Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 98

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 32)

“You shouldn’t be able to refuse this condition, right?”

Sylvanas laughed in a soft voice. Elizabeth looked at her with a dumbfounded look but didn’t respond.

Nier somewhat nervously looked at Elizabeth. Nier still considered Her Majesty her master. Despite having married Troy, her obedience as a Valkyrie still remained. In other words, should Elizabeth give the order, Nier would have to accept even if she was discontent. Furthermore, Nier wouldn’t gripe, for Valkyries didn’t complain. As such, Nier wouldn’t even get angry. She just reacted shyly and then looked at her husband and Irina.

Lucia, on the other hand, wasn’t in the same spot. Lucia wasn’t a Valkyrie and didn’t care for Elizabeth’s opinion. More importantly, Irina was a dragon, and dragons were her enemy. Therefore, it was impossible for Lucia to accept it. Plus, Lucia would never allow her husband to have a child with yet another woman. If Irina was going to persist with the idea, she’d have to step over Lucia’s corpse.

“I… I… I can’t oppose my son’s wish. He needs to agree. Further, even if this has to do with him, you need the approval of his wives for a marriage. They need to give their approval for it to proceed; but nonetheless, it’s clear that they don’t approve, and so…”

“Are you sure? Elizabeth, are you fine with not being able to be by your son’s side?”

“I said, this has nothing to do with me!” After Elizabeth yelled, she turned and left, leaving just the sight of a part of her white cloak.

Sylvanas sighed: “There’s still a chance. There’s still a chance.”

“There definitely won’t be!” exclaimed Troy’s wives.

“What about if your husband, personally, says that he wants to have a child with Irina? As his wife, will you still oppose him if he says that?” asked Sylvanas.

Sylvanas turned around and left as Elizabeth did. Nier and Lucia exchanged glances. Though the two were firm as revolutionaries just a moment ago, they lost their confidence upon hearing Sylvanas’ question. Nier and Lucia would never betray their husband and wouldn’t believe that he’d betray them, but he would always do rather strange things. With that said, the most crucial part was that the two couldn’t say anything, for they could refuse the dragons but never their husband. If he truly wanted to have a child with Irina, Nier and Lucia would just have to miserably acknowledge it. Therefore, the two made up their minds to hurry and take him away from the forest. Irina had nothing to do with them; hence, the best result would be if Irina, the silver dragon and Sylvanas, who just left, stayed in the forest forever.

When I came to, it was already dark. I couldn’t see outside from within the cave, but Vyvyan, who was next to me, was asleep. She still had her arms around me to hold me in her tender embrace. It had been a long time since I last saw the scene of Mommy Vyvyan hugging me. The last time we were in each other’s embrace was back in the elven Imperial Capital.

I hugged Mommy Vyvyan back. She looked at me with her tender blue eyes then touched my back. In an affectionate voice, she questioned, “How do you feel, Son? Do you feel as though you’ve recovered?”

“I’m all right, Mom. I feel much better after having my mana replenished.”

I didn’t feel as empty as I did before. Initially, my body felt as though it had been completely drained; hence, I lost the ability to control my body. My mind would yell orders, but my body couldn’t budge. I was glad I could finally hug Mommy Vyvyan.

I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to hug Mom. I imagined I’d be reluctant to touch even Nier for a long time from then. It was supposed to feel good, but the crazy way I was abused was no different to catastrophic punishment. I almost died over intercourse. Fortunately, Mommy Vyvyan replenished my mana for me.

Mommy Vyvyan gave me a kiss on my cheek. Softly, she said, “You really are just a child without Mommy, huh? You really never learn how to protect yourself; instead, you go wherever it’s dangerous. That’s why Mommy told you to never leave your necklace. It’s an absolute necessity for Mommy to protect you at all times.”

“Sorry… Mom…”

Mommy Vyvyan let out a heavy sigh. She touched my face and said, “You apologise every time, which is why Mommy ends up forgiving you every time. How can you expect Mommy to be reassured about you living alone in the North when you do this?”

“I promise it won’t happen again. That was the last time. I promise.”

“You said the same thing when you went to the desert in the Northwest. There’s no such thing as that many ‘last times’.”

“I’m serious this time.”

Mommy Vyvyan looked into my eyes. I assumed she was reading my mind. I genuinely called it my last time venturing outside of the palace, though. There was nowhere else that I needed to go henceforward, was there? I wanted to spend time living with my moms and wives.

“Come to the elven side to live for some time. It is your hometown, after all. By being there, your mana will also recuperate rapidly. Additionally, that’ll make it easier for Mommy to take care of you. What do you think? Son, if you’re not well, you won’t be able to run the North, would you?”

“I don’t plan to stay for long.”

“Two to three weeks will be enough. Mommy also wants to take good care of you. You didn’t listen to Mommy and even left your necklace behind. Should you not compensate Mommy for making Mommy worry?” Mommy Vyvyan sulked.  She was my mom, and yet she acted as if she was a young girl I disappointed.

I chuckled and kissed Mom on her face: “All right, then, Mom. Let’s do that, then. It’s not the wisest decision, but I’ll go live in the elven lands for some time.”

I actually wanted my body to heal sooner. The elven lands were more suited for that purpose. In addition, behind the Imperial Palace was the elven spring, which was the source of mana. I’d be able to recuperate faster there, indeed. Also, I had been mentally scarred. I wanted to be the Prince who could stay with gentle Mommy Vyvyan and not have to bother with anything for some time.

Surely everyone – men in particular – would suffer some mental trauma after being gang raped, right? Being pressed to the ground and gang raped by a horde of dragons was a damn nightmare. It was physically and mentally tiring to the point that I bled. It was the cruellest form of torture. I was no longer envious of a harem life. I was happy with two. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I started a harem. I had to give Lucia my gratitude. Not only did she reject me, but she also didn’t ask for it, thereby allowing me to survive.

“Mom, what happened afterwards?”

“Afterwards? Are you talking about the dragons? Don’t worry, Son, all of the dragons are dead. All of them. Elizabeth killed all of them, so you don’t need to worry. I told you, the dragons aren’t trustworthy. See what happened today? To be honest, if what happened didn’t take place after your imprisonment, how would you have come out alive? You definitely would’ve been treated the same way. Fortunately, we arrived in time.”

I felt gratified to hear that the dragons were dead, and I finally felt a breath of relief. I never considered myself a dragon and, therefore, wouldn’t be sad over their extermination. Irina and Camille were still alive anyway. Plus, there was still Mommy Sylvanas. That was good enough. The only dragons I needed alive were those who were on my side.

“What about Irina? How is she?”

“Are you talking about that young female dragon? She’s all right. We found her arm and reattached it before it decayed. Her body is fine, too… The thing is… she had a miscarriage. Her dragon egg was crushed. Son, that was your child, wasn’t it? It’s all right, though. You were forced to have that child anyway. Therefore, don’t be upset. You still have your three girls waiting to keep you company, so there’s no need for you to worry whatsoever.”

Vyvyan touched my head. She quickly stroked my head to comfort me. I silently nodded. Mommy Vyvyan was right. I was forced to have the child. My feelings for the child weren’t that deep. I still felt slightly sad, nonetheless. I wasn’t sad because of the child but because of Irina. I, perhaps, had nothing to do with the child, but I genuinely felt sorry for Irina.

Irina must’ve really wanted the child. She invested so much effort all that time. She looked at me in such an affectionate way when she was pregnant, which made me feel sorry for her. I didn’t love her. At most, it was just sympathy for the innocent, calm and bright Irina, I guess… I really just was somewhat sympathetic…


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