Son-con – Vol. 18 Ch. 18


Irina hopelessly sighed. She turned to Sylvanas and softly remarked, “I thought we were going to soak in the spring after transforming into our dragon form…”

The King and Consorts didn’t share a spring. In the past, they shared one. Nonetheless, to cater for Vyvyan and Elizabeth’s desire to have private space with their son, the spring was split up into multiple sections for Nier and Lucia as well as any other species that could transform. The hot spring gradually expanded until it occupied the entire top area of the mountain. As such, the springs were heavily guarded and out of bounds for the public. Nevertheless, because Mommy Vyvyan once poured a potion into the water, we didn’t have to worry about being poisoned.

Sylvanas patted Irina’s shoulder with a laugh and pulled the latter over: “If you want to transform into a dragon, our place as a soaring dragon is up somewhere higher. That place is a huge spring. That’s where we go for dips. Now, however, I think that we should maintain our normal form. After all, I think Nier and Lucia will be eager to see you.”

“You mean the exact opposite. I don’t want to see her,” corrected Nier, hostilely. “It’s been a long time, but I still remember what you dragons did to my husband back then, and I can remember your ridiculous request. That’s why I don’t like you in any respect.”

“Nier, she just helped Troy avoid a troublesome mess.”

“If I have to accept every woman who ever helped my husband, my husband would have countless women by now. Irina may have helped my husband, but that’s not a reason for me to forgive her. I remember everything she previously did.”

“I understand,” responded Sylvanas.

Sylvanas gave Nier a smile. She pulled Irina into her embrace then looked at Nier and Lucia, who both appeared somewhat hostile. She expressed, “I don’t think there’s any need for you to look at Irina so hostilely. It’s in the past, so let it be. It’s pointless for you to adamantly cling to what happened back then. Also, while I’m on that topic, I was the victim in the incident, yet I’ve chosen to forgive. It’s pointless for you to be angry with her. Irina’s son has grown up and is also adorable. Irina didn’t come here to compete with you for Troy. In fact, she’s been taking care of her son all this time, so she has no intention of disturbing your lives. Do you understand what I’m trying to say now that I’ve put it that way?”

Lucia scoffed, “Whatever this dragon did, she should stay in the North. Seeing as she doesn’t plan to cling to my husband, why did she come over now? Could something have happened to you dragons in the North? You want to stay by my husband’s side now?”

Irina fearfully stammered, “No!! I just… just… came to talk about my son… I do not intend to compete with you. I never have…”

Sylvanas chided, “You are a dragon when it comes down to it. Why are you so afraid? You didn’t do anything wrong, either. Look at Ling Yue. Isn’t she sitting there as if it’s natural to be there?”

Ling Yue wagged her tail and hopelessly smiled: “Don’t drag me into your affairs. I’m a mistress, but I’ve admitted to it. More importantly, my husband and I sincerely love each other. I didn’t want to say that in Nier and Lucia’s presence, but I’m not in the same boat as Irina.”

“I’m sure Troy also has feelings for Irina. But nonetheless, Irina wasn’t in the wrong last time. She has also shown you due respect. You have no need to look at her with such a hostile gaze. Even Vyvyan and Elizabeth could accept me, so why can’t you two? You don’t need to worry about Irina. She’ll return to the North after this. You should be friendly with her on this vacation.”

“If we weren’t friendly to her, we wouldn’t have allowed her to come here with us.”Nier let out a long sigh as though she surrendered. She then sunk further into the water and, in a barely-audible voice, asked, “How is your son? How is the last dragon?”

“Ah! Raul is very well, very well. He has always been a kind, obedient and sensible child. He has grown up and can do some things on his own now.”

Nier asked, “What plans do you haven, then?”

Lucia looked at Nier and Irina with a look of surprise. She never thought Nier would initiate a conversation with Irina. That, to her, was a form of betrayal to her and Troy. She pondered, “Has Nier accepted the dragon? She was against it before. What, those few words were enough to convince her to accept the dragon?”

“I hope King Troy can provide him with a job in the Imperial Palace. I have always been training him. His swordplay is incredible, and he is very strong – courtesy of his dragon genetics. He, therefore, is a perfect candidate to protect King Troy. I want for my son to be able to work by his father’s side. He cannot be without a father forever. He should have a father guiding him in life. That is also his dream. He wants to work with his hero. I did tell him that he could not publicise his identity, though. Only in private, private…”

“Yeah…? Private… I don’t think Daisy will be too happy because protecting her father is her duty.”

“Their duties do not clash,” claimed Irina.

Irina quickly tried to explain herself to Nier, but Nier didn’t intend to continue the discussion. Thus, she stood up and listened in to the other side. Nier reported, “I think His Majesty has finished his bath and has left. I suppose we won’t be able to disturb him tonight… To be honest, I’m quite jealous. Why does he have to spend the first night with Her Majesty?”

“Her Highness and Her Majesty are his mothers. Naturally, they have the right to spend some intimate time with their son. Plus, I believe they won’t cross the line, for they’re venerated monarchs. They are King Troy’s mothers, not some strange women.”

Lucia looked unbothered. Nier mused, “Her Majesty missed out on seeing King Troy grow up, so it’s reasonable for her to want to spend time alone with her son later in life. Moreover, since she’s his mother, there’s no way she’d cross the line with him…”

“Okay now, Irina, let’s go somewhere else. I want to clean my scales.” Sylvanas stood up without any misgivings.

Lucia enviously scanned Sylvanas tall and curvaceous physique. She looked down at her petite body and sighed. She wasn’t flat-chested. She actually had quite the size for her height. She wanted to grow more, nevertheless. Upon further contemplation, she thought, “If His Highness likes girls who are tall and have voluptuous bodies, yet still loves me, then that proves his love for me transcends physical love.”

Lucia’s rationalisation brightened up her mood.


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