Son-con – Vol. 15.5 Ch. 04

White Deer King’s Feelings (Part 4)

“You just need to remember what I told you. I’m sure you won’t have an issue with intelligence given that you’re an intelligent animal. You only have three days. Just follow my work schedule, and you’ll be fine.”

The White Deer King worked very, very diligently as per Luna’s instructions. She didn’t admit she was working hard to please Troy, but she was afraid he would be angry. Two days had passed, but the White Deer King still didn’t dare to lift her head to look Troy in the face. She could see his face in the past, but when she saw his face in her human form, her heart would thump scarily.

In the morning, the White Deer King took in a deep breath. It took a lot out of her to pick up the basin of hot water and carry it into the bedroom. His Majesty was already awake. He gave Nier a kiss on her lips and then covered his wife with the blanket. He removed his sleepwear and tossed it onto the ground when he saw the hot water coming over.

Because of the sweat in the atmosphere, Troy’s faint scent dispersed in the air. The White Deer King’s heart beat even faster due to the scent. Troy had just removed his clothes, revealing his thin physique, yet solid, chest. While Troy hadn’t fought much, he did have some scars on him. In the opinion of the White Deer King, scars were a man’s badge. However, Troy’s body was comprised of just scales, so who did the sweat belong to…?

The White Deer King knew her heart would explode if she kept looking at him, but she couldn’t resist the urge to check out Troy’s body. Troy stood up and went over to the White Deer King, leading to the scent on him intensifying. Troy was the Prince of elves and was raised by Vyvyan. The food he ate growing up led to his body having a nice scent. The clear forest scent was what the White Deer King craved. As such, the White Deer King couldn’t help but take in deeper breaths. As a matter of fact, she wanted to lean into Troy.

Troy didn’t intend to let the White Deer King touch his body. Troy was very adverse about others touching his scales. Perhaps it was an inferiority complex. Nevertheless, it was easy for him to wipe his body. He gave his body a simple wipe and tossed the towel into the hot basin. He then rubbed the White Deer King’s head and greeted her with a smile: “Good morning, Bai Lu.”

The White Deer King’s mind went blank. Under normal circumstances, she would be apprehensive about others touching its head, so she would knock his hand away when he touched her head before shooting a glare at him. This time, however, the White Deer King’s mind was completely empty. Her entire body felt as if she melted from the single rub, while an odd sense of bliss warmed her heart, which almost led to her letting out a soothing moan. Still, the White Deer King still didn’t dare to look at Troy. She felt an odd feeling; if she saw his face, she’d pass out.

The White Deer King managed to feel an emotion that was completely different to the past. The White Deer King gradually adapted to being in a human body. She could follow behind Troy, and she dared to look up at his back. Being able to see Troy’s back wasn’t usually an opportunity that she was afforded. Troy was an elf, so he didn’t have a tough physique. Surprisingly, the view of his back strangely told one they could trust him.

The lifestyle was one the White Deer King had never experienced before. She had never experienced the feelings and things she did daily as a human before. To be able to follow behind His Majesty, see his back and feel his warmth was something she cherished. It became a life she yearned for.

She was no longer the King of white deer and it no longer felt the pride of being a King. That was supposed to be her pride and purpose in life. She didn’t follow Troy to serve as a steed but to be his partner. Hence, she always told herself she wasn’t a steed but a King and, thus, wouldn’t allow Troy to disrespect her in any capacity.

“Why, though, has my status become that of a low-ranking maid following behind Troy when I’m in a human form? Forget being a King, I’m not even an official. I’m a mere low-ranking maid. I don’t even dare to speak out, let alone retort or resist Troy. Even so, I feel so happy just seeing his back. Why is that? Why is it that I feel completely satisfied just being behind him? I even want to continue this way forever. It would be very nice to continue on with this life. What I want now isn’t respect, but a mere head scrub. What exactly is the matter with me…?” pondered the White Deer King.

“Your Majesty, how is Bai Lu doing?”

Freya walked alongside me. Behind me was Bai Lu, who paid us no attention and kept her head down. I considered the question for a moment before replying, “She’s quite good. No problems here.”

“Is that right? Three days are up, so Miss Luna will be back tomorrow, while Bai Lu will return to her maid training. With that said, if you think she is all right, how about letting her become your personal servant beforehand? I do not think that it is wrong for you to have two personal servants.”

“I’ll pass. Luna is my only personal servant. Although Bai Lu does qualify as a maid, I still want only Luna alone,” I said, shaking my head. I then looked at the time: “There’s nothing left to sort out, right? I want to make a trip outside. Bai Lu, come with me.”

“Did you want to buy something? Just have somebody send it in from outside.”

I shook my head: “I’m partly to blame for the White Deer King’s injury. I didn’t pay attention to her hoof, which led to her getting hurt. I plan to go visit the White Deer King, but I’m going to buy a gift before paying her a visit. We aren’t in a rider and steed relationship, after all. I need to go and apologise.”

Freya immediately extended her arm out to stop me. With a smile, she responded, “I do not think that is necessary at all. The White Deer King is unlikely to be angry. When it comes down to it, the White Deer King is but a deer. What do you want to buy? Additionally, did the veterinary not say it was not a serious injury? She just needs a few days of rest to heal. You have already given her your blood; therefore, you have already done enough in my opinion. Moreover, how do you know what to buy a deer…? You want to buy some cake or something?”

“I don’t know what to buy, either, but it doesn’t change the fact we’re in a partnership. I don’t consider the White Deer King to be an ordinary deer. She’s injured, so I need to visit her. To be frank, I feel as though her neck is a little empty. Other horses have bells or other decorations, while the White Deer King doesn’t. Honestly, it looks a little depressing.”

“Y-Yeah…?” Freya touched her forehead.

I didn’t know why the White Deer King’s smile felt somewhat forced. I turned around to look at Bai Lu. I never expected her to be looking at me with such a solemn look. It was also my first time seeing her face. She shyly lowered her head when she noticed me looking at her. Once again, she didn’t dare to say anything. I didn’t pay her much attention, either.

We soon reached the streets outside. Frankly, I had never bought a deer anything. While Bai Lu always followed behind me, the crowd knocked her side to side, which meant that she was at risk of tripping over at any moment. I, therefore, sighed.

Bai Lu was all right with work, but she was too thin. I went up to her and grabbed hold of her wrist. I said, “Follow me. Don’t get lost; otherwise, we might not be able to find each other. If you can’t find me, head back into the palace, and I’ll return to search for you.”

“Uhm…” responded Bai Lu, voice so soft it was barely audible.

As I said, Bai Lu’s wrist was so thin that I thought I’d snap it if I squeezed any harder. She followed behind me and kept her eyes on my back. She abruptly asked, “You plan… to buy the White Deer King something?”

“Mm, I haven’t decided yet. Probably something, like this.”

When we arrived at a small stall that sold accessories, I picked up a red ribbon with a few bells tied to it. It was simple, sure, but I thought the White Deer King would like it. Freya was right. I didn’t know what to buy the White Deer King. I just felt it wouldn’t be fair on the White Deer King to have nothing when other horses have bells and whatnot.

Bai Lu nodded. In a soft voice, she asked, “Is the White Deer King… very important…? It is just a deer…”

“Of course she’s important. The White Deer King has followed me for a very long time. She has spent a lot longer by my side than plenty of people. She’s my most trusted companion. I can trust my guards, and I can trust the White Deer King. Plus, haven’t I said so before? The White Deer King isn’t a deer. She’s a King. She’s my friend. It’s only natural to visit her when she’s my friend.”

Bai Lu gave me a small nod and then looked up with a sincere gaze. She grabbed hold of the ribbon and exclaimed, “I shall give it to the White Deer King on your behalf! I am sure she will like it very much! I am sure of it! I believe she, too, definitely likes you a lot! In addition, she will definitely always be by your side!!”


After the three days…

I touched the White Deer King’s neck and, with a smile, said, “I’m glad you’ve healed, White Deer King. You appear to be in good spirits.”

The White Deer King proudly snorted and waved her head. She looked toward Lucia. Lucia looked at her stunned, as the latter had no idea what had happened. All she saw was the White Deer King shaking her head in a haughty fashion. Of course, within that pride were also the bells, which was literally the sound of victory…

The White Deer King turned to look at Troy, who was on her back. Then, she turned to look at Dragon Mom. Dragon Mom pursed her lips into a smile. Perhaps the maid named Bai Lu might appear again at some point.


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