out alone were pitifully low, especially when there was a guy who attacked Liu Yue, with them. Their father had resolved to kill him, yet they were trying to persuade their father to let them go with him. There was no chance their father would agree to it.

If they didn’t tell their father, he was bound to get angry. If they told him, they wouldn’t be able to leave. While the road to catch up with their father was a long one, they knew how much he loved them. They grew up under his maniacal protection.

Troy used to sleep with Daisy in his arms every day during the period of time where she was tired and sore from swordplay training. He did so to ensure she got quality sleep. The first time he argued with Nier was also because he felt Nier pushed Daisy too far in her training. Nier was heartbroken for a long time due to that argument until their Dad apologised.

Vera was given even more care as his eldest daughter. Nona, who developed very well, was given even more attention. Not even the guards dared to look at Nona for too long; else, Troy would reassign them to the Northwest.

Nona shook her sisters’ determination. Liu Yue curled up her tail. To test her sisters, she proposed, “How about… we… we… we should wait to tell Dad in the morning… We need to tell him. Dad will definitely be very angry… if we leave without a word…”

“You’re right,” Vera agreed.

Liu Yue went to speak but didn’t. Truthfully, Vera and Liu Yue somewhat struggled to tell the youth the circumstances. Although the youngster was in the wrong, they suddenly changed their minds again despite seeing him so excited after finding hope again. Technically, they didn’t do wrong by him. They didn’t want to go back on their word. Most importantly, Vera didn’t want to destroy the youngster’s pure hope. Going back on their word was comparable to toying with his pure soul.

Liu Yue shared Vera’s sentiments, but the former understood that it was necessary. Liu Yue was more concerned about her father’s feelings than the youngster’s feelings. Her father was the man she liked most. The youngster was nothing more than somebody who passed by. It was true that she was very excited, but she was still far away from the man she liked.

Liu Yue expressed, “Sorry, but we cannot give you an answer right now as we need to tell our dad before we can answer you. If we go there without his permission, we will only bring destruction to you. You should be aware of that. You should be aware of how much our father cares about us.”

The youngster couldn’t argue with that. Perhaps he was too hasty. He thought it would work out by luring Troy over with his daughters, but he forgot about that. If they didn’t inform Troy, Troy would think that he kidnapped his daughters. If he was furious enough to have somebody killed for a minor offence against his daughters, it wouldn’t be excessive for him to slaughter an entire tribe for kidnapping his daughters. He finally found hope, only to have it dumped into the cold, despairing abyss.

“Why did it turn out this way? Why? … Why…?” the boy asked himself.

“Don’t worry. There’s absolutely no need to worry… Umm… Truth be told, I, myself, want to go out on an adventure. We will talk it over with our dad… We’ll, at least, have him spare your life. Though you did this to us, we won’t tell Dad, so don’t worry.”

Vera didn’t sound confident because, truthfully, she wasn’t certain. It was more of a forced explanation than a factual statement. Vera genuinely felt that going back on her word wasn’t good, yet she was hopeless to do otherwise. Although it rubbed her conscience the wrong way, she decided to say that after considering her father.

“I-I see…”

The youngster lifelessly looked at the four sisters. He looked as though he had lost his conscious.

The sun surfaced on the horizon. People once said that sunlight was the symbol of hope. They said that one could raise their spirits and start a new day no matter how much suffering they went through yesterday when the sun came up. Unfortunately, that saying didn’t agree with the youngster’s thoughts at that very moment. He didn’t perceive it to be the start of life but the end of life.

Liu Yue blankly observed his despair and anguish. Her heart throbbed a little. Seeing somebody have their dreams dashed wasn’t a joyful feeling. Furthermore, watching a determined individual be defeated was heartbreaking. Liu Yue knew the chance of successfully convincing their father was slim, but what could she do? After all, the one she deeply loved was her dad. That had never changed.


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