The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 33

Veirya seemed to be very pleased with playing ‘fly high’, but Veirya wasn’t light. I didn’t know who said that carrying girls was very comfortable, but it’s a lie. Veirya was very heavy. It took everything out of me just to lift her up with two arms and spin one circle. I nearly pulled my back. Nonetheless, Veirya was evidently in much higher spirits afterwards.

I didn’t know why Veirya wanted me to lift her up… Perhaps she saw how happy Leah was when I picked her up and, therefore, wanted to experience the joy for once… That made me the one who suffered, though…

‘If Veirya wants me to pick her up again, what I do? I’m physically incapable of playing ‘fly high’ with her every day…’

I won’t lie about getting to touch her blessings when I pick her up, but psychological problems couldn’t be resolved via physical pain.

Veirya didn’t say anything when I woke up the next day. Thanks to my back hurting, Leah didn’t give me grief on top of me last night as she usually did, thereby granting me a good sleep for a change. I’d have to go to the toilet to blow one every morning, otherwise… because if I didn’t, I really might push Leah down…

Veirya placed her bowl down and emotionlessly said, “So, I shall take Leah out today.”

Leah looked very unhappy. She glanced at me; I responded with a small nod then touched her hand, “All right. Buy something you like this time. Oh, right, you must make sure to pay this time. A lord is a lord, not the owner of the goods.”

I had to remind Veirya. Veirya may be an adult, but I still needed to remind her that you have to pay for things…

Vierya nodded, “What. Can be bought with this? How. Is this sheet used?”

“Just show the worker, and they’ll give you your stuff.”

In truth, the sheet of paper was similar to a five hundred pound cheque. There was no store that could process the two-hundred and fifty agreement; however, they knew that we without question could afford it. That’s what’s called credibility, or you can call it a credit card. You just need to flash it, and the merchant will know that you have the ability to pay. Thus, they’d happily let Veirya take the goods and put it on her tab. They just needed to go to Achilles’ company to collect their payment.

As such, Veirya could do as she pleased as long as she had the agreement on end. I, too, wasn’t worried that she’d spend money. The ability to spend was very limited here in the small town. I couldn’t go bankrupt merely buying food and clothes. Plus, Veirya wouldn’t know what to buy despite me having given it to her.

I needed to teach Veirya how to manage her finances; else, once she had a lot of money and moved to the city, Veirya might waste an enormous sum of money after somebody deceived her into spending money when she got used to a luxurious lifestyle. Being thrifty and budgeting are necessary. Although enjoying life is well and all, it’s not synonymous with spending exorbitant amounts of money. That was to be addressed in the future, nonetheless.

“All right. Leah, don’t be sad. Papa will go out with you in the future, but not today, as Papa has some work to attend to. Once it’s done, Papa will be able to get some rest and take you out for some fun. Additionally, if Papa can earn enough, we’ll be able to move into the imperial capital. There are countless delicacies to enjoy and things to play there. When we get there, you’ll learn what true fun is.”

Leah looked at me with joy and excitedly asked, “Papa, can we really move there, I mean, to the imperial capital?!”

“Of course. Papa has never lied to you; Papa will definitely work hard to allow you to live in the imperial capital.”

I scrubbed Leah’s head then stood up. I suddenly felt a sore sensation from my lower back that almost made me groan in pain. The after effects of playing ‘fly high’ with Veirya yesterday still lingered. Veirya looked at me and without any expression, said, “What’s the matter? It looks as though. Your back hurts.”

Spend long enough being sick and you’ll become a good doctor; similarly, Veirya, who spent all her life on the battlefield, was very attentive of abnormal changes in someone’s body. She could tell that I wasn’t feeling one-hundred percent with one glimpse. I nodded, “Uhm… I couldn’t handle what I did yesterday… so my back is in a bit of pain… It hurts…”

Veirya nodded, “Take your shirt off and lie down on the bed.”

“What are you going to do to, Papa?!!”

Leah vigilantly looked at Veirya similarly to an alarmed cat. She ran over to me to stand in front and extended her hands out to block Veirya off from approaching me. Veirya looked at me and repeated, “Take your shit off and lie down on the bed. Anna, bring hot water. To the room. Leah. Wait for a while. I’ll. Take you out after. Now. I take care of him.”

“No touching my Papa!!”

“I. Won’t hurt. Him.”

Veirya looked at me with a serious look and pointed upstairs. I looked at her. She was expressionless, and her gaze was emotionless, but I strangely felt in good hands. I gently nodded, and then scrubbed Leah’s head, “It’s all right, Leah. Veirya won’t hurt me.”

“Papa!! You trust this woman too much!”

“Leah, Veirya won’t hurt us. Haven’t you noticed that she hasn’t hurt us after living together for so long? You can come upstairs, as well, Leah.”

Leah nodded. I went upstairs. I took my shirt off and lay on the bed. Leah sat down next to the bed and scanned my back with curiosity. She gently stroked it with her hand. I could feel her fingers moving about on my back. With a smile, Leah remarked, “Papa, you don’t have any muscles, huh.”

“Papa is not good at physical endeavours.”

Veirya came in and scanned the room we lived in. Veirya upheld the agreement all this time. She never interfered with our life and never came to our room. Veirya never slept in her room. She’d just sit on the chair until the next day.

Anna set down a basin of hot water next to the bed. Veirya shooed Leah aside and sat down next to me. She dipped her hand into the hot water. As always, she seemingly couldn’t feel the temperature. She wet her hand with hot water then lightly pressed it onto my back before beginning to give it firm rubs. A sensation that made me go limp came from my lower back. Veirya’s hands were warm and firm. I could feel waves of heat start from my lower back and spread to my entire body. I couldn’t help letting out comforting moans.

“Healing methods in army. Very useful.”

Veirya rubbed and squeezed my lower back with her firm fingers. I felt a ticklish and warm sensation.

Leah, who was watching by the side, wore a very grumpy expression. She grumpily looked at me with her lips pouted and arms folded. Her sour feelings seeped into her tone, “Papa, does it feel good?”

“Uhm, it does…”

I instinctively nodded, but that enraged Leah. She swiftly took off her shoes and socks then stomped her feet into the hot water. The heat caused her to shriek and jump out. Nonetheless, she ignored the burning sensation. She jumped onto the bed and onto my back then began to stamp around on my back.


Leah wasn’t heavy, but neither was she light. I suddenly felt weight on my lower back, but it was as soothing and relaxing as Veirya’s massage. Leah grumpily stamped one foot at a time on my back. She may have done it with a whinge and anger, but feeling the young girl’s warm tiny feet stomping on my lower back oddly made me feel relaxed, as well as feeling aroused for some reason. Leah’s tiny soft feet gently stimulated the sensitive nerves on my lower back.

‘I thinl… I’ve become to develop some weird fetishes since coming to this world…’

Veirya moved her hand and looked at me, “Does it feel good?”


“So, if I did that, as well…”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!!!! Veirya! Don’t! Just use your hands! You can’t step on me! Not you!!”


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