Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 43

The Spring’s Appearance (12)

“I… I… I…”

Vyvyan fearfully retreated. She kept her eyes on the man with a savage face and backed down step after step until she touched the wall, where she leaned on it and trembled. The ice pick on her hand was partially visible. If Troy didn’t evade or block, his eyes would be one of his weak points, indeed, as he still had elven eyes. While regeneration was a forte, if she thrust an ice pick into his eye and blew it up, she’d blow his brains apart. Not even a dragon would survive. That was the only way to kill Troy…”

“Kugh… ugh… ugh…”

It was the only way to save Lucia, who was on the verge of death due to suffocation, and kill the man.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter, Vyvyan? You weren’t so hesitant last time. What’s the matter, Vyvyan? Mightiest Elf? Elven Queen? What in the world are you thinking about? Do you want to save this girl or not? She’s the mother of two girls and my wife. Don’t you feel guilty watching her get strangled to death?‘

“I… I…”

The mana on Vyvyan’s hand slowly took shape. The grin on Troy’s face became more distinct. He looked at Vyvyan and as if he was insane and belted, “That’s it. That’s it. That’s the way!! That’s the way!! Do it! Do it! You’re the mightiest elf in this forest!! Didn’t you kill God at your own leisure? Do it! Kill him now! You didn’t hesitate to kill me last time, so what are you hesitating for now? Kill him! Kill him and you’ll be able to save this woman.”

“I… I, I, I, I… I can’t…”

“You can’t? She’s going to die if you can’t, you know?”

Troy slammed Lucia up against a wall then ruthlessly slammed her head against it. Her blood coursed down the cracks in the wall. Lucia’s cries of despair reverberated as her head loudly banged against the wall. However, Troy showed no intention of letting go. He continued to bang Lucia’s head up against the wall.

“Hahaha, how interesting. How truly interesting. Don’t you usually destroy on one hand, while healing with the other? Isn’t that what you usually do to others? You killed me and tortured others. Now I’m going to make you witness the same scene!! Not killing me? You still don’t want to kill me? Show me. Show me the look on your face when you kill your most beloved son. Hurry up and show me!!”

Troy continuously healed Lucia’s body over and over. Troy’s mana pathways had been cleared to allow mana to flow. His mana now no longer paled in comparison to Vyvyan’s by much. He continued to ruthlessly slam Lucia’s head against the wall over and over again. Her bones would break over and over and then be healed. Lucia initially put up a fight, but after a while, she swayed in the air similarly to a broken rag doll.

“I… I…”

Vyvyan staggered to her feet. Her tears blurred her vision. However, the banging sound didn’t reduce in the slightest just because her vision was foggy. Vyvyan looked at Troy, who was practically insane, through her blurred vision. Actually, he was totally crazy. She told herself countless times that she had to take him down, but she couldn’t form a magic attack. Magic required its user to give a precise command to activate. Vyvyan wasn’t sure what to do, though.

Vyvyan deliberated, “I know that I have to kill him, or else, Lucia will definitely be tortured to death. I’ll also be in danger. The only person who can subdue Troy is at the Imperial Palace in the North. Ying and Xia aren’t here. Neither I nor Elizabeth can subdue the current Troy. Destroying two cities is but a click of a finger away for him at the moment.

Wait, he only wants to destroy himself. I must… I must… I must kill him… I must kill him… If I don’t kill him, then Lucia, me and the entire elven race… will be destroyed. We’ll all be destroyed. He’s not my son. He’s the spring’s conscious. That’s God’s voice. That’s the god I killed, not my son. He’s not my son…

But… but… he has my son’s face. How can I bear to strike him down when I look at his face? That’s my most beloved son… He… He’s my only son… He’s my son who I love more than anything in the world… I could give up everything for him… That’s… my Troy…”


Vyvyan’s powerless body slid down onto the ground. Vyvyan, the Elven Queen, the demi-god, the existence with the strongest mana, the venerable and proud Vyvyan, who had never ever bowed to anyone, knelt down to someone else for the first time ever.


Troy turned around to look at Vyvyan. His smile made his entire face look hideous. In fact, even Vyvyan felt he was a stranger with that hideous expression.

“My son, who’s always kind and wearing a gentle smile, can look that way? That expression is truly an odious sight to behold…” thought Vyvyan.

“Queen Vyvyan, I wasn’t wrong, was I? You never knelt when you entered the Hall of Gods, yet you kneel to your son?”

Troy threw Lucia aside then walked over to Vyvyan, who prostrated herself on the ground. He stepped one foot onto her head of blonde hair, smashing her head onto the ground. Her body shuddered. Following that, her warm red blood slowly spilt out and spread out on the ground. Vyvyan kept her head down and, in a quiet voice, pleaded, “I disrespected God. It’s my fault, alone. It has nothing to do with Lucia and my son. If you want vengeance, come at me. I don’t care even if you kill me, but please, spare my son. Don’t torment my son any more… Please… I beg you, God… don’t… torment the innocent any more…”

“Oh, so you know how to plead, huh, Vyvyan?!” sarcastically asked Troy. He boot Vyvyan flying away then charged over and sat on her hips. He hammer fisted her on her face and manically laughed as he continued beating her. He crazily shouted, “You can look this way, too, huh? You know how to beg, huh? You can look this way, too, huh?! Look at you now. That’s more like it. That’s more like it! You’re a mere elf, yet you want to slay gods?! This is what you elves are. You’ll never surpass us! Show me what you’ve got now!! What can you do without abandoning your emotions?! You want to become a god without abandoning your emotions?!”

She saw the world spin…

A fist continued to pound on her head without end…

She couldn’t hear anything with her ears…

The fist… was her son’s fist…

She couldn’t see… She couldn’t see…

“It hurts… It hurts so much… I’ve never suffered such pain…” Vyvyan said I her mind.

“Come on! Come on! This body of yours is real alluring to men, huh?! Come on! Come on! Let’s give you a taste of your son’s body!”

Troy tore Vyvyan’s dress, thereby exposing her breasts to the chilly air… The most beautiful flower among the elves was torn open and revealed!

“There’s an opening!” realised Vyvyan.

Vyvyan swiftly narrowed her blue eyes. The instant that God revealed his lust, Vyvyan injected all of her mana into her son’s brain. The path she left in case of such a situation finally served its purpose!

“Hurry and wake up! Son! Wake up! Hurry!!!” Vyvyan silently pleaded.


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