Son-con – Vol. 18 Ch. 19


“Would Her Majesty and Her Highness not be angry with you here?”

“They’re asleep.”

When I appeared at the chair outside the sojourn palace, I found Mommy Sylvanas already sitting at the table with her legs crossed. On the table was a huge flagon of wine. Only Mommy Sylvanas would use such a big flagon. Even Mommy Elizabeth would end up drunken if she drank that much. Perhaps Mommy Sylvanas didn’t transform her scales to cover her legs in order to get some of the cool air.

I sat down at the table. I panted as I undid the button on my sleepwear. I undid them with the intention of allowing the cool air to blow on my chest. I needed to expel the heat from my two moms and the hot spring. I genuinely didn’t imagine Mommy Elizabeth would be able to accept a threesome. For the first time ever, I learnt what the legendary four-sided boob face wash. It felt, oh, boy. I’d probably die if I went another round right away…

Mommy Sylvanas sniffed something then laughed: “The smell of intercourse.”

“Pffft!!” Out came he wine I just put in my mouth.

Mommy Sylvanas laughed as she pat me on my back. She gently wiped the red wine at the corner of my mouth with her finger: “I thought everybody knew about it, but it seems that my assumption was wrong. Based on my knowledge of elves, elves won’t feel shy about it. I bet Vyvyan loves to take the initiative. Being as proud as she is, I’m sure she’s just as proactive in love.”

“Mm… how do I say it…? Mommy Vyvyan is very proactive, yes; however, Mommy Elizabeth is surprisingly proactive, as well.”

Mommy Sylvanas scanned me. Tone serious, she replied, “I don’t know about humans, but they’re living creatures at the end of the day. For that reason, I can understand her to a degree. The key is that Elizabeth is a woman who tends to feel lonely. You’re so similar to Inard; therefore, it’s possible that she’s fallen for you. If I’m feeling lonely now and want you, too, Son, would you be willing?”

“Don’t kid me now, Mommy Sylvanas. You can sense that I’m drained at the moment, can’t you? I feel as weak as when I was gang raped. It’s seriously terrifying. I can’t believe I feel so tired with just the two of them.”

“Hehe, I was just joking. I used to stargaze on my own in the desert, but I’m now stargazing together with you. I now have you, Nier, Lucia, Irina and more. I’ve also found my family. While my dragon race is now weak, we still have a future. It was all thanks to meeting you. In the past, all I had was sand and scorched land. Now, I have everything I once wished for. Come to think of it, I’ve always wanted to say thank you.”

I was surprised to hear those words. I said to myself, “This is out of character for her, isn’t it? It’s strange for her to be so solemn and quiet. I take that back, she’s being very, very strange.”

Head tilted, I stated, “What are you talking about? Mommy Sylvanas, it feels so strange to hear you say that sort of stuff.”

“That’s just rude!!! I understand manners, don’t I? Plus, I’m very grateful, and I like you very much. I don’t consider you a copy of Inard. You may bear a striking resemblance to each other, but there are differences. I have everything I currently have thanks to all of the running around you do. That’s why I’m sincerely grateful.”

I smiled. I held my glass out to Mommy Sylvanas. She raised the huge flagon with one hand, and we clinked our cups. I opined, “I don’t mind, since you’re my mom. You may not be my biological mother, but you did give me my second life. Subsequently, I consider you my mother. I did what I did as a son does for his mother. There’s no need for you to thank me. A son should do everything for his mother.”

“Does that include the bedroom activities?”

“Please forget that. That belongs in the realm of errors. Please do not put that within the ‘correct’ realm.”

“Haha, Son, to be honest with you, I have something I want to ask you. You’ve always been running around for elves, humans and us dragons. As a result, you almost jeopardised your life each and every time. Now, you’re busy with this and that for the merchants’ matter. In the end, what do you get out of it? If you think about it carefully, you don’t seem to be working for yourself.”

“No. The truth is everything that I’m doing is primarily to keep myself safe. I always pursue a variety of matters, and then find myself exposed to all sorts of peril.”

“No, do you still not understand? Son, if you don’t want to deal with those matters, you can choose not to. You could’ve chosen to not go to the North and opted to stay by Vyvyan and Elizabeth as a child forever, yet you always take the initiative to get involved with things, which results you in running around for your life. In reality, there wouldn’t have been any repercussions even if you didn’t get involved.”

“I would argue otherwise. They were related to me in the first place. They did happen around me if not my family, after all. That being the case, how can I just sit on the sideline and watch?”

“Wouldn’t that be more interesting? Elizabeth and Vyvyan are evidently competent enough to not require your intervention. You’re just an ordinary human; I meant half elf. When you still wrestled with your berserk mana condition, you didn’t know swordplay, and you weren’t that smart, yet you still insisted on getting involved. What exactly did you gain from those exploits? I’ve always wanted to know what you gained from those exploits.”

I gazed up at the sky instead of answering Mommy Sylvanas.  I silently considered the question posed: “From the start, the very, very start, what did I exterminate the Earth Dragons for? What did I collect Castor coins in Hilles City for? Why did I then conquer the North? Why am I here? I don’t think I need to think about it. The reason that I’ve done everything I’ve done up until now is merely because…”

I eventually answered, “Because I really like Mommy Vyvyan, Mommy Elizabeth and, of course, you, Mommy Sylvanas. There’s also Nier and Lucia.  It’s because I really, really like all of you! It’s precisely because I have you all that I feel so blessed!”

Mommy Sylvanas had a dumbfounded moment. She turned her head away with a quiet laugh. In a soft voice, she responded, “I didn’t know that having a child felt so blissful…”

I gazed at the argent orb and twinkling freckles. I suddenly had an epiphany. It seemed as though I, once again, saw the golden medallion I saw when I first opened my eyes.

Yeah, what my role was over… However, I had my family and moms. I could say from the bottom of my heart that I was blessed. These moms that I received out of the blue have blessed me with so much bliss… Just let me living as their child in peace here. Let me be their son until I leave…


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