Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 22

Though the two popes left, I suspected the matter wasn’t over. First, the old church’s pope showed that he hadn’t dropped the matter. He didn’t seem to accept the outcome. What he was after wasn’t a culprit. He wasn’t convinced the new church was innocent. Nobody would believe the other party’s leader wasn’t related to a case where one of your own was killed during such a tense period. The issue was that there was no evidence. However, it was the lack of evidence that made it all the easier for violence to ensue.

The captured man didn’t admit to the assassination being connected to the new church. He must’ve been trained very professionally to not spill the beans under the pressure of the Valkyries. Therefore, I deemed the new church unrelated to the case. That said, if they really weren’t, then the new church’s pope wasn’t framed. The old church’s pope was certain the new church was behind it, though. Unfortunately, proving it was useless.

The old church’s rage wasn’t going to be appeased after an execution. But alas, if the old church killed someone at this point in time, they’d be deemed culprits who killed the innocent. The new church certainly wouldn’t let that go. The new church planned to give up on the assassin. If the old church attacked them, the new church would retaliate, and that would blow up into a big fight between the two.

Mom already made arrangements. The two didn’t express anything before her, but she wasn’t thoughtless. Hilles City may have been enveloped in an cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, but it was also enveloped in the darkness of conflict. That was where most of the members of the old church were found, but it was also where the new church resided. As the main camp of the old church, should the two churches fight, they’d exchange fire in the city.

At noon, Mom arranged for the military to protect the Royal Palace to avoid inciting panic. She didn’t put the entire Hilles City under martial law. That was why she couldn’t have too many troops in the city. Most of the military personnel, therefore, gathered, while the others left the city.

Mom and I stood atop a tall platform in the inner parts of the Royal Palace. It was the highest location in the Royal Palace. We could see all of Hilles City from there. The afternoon sun was behind us. Mom stood next to me. She narrowed her eyes and pointed to the left of the Royal Palace, which was where the tall church was located. We could see either side of the church. She quietly explained, “Son, the residents there are mainly members of the old church. Because the church is there, the people are devout followers. Despite what happened in the past, they still attend church every week.”

I nodded. Mom then pointed to a street on the right: “Though the new church doesn’t have a church here, they’re temporarily using a tavern in place of one. It’s just there on the right side of the street. Owing to the new church’s pope being there, a fair number of new followers of the church have entered Hilles City. Mommy is most worried about seeing blood spilt on that street.”

Come to think of it, it was quite ironic. The two churches couldn’t stand each other, yet they were on either side of the same street. I didn’t quite understand why they had so much animosity for each other.

The people on the streets were rowdy. The sun was bidding the sky farewell. It was as Freya said: the only fairness in the world is sunlight. Everybody, no matter who they are, can receive the light and warmth of the sunlight.

The people on the streets didn’t display any hostility or attack each other. As a matter of fact, there were even couples kissing on the street. Their faces looked so adorable underneath the sunlight. If I didn’t know what happened in the Royal Palace, I would never think that the street was prone to war at any given moment.

With a sigh, I expressed, “Mom, I can’t help feeling that this case won’t end so simply.”

Mom grabbed hold of my hand and looked over to the street together with me. In a quiet voice, she asked, “Do you think that the new church is lying?”

I shook my head: “Sorry, Mommy Elizabeth, but I don’t know. Based on his tone and expressions, I don’t think he’s lying. Still, the current issue is not whether he’s lying or not. Even if the new church really didn’t lie, the old church’s fire won’t be put out with this reason alone. The old church no longer cares for the truth. What they’re concerned about is how to get at the new church.”

Mom nodded then let out a hopeless sigh: “Mommy has always felt that religion is so lame and boring that it’s annoying. It’s incomprehensible as to why so many people believe it – far out. The church’s issue has given me so much trouble already. I really hope the boy from the old church can recognise the pros and cons in this incident. If they cross the line, the new church will be the victor.”

“Exactly. If the old church takes action against the new church now, you will have to eliminate them to prevent plunging Hilles City into chaos.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the new church or not. Mommy will have to eliminate them regardless of who they are.” Mom walked over to the stairs then turned back around: “Sorry, Son, there’s always trouble every single time you visit. Mommy just wanted to spend some time with you; Mommy just wants to spend peaceful days with you, but there’s always trouble… It was just a baptism for Daisy, yet something still happened…”

“It’s fine, Mom. You might as well say that there’s trouble wherever I go. I’m used to it these days, serious. Actually, I’d be disappointed if trouble didn’t come knocking.” I shook my head with a smile. I then grabbed hold of Mom’s hand and went down together with her. I went on, “Though peculiar things always happen and danger follows me wherever I go, I know that you, my moms, will always be by my side to protect me. Hence, I’m not afraid. To the contrary, I look forward to these things to an extent.”

Mom softly laughed and delicately touched my face: “That’s not what Mommy wants though. Mommy really doesn’t know when Mommy can finally enjoy life with you, Son. There are always too many things to contemplate and sort out. Son…”

“It’s fine, Mom, it’s fine.”

I shook my head and gently touched my lips.

Face ablaze, Mom thumped my chest. I snickered: “It’s fine, Mom. All is well as long as you’re by my side. We’ll be able to live that sort of life in the future. I’m sure of it.”


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