Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 10

 Doubtful and Persuaded Young Girls

“Please calm down, and listen to me. Please listen to me. I won’t hurt you. I’m only doing this so that you’d listen to me.” The youngster raised his hands to signal that he wasn’t being hostile.

Eyes on him, Vera took in a deep breath in order to calm down her fear and tension. She demanded, “If that’s the case, give Liu Yue the antidote. We will speak to you after we ensure her safety.”

“No, you can just listen to me. I’m very sorry to Miss Liu Yue. I know how much of a jerk I am for doing this. Liu Yue helped me before, and so did you. While I didn’t achieve what I aimed for, I’m still grateful. If I didn’t have some important and urgent business, I would come back to thank you. Not now, though. I can’t return. If I do, my Queen will die. I love my Queen the same way you love your father, so please, please, listen to me, okay?!”

The youngster went down on his knees with a thud. If he was the hunter in that situation and they were the hunted, then it would be a case of the hunter kneeling down to his prey. Vera froze. The youngster bit down firmly on his lip to hold back his tears. It was such a mind-boggling sight that Vera was rendered speechless. He could have his way with them, yet he knelt down to them after locking them.

Vera had a think before responding, “All right. Go ahead. But nonetheless, let’s agree that, once we’re done listening, you have to release us whether or not we comply, and you must give Liu Yue the antidote.”

“I cannot guarantee I can let you go as I need you to lead me out. the same way you brought me in. I don’t have much time left. I assume someone will come for me once the sun is up, so I will keep it short. I would like to ask you four can come and help us.

“I’m aware your father won’t come over, but I’m sure he will come if you four come. By then, he will definitely help us. Therefore, I beg you. Please, come and help us. I know that I’m a jerk. I know that I shouldn’t do this to you, but I’m at my wits end. This hurts my conscience, but I have no choice. I really don’t… have a choice…”

The youngster sobbed. He knelt there on the ground with his fingers gripping the ground as though he wanted to rip it apart. He had his head lowered. His tears splattered on the ground.

The three sisters didn’t know how to respond. Had the youngster been a sinister individual through and through, the three sisters could be mad with him; however, he just resembled a bad person who was forced to take a risk.

“Is this so-called loyalty? If something happened to Dad, would I make the same decision? I know I can’t do this. I know that it’d make me a jerk for doing that. I know that it goes against my conscience, but if Dad was to be in danger, would I make the same decision?” pondered Vera.

The youngster was out of energy. His head was practically going to hit the ground. On one hand, he was pleading them. On the other hand, he was just powerless. His neck could no longer support his head overwhelmed with complex emotions.

Guilt, remorse, determination… Countless good and bad resolutions were mixed together. He believed in chivalry, yet he betrayed countless creeds he swore to abide to. He was so ashamed of himself that he wanted to commit suicide. Reality practically wanted to tear him apart. His loyalty to his Queen destroyed everything he once believed in.

If it was all an act, he was a terrific actor. Humans can’t fake true tears. Those tears were the result of genuine agony. After exchanging eye-contact to ask if they should trust him, neither of the three sisters showed any desire to kill or anger in their gazes.

In a mire, Vera responded, “We can’t promise you, either. This isn’t something the three of us, alone, can decide. We need to discuss it with Liu Yue. If you need the four of us to go, the four of us need to agree. So, I need your antidote.”

“All right,” replied the youngster.

He wiped his tears and then handed a pill to Vera. Vera picked up Liu Yue and fed the latter the pill. A short while later, Liu Yue’s body gently jerked a few times. She softly moaned and then vigorously opened her eyes. She screamed and desperately tried to back down.

“It’s all right. It’s all right, Liu Yue. It’s all right.”

Vera tightly held Liu Yue’s hand. Nona buried Liu Yue in her breasts and caressed her as a mother would. It took a while for Liu Yue to calm down. In spite of that, however, she continued quivering. In her quavering voice, Liu Yue reported, “He… He escaped… He forced something down my throat… Something…”

The youngster frantically waved his hands and explained, “It’s just a grass pill. Don’t worry, there are no side effects. Don’t worry. I actually just tricked you. There isn’t an antidote. Liu Yue would automatically wake up in a few hours. This is a sleep medication we use back home…”

Liu Yue frigidly looked at the youngster. He awkwardly looked to Vera. Vera snorted then turned to her sister. Liu Yue narrowed her eyes: “I just need to transform, and I’ll be able to bust out of these iron rails. Letting me wake up was a big mistake. I’m now angry, truly very angry. We were so nice to you, and yet this is how your treat us?!!”

“… Sorry…”

Just when Liu Yue was about to continue cursing him, Vera stopped her. The four sisters sat in a circle and began to discuss amongst themselves. Liu Yue silently listened to her sisters. She felt wronged and angry, but those feelings gradually turned to doubt.

Frankly, for her three sisters to stop feeling angry and belittling him was strange. The fact that they sympathised with him was also peculiar. Her three elder sisters sounded convinced. Judging from what he did, it was unlikely he was lying. He worked toward the single goal since the beginning, which led to him trapping and pleading them to go to his place.

Liu Yue deliberated the circumstance to herself. She didn’t think that asking the four of them to go as a means of forcing their father to go was an outrageous request. She, admittedly, always searched for a chance to prove herself to her father. She wanted to challenge an adventure that was on par with her mother’s. Saving a Queen who was about to be killed was as an achievement on par with reviving her tribe by her standards.

“Can you guarantee our safety? Can you guarantee that we won’t be in danger if we go with you?”

After their discussion, the four sisters were on the same wave length. They wanted their father to acknowledge them as women more than they wanted to go to the hot springs together. It was particularly true for Vera, who was even more eager to demonstrate her competence. It was probably due to the fact that Vera felt she couldn’t use her breasts to prove her adulthood, thereby leaving her with no choice but to prove herself through her achievements.

Of course, there was one other problem, and that was ensuring their safety. If misfortune was to befall them, their father would be shocked. They couldn’t allow themselves to cause trouble for their father.

Vera understood that she didn’t need to actually do anything. Technically speaking, they were just acting as bait. The youngster wanted their father. If they went with him and waited, their father would come on his own accord, which meant that it was basically a free trip for them. There was no risk involved. Plus, it could be considered going through an ordeal.

“I absolutely can guarantee your safety for the reality is that I don’t need you to get involved with this. All I need is for you to come with me. Once you come, your father, King Troy, will come. You just need to stay in our palace. It’s merely a holiday for you. You can rest assured.”

The girls were swayed to an extent. The youngster emotionally stood up. He then grabbed the iron rails and pledged, “I can ensure your safety. I will protect you with my life. Ikana may want to kill my Queen, but I’m confident she won’t hurt you. As long as you come with me, I’ll ensure your safety. All you have to do is come with me!”


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