Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 44

The Spring’s Appearance (13)

Troy wildly rubbed Vyvyan’s perfect breasts. Vyvyan shut her eyes. She allowed her possessed son to madly grope her whilst laughing hysterically. It wasn’t that she didn’t resist, but that she was concentrating all of her energy into connecting her conscious and speech to her son’s conscious from the moment she realised that her son’s conscious had been banished.

The spring’s mana was masterful in mana manipulation; otherwise, it wouldn’t be the previous most outstanding elf. Troy sealed his entire mind, which was why Vyyvyan’s voice couldn’t be delivered. However, from the moment lust surfaced in his mind, an opening in his barrier appeared.

Vyvyan couldn’t attack from the outside, therefore couldn’t bring down the castle. From the inside, to the contrary, it’d take just one attack to bring down. All she had to do was help her son regain his conscious. The body belonged to her son. Once her son’s conscious awakened, the spring’s conscious would instantly be driven out regardless of how powerful it was.

The issue was that, for some reason, her son wouldn’t wake up. It was as though he lost his purpose to live. It seemed as if he never planned to wake up and take control of his body again. Vyvyan wondered if her child fell in that other fake world that didn’t exist. She assumed the world was a fake world the spring constructed. The world she referred to was the world without mana or her. All that existed in that world were humanity’s concrete structures.

Vyvyan motivated herself, telling herself, “Why is he immersed in that world? It’s a fake world, so why? Whatever the case, I must bring him back, I must!”

“I’m going to continue. I’m going to continue, okay? I used to be a female just as you are, yet I now have a male’s body. It’s truly wondrous. I’ve never experienced doing this, but I really want to experience it. You don’t have any complaints, either, right? This is your son, your most beloved son, after all!”


“Do you think that it’s a good idea to be doing this in front of your son’s wife? What a shameless elf you are. Elven Queen? Mightiest elf? What are you now? You’re just a slut squirming around beneath me. This is how you elves should be. This is how you should look in front of God!”



Current time at the riverbank.

“Please… please save my child! Please! I beg of you!”

I slowly backed down. The muffled “mm” responses of those around were akin to a business of flies swarming around rotten meat. It was a case of people standing around something that had nothing to do with them. In this case, it was an innocent child who had fallen into the water. Some discussed amongst themselves. Others put one foot behind the other. Others drove the child’s mother away. Others fled.  Some even mocked her. But no one besides me jumped down.

For the first time, I realised had no recollection of when I died last time. I finally knew how lonely I felt. The fact is I wouldn’t have died had two people jumped in, but no second person jumped into the water until I disappeared. Nobody responded the same way I did. They weren’t wrong. They just did what they were supposed to do.

A saviour was considered a hero, while someone who didn’t rescue another was a commoner. Needless to say, heroes were deserving of respect, but one wasn’t wrong just because they didn’t help.  If I didn’t jump in, the child would unquestionably die. No child could withstand the current and temperature. Not making a decision was the equivalent of choosing not to save the child. If I jumped in, I’d surely die, too. Once I was dead, I’d return to the other word that didn’t need me.

I asked myself, “The first time I went to the other world, I was aware that I had people who loved me and my moms. Knowing that, I gave it my best for them. This time, though, what am I going to give my all for?”

“I beg you… Please save my child. Please! Please!”

“My child is going to die. My child… She’s my daughter… Please, save her. I beg you all. I’ll give you anything you want, just please save her…”

That… that… sounded… familiar… Yes, she was a mother, too. She was a mother who loved her child. At some point, I woke up in Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth’s embraces all the time, too. Mommy Vyvyan almost destroyed everything she had for my sake, while Mommy Elizabeth went as far as to betray everything she established in the past. The two of them were the same as this mother. I lived as their son. If I was the one drowning, they’d probably react the same way. No, they’d certainly react the same way.

“Trust Mommy!!”

“No, even if that’s not the case, even if I won’t stand to gain anything, even if I have to live that life again, my thought right this moment is the same. I understand now. Right now, I’m not thinking about how to rescue the child; I’m trying my best to dissuade myself from saving the child. That’s… completely unlike me!!” I fathomed.

“Move aside!”

I pushed aside the person in front of me. I removed my coat and threw it aside. I kicked off my shoes and looked at the howling ice-cold water. Then, I leapt down without pausing to second guess myself.

It is what I should’ve done. I intended to rescue the girl and then just vanish. After that, I’d relive life in that world again, not for myself but for my beloved mothers, Nier and Lucia. I wanted to make up for all my mistakes my first time around. I wanted to change things so that they didn’t have to suffer needlessly. I wanted to protect them, not to gain anything from them but purely because I wanted to protect those I love.



Suddenly, Troy, who mounted Vyvyan, violently jolted. He revealed a horrified look for the first time. He quavered as he stood up. He pressed his hands to his head. Vyvyan threw aside her torn clothing then covered her breasts with her arms. She desperately leaned aside.

Vyvyan wondered, “I didn’t succeeded yet. Is it my son?! Is it him?!’

“Why…? Why…? Why do you insist on choosing this side? Why do you want to come back?! Haven’t you already gone back?! Haven’t you already given up?!!” Troy shouted.

When I got into the water, I didn’t feel the ice-cold current. Instead, I saw the floor in Duargana again. My body’s sensations returned bit by bit. I took control of my arm again.

“I thought so. I knew it was all a dream!” I realised.

“How could I possibly…” I answered. My body was still stiff. It was still being occupied. However, I struggled against my invader as I stepped back. It was my body.

“How could I possibly ignore my family?!!!!”



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