Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 97

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 31)

I must say, Mommy Vyvyan was different to the horde of dragons. The dragons continuously absorbed my mana, while Mommy Vyvyan could bestow me with mana. Though she, too, was straddling my hip, I could feel a gentle and warm sensation that gave me an urge to tear up.

Mommy Vyvyan gently ran her slender fingers across my face and gave me a teary lip kiss. Elves’ mana was transferred via body fluids. She refilled my dry mana stores. She shifted her lips away from mine. Her tears fell pit pat onto my face. She gently caressed my face with her fingers. I could feel her bitter tears slowly coursing down my face. I felt Mom’s cold lips, but I didn’t want to say anything, not that I could anyway. I was too tired. It was the first time I had felt so tired in Mommy Vyvyan’s arms. I really wanted to just pass out in them forever.

Mommy Vyvyan gave me a firm hug. Heartbroken, she whimpered, “Son… Son… Mommy told you not to get too close to dragons and not trust them. Why didn’t you listen to Mommy…? If Mommy didn’t make it here in time, you really would’ve been ravaged to death, Son… Son… Mommy is heartbroken to see you in this shape…”


I gently hugged Mommy Vyvyan back and curled up in her embrace. She tightly hugged me with an aching heart just as she did in the past. She pressed my head to her chest and stroked my head with slow and deliberate strokes. I was honestly so, so tired. It truly felt amazingly blissful and warm in Mommy Vyvyan’s embrace.

While tightly hugging Mom, I softly muttered, “Mom… I’m so tired… I’m so tired…”

Mom stroked my head and bit my ear. Next to my ear, she softly replied, “Mommy knows, Mommy knows. Mommy is right here. Sleep. Have a sleep in Mommy’s arms. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all over now. It’s all over now. Son, have a good sleep in Mommy’s arms. Mommy will always be by your side. Mommy will protect you from your side. Sleep.”

Mommy Vyvyan hugged me as if she was hugging an infant and hummed a soothing song in a soft voice next to my ear.

“This must be an elven song, I guess. Mom’s embrace is still as warm and gentle as always, but it feels distant to me. How long has it been since I last slept in Mommy Vyvyan’s arms? How long as it been that I haven’t been by my mom’s side?” I wondered.

I couldn’t remember, as I gradually fell asleep. Mommy Vyvyan’s body was akin to a poison to me. It was beautiful and intoxicating, yet could erase any will to fight. I didn’t want to put on a tough front anymore. I just wanted a good rest.

“Is she all right?” asked Lucia, eyes on Irina, who was lying on the bed and taking slow breaths.

Irina’s face was white as a sheet, but her arm had been reattached, and she was no longer in critical condition. However, Camille looked as though she was dead, as she blankly looked in a particular direction.

“It’s all over,” Camille mumbled repetitively, eyes lifeless.

Sylvanas had always been under the control of her drug, yet Sylvanas didn’t say anything to Camille. In fact, she didn’t show any animosity. She just hugged Camille as she looked at her.

“It’s all right. It’s all right. She can have another. She can have another.”

While Sylvanas said that, she, too, was in writhing in pain when she looked at the crushed egg before her eyes. Nobody expected that the egg had taken form. Usually, a dragon egg wouldn’t turn into an egg inside a dragon’s body within such a short time frame. Unfortunately, the violent dragons crushed it with their beating. Irina didn’t actually suffer grievous wounds, since dragons possessed powerful life forces; however, the dragon egg was utterly destroyed.

The future of the dragon race, their entire future and their hope at revival had been reduced to a shattered dragon egg. That was the shattered future Camille and Sylvanas saw.

Although their husband had a child with another woman during their absence, Lucia and Nier were out of energy to be mad. After all, they knew the reason behind it. Their husband was forced into it. He was forced against his will. Nonetheless, the child was now no more. The dragon egg had been crushed to fragments, including the liquid inside. The liquid was probably the future dragon.

Not only was the dragon egg gone, but so was the dragon race. The dragons living in the forest had become corpses lying out in the wild. Elizabeth had no cares to give for those who pleaded for mercy. She beheaded even the wounded. Elizabeth had a habit of going the extra mile with her kills. Whether they were dead or not, none of the dragons had their heads still attached.

The dragon race could finally be considered totally extinct. Elizabeth slaughtered all of the dragons residing in the forest. The race that originally had a chance of revival had been exterminated. Camille had ensured the future of the race, but that had all turned to despair. She blankly raised her head, but couldn’t see anything. There was no future to be seen.

There were only three remaining dragons: Camille, Irina and Sylvanas. How were the three going to revive their race? Dragons, themselves, struggled to get pregnant, yet the dragons destroyed their own hope.

“It’s all right. It’s all right. She can have another. She can have another. Irina is still alive and so is my son, which means they can have another child. They’ll have another,” stated Sylvanas.

“No, there won’t be any more,” Nier interjected.

Nier worshipped Elizabeth, and you could say that she respected Vyvyan. However, she disliked Sylvanas, so she showed the latter no respect. Nier coldly said, “She is not my husband’s wife. We’re his wives. You people want my husband to have a child with another girl in my face? You’re insulting me right in my face!”

“This is for our race’s sake.”

“Your race has nothing to do with us and my husband. Furthermore, you dragons are the enemy of elves, aren’t you? I’m sure that Lucia won’t support you.”

“My stance has nothing to do with past favours or grudges. I just cannot hand over my Prince as his wife. That is impossible.”

Lucia looked at Irina and Camille with a resolute gaze. It was true that Lucia felt some degree of sympathy for Irina given her current state. Regardless, didn’t imply that she’d allow the girl to stay with her husband. Nier, alone, was enough to put the nail in the coffin. Lucia, too, would never accept this girl.


Sylvanas awkwardly looked at the two young girls in front of her. The two girls refused to budge. There was no hint that they’d back down. Sylvanas could understand what they were thinking. She couldn’t force the two to betray themselves for her own sake. She might have been able to make it work out without the two. Since they had spoken up, she had to take their opinion into account. If they didn’t give their approval, the plan had to be scrapped. Nevertheless, giving up now would cost the future of the dragon race.

Camille and Sylvanas couldn’t accept that. Sylvanas looked at the young girl in front of her and then took in a deep breath. She picked up the crushed egg and sticky liquid from Camille’s hand. She then turned to Elizabeth. Elizabeth vigilantly retreated one step and seemed to be ready to draw her sword. Sylvanas didn’t mind. She, instead, said, “Elizabeth, let’s make a deal.”

Elizabeth vigilantly watched Sylvanas as she asked, “What?”

“Do you want to stay by your son’s side for longer? You have the shortest lifespan among the three of us, right? Fundamentally, you would pass away by the time my son becomes an adult. How much longer do you have to live? Fifty years?  Forty years? We, on the other hand, have hundreds and thousands of years. Do you not want to stay by his side forever?”

Elizabeth’s gaze wavered ever so slightly. Indeed, that was something that concerned her. The thought shook her. She didn’t refuse Sylvanas right away. To the contrary, she silently looked at Sylvanas. Sylvanas knew that she could continue speaking after seeing Elizabeth’s reaction. She revealed a smile and went on, “You could say this crushed egg is a collection of a dragon’s mana. This is something that even you humans desperately want. This can provide you with mana, and it can allow you to absorb mana as a human, thereby extending your lifespan. The elven spring water can only maintain your appearance. This, on the other hand, can extend your lifespan.”

Elizabeth didn’t reply. She just continued looking at Sylvanas. Sylvanas didn’t continue speaking, either. Syvlanas just seriously looked at the woman before her. Smiling, she added, “But, I can’t give you this egg. You’ll need to give me an egg.”


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