Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 00


I don’t know why it only took a week on our second attempt to have a child, either. Perhaps Irina’s body was more prepared to carry an egg after being pregnant not too long ago. Irina had already started showing signs. Nobody would put her at risk this time.  Camille and Irina were the only inhabitants left in the area, after all. Mommy Sylvanas stayed to witness history.

Camille kept her word this time. She didn’t keep us. Though Irina didn’t want to let me go, we had an agreement. Further, Irina knew she would be in the wrong, so she gave up after tugging on my cloak.

“Mom, do you really not plan to come back with me?” I asked.

“Mm, but don’t worry, Son. Mommy will head straight back to the North afterwards. You have to go to the elven lands, don’t you? Mommy isn’t welcome there, you know?” answered Mommy Sylvanas.

True. Elves and humans were bitter enemies, but they could get along to a degree. Nevertheless, elves would never forgive dragons. Humans and elves had only been enemies for ten years, while dragons and elves had been enemies for several centuries, so… The acts of cruelty the dragon race imposed on elves left bitter feelings and distrust in the elves’ minds. Dragons refused to open up to elves. Subsequently, there was no chance of them improving their relationship.

Dragon Mom didn’t want to go to the elven Imperial Capital where elves were gathered. Mommy Vyvyan didn’t intend to invite her or Elizabeth. Mommy Elizabeth indicated she didn’t want to go to the elven lands. Therefore, she was going to make her way to Hilles City. She invited me and the kids to come to Hilles City when I was free to attend the pope’s baptism.

I remembered the so-called pope was only a little kid the last time I saw him. I wondered if he grew up into a decent pope. I wasn’t religious. Plus, Nier and Freya considered their religion to be insulting, so I was hesitant to accept the invitation. I had to ask Freya and my wife about it. That said, I knew that Mommy Elizabeth definitely wanted me to go. As I was going to the elven lands, I had to go to Hilles City, too, in order to maintain the balance between my moms. I planned to make a trip home to see my girls and console my wives first, though.

Frankly, I wasn’t in a good place mentally. The physical and mental damage the dragons inflicted was comparable to a dark cloud looming overhead. Consequently, I didn’t enjoy my time with Irina. I felt as if I was a machine. I, therefore, planned to respect Nier. I intended to have her resist for the meanwhile.

I tied my luggage up on the White Deer King. Mommy Sylvanas planned to see us to the closest unpopulated place before returning, so our return trip would be quick. In saying that, it meant that my time together with the White Deer King would be shorter.

The White Deer King played a pivotal role in saving me. Had it not escaped and found my moms, they might have needed to search for me for a long time to locate me. Dragon Mom would probably have been felled by then. Hence, the White Deer King gave me another life.

“Thank you very much for saving my life, White Deer King. Thank you very much.”

I caressed the White Deer King’s neck. She squinted. There was a strong sense of pride in her gaze. She leaned in toward my face and licked it then rubbed her face on mine. She was essentially smirking. I didn’t know what she was so happy about. Regardless, I was quite happy to see her so happy.

“Let’s head back, White Deer King. We’ll do what we did on the way here. I’ll go with you after we reach the halfway point.”

The White Deer King turned her head to look at me with shock. I froze. Could it be that the White Deer King wants to go back with me, like this, I wondered.

The White Deer King was a lightning bolt on land, but she couldn’t maintain that velocity for too long. Plus, it was uncomfortable to ride her when she bolted full pelt. It actually felt as painful as having your organs tumbling around. Sure, riding on Dragon Mom was freezing; however, at least, we could fly stably for some distance. That would also put less pressure on the White Deer King to speed back.

I stroked the White Deer King’s neck: “Sorry, White Deer King. I won’t be able to spend much time with you this time. That said, don’t worry, as we’ll be heading out afterwards. We’ll be heading to Duargana. You must be missing home, right? It’s been a long time since we’ve been there. I think your fellow deer must be eager to see you, as well.”

Speaking of Duargana’s forests, lots of things happened there. It seemed to have been a long time ago. After what happened there, I decided to love Lucia with all I had, almost started another war between humans and elves and lost a friend. After that, the entire forest area to the east was cordoned, and nobody entered it again. Later on, the anthropoids invaded. Since it was the first area of the elven territory they reached, they chopped down lots of trees. Nobody entered the area after it was repaired. Nonetheless, lots of species must’ve resided in that area. I did see plenty of animals there, such as the rabbit that nearly beat me to death.

The White Deer King looked despondent. She looked at me with conflicting emotions then looked at Nier and Lucia. The two were in an excellent mood. They were probably already prepared to stay for a month. Fortunately, because everything was resolved so soon, there was no more reason for them to feel concerned. They got what they came for, so they could leave. The two didn’t expect things to go so smoothly, hence their glee.

The White Deer King lowered her head and stopped bothering with me.  Somewhat concerned, I touched her face. Only for her to coldly snort and then give me the cold shoulder. I hopelessly chuckled: “What’s the matter, White Deer King? What is it that you want to do? I’ll do my best for you.”

The White Deer King suddenly bit my cloak and then started to tug at me to pull it behind it. I immediately understood what she was trying to express. She didn’t want me to continue using the express route. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that Dragon Mom couldn’t appear in the sky where people could see her, I might’ve abandoned the White Deer King.

I helplessly smiled then stroked her head: “Okay, okay, okay, I get, I get it. Let’s head back now, then. It’ll be a little slower, but it’s fine. It’ll be just you and me, just the two of us. Let’s return to the forest you lived in.”


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