Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 74

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 8)

“Amazing… Too amazing… I can’t believe there’s something that feels this good in this world… This is just way too amazing…  This is an entirely different realm to my hand… This feels too amazing… It’s so amazing that I can’t even speak. I just want to shake my hips with his. He’s filling up my entire body. It feels as if I’m going to heaven,” thought Irina.

When she reached the pinnacle, where even her conscious became fuzzy, Irina wanted to embrace Troy and merge with him. She licked, sniffed and bit him. She clung to him and refused to let go. She never knew there was such a besotting and amazing feeling existed. Every time her hips smacked against his, it felt as if waves of electric currents shocked her body, knocking her rationality out and leaving just her instinct to rock her hips to meet his hips.

Irina didn’t allow her hands to stay idle. She spared no sensitive part on her body. By the end, she expended all of her energy. Her conscious was so faint that all she could do was lie face up on the bed. Despite that, she clung to Troy’s arm to prevent him from leaving. She wanted more. She wanted one more round and then a few more rounds.

Irina had no idea that such a blissful thing existed in this world. She never knew about it until then. It felt so blissful, so incredible and so fulfilling. It was the first time she felt so good. She once warned herself that, if she tried it once, then she’d definitely do it a second and third time, but she was addicted. She felt she couldn’t live without intercourse. After that night, Troy became her oxygen. He became necessary in her life henceforth.

“I want… to always be by his side… I don’t mind if we get married or not or if we have children of not… I just want him. I just want to be able to do this with him…” Irina thought.


I lost a night in my life. There was a missing chunk in my memory. I could still remember attending the banquet with Mom and even the expression she wore as well as the proposal. However, I couldn’t remember anything that came afterwards. I had no idea what happened that night. Nonetheless, when I opened my eyes to see Irina lying on my chest, taking slow breaths, an explosion went off in my mind.

Last night, my mind experienced the same feeling, and then I had an urge to do something. I had no idea what to do. I looked at everything in front of me. The entire room was a mess. The residue and traces of our intense battle were found all over the room. I pulled the damp blanket off and placed it aside. My lips slightly hurt, which was probably due to being bit.

I tried to recall what happened in my mind: “What happened between us last night…? Didn’t I say that I wouldn’t do this? Wait, wait. I can’t recall what happened last night. I remember I was drunk or something, and then I’m drawing a blank. That drink must’ve been spiked!”

I virtually couldn’t recall anything from last night. It was akin to blood loss. Not only did I not know what happened even if I did, I wouldn’t even recall how it felt… It really did feel akin to passing out from blood loss. There was no time to be regretting, though. I had no clue what happened between me and Irina.

I started to think: “How do I get out of this? I can leave with Dragon Mom if I didn’t do it last night, but I’ve now set foot into the dragon’s problem. I’m certain that my drink last night was spiked. I trusted them, yet they drugged me!! I don’t know exactly what drug it is, but nonetheless, it’s freaking scary to be able lose control of myself and do that with Irina. This is nothing short of a mind break aphrodisiac. If it’s in everything I drink from now, wouldn’t I lose my conscious and become Irina’s toy here? That’s damn scary.

I don’t think I can talk my way out of this one. Running has to be the best option here. Whatever happened here has nothing to do with me anymore. If Irina could do it to me once, there’s absolutely going to be a second time. Additionally, since the dragon race has done this to me, they might even get somebody else to pounce me the next time. With so many dragons here, if every single one of them uses me once, I’ll crumble. I need to hurry and get out of here. I can still make it out of here.”

The only thing I was surprised about was why Dragon Mom allowed it to happen. I silently fumed, “Though she wanted to ensure that the dragon race can reproduce, should she not consider my feelings?! Didn’t I say I didn’t want to do this?! I have wives and children. One more? My wives won’t accept it even if I can. Nier will cut me down. I wouldn’t put it past her to murder me. Whatever the case, this needs to end here right now. I need to leave everything here before something happens between me and Irina. Whatever happens in the future is none of my business.”

I didn’t volunteer for it – oath. I didn’t even have a complete memory of what happened last night. All I had were fragmented memories. I didn’t have any clue as to what I did. You may not believe me, but I couldn’t be any more innocent this time. I was the victim.

“I can’t stay here. I have to hurry and get out of here,” I told myself.

I stood up. I carefully trod to avoid waking Irina. She looked very exhausted. She didn’t react to my movement. I moved her aside and then got dressed before pulling the door to open it…

I cursed and pondered, “Why won’t it open? Why is this ordinary wooden door stuck? I can’t move it. What exactly happened…? I remember that Irina shut the door yesterday. Is this woman terrifying to the point that she doesn’t plan to let me leave? Is there anywhere else I can go, then? Is there? Where’s the window?!’ Wait, I’m in a cave… Where would a window be in a cave…? There can’t possibly be a window in this type of mountain cave, right? Even if there was, I’d still be in the cave if I jumped out of it…”

I despairingly looked at the room.  There was nowhere to escape from unless I dug through the wall. I was no expert in digging dragon caves, though. If I were to dig it with my hands, it’d be a real-life adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption… At least there was a small hammer in that. I had nothing here but a sleeping dragon. In the end, I needed Irina to help me if I wanted to get out.

Feeling hopeless, I sat back down on the bed. I looked at Irina. Irina wore a blissful expression. Her body was sticky, but she was exuding a noticeable scent that smelt really nice. I couldn’t resist the urge to take a big whiff.

“Is this the scent of an oestrus female dragon?” I wondered.

It was quite alluring to me, so I instinctively had a few more sniffs.

I lightly pressed my hand on her shoulder and took in a deep breath. I had come up with numerous scenarios in my mind. I thought about what to say and how to deliver it in a way that wouldn’t anger Irina. I had to ensure she could keep her emotions in check. I didn’t think she was a yandere. I believed she’d be able to understand if I delivered the right words the right way.

I gave her a few nudges. I was mentally prepared. I was resolute as though I was ready to be dragged off for my execution. Irina softly moaned and then opened her eyes in a somewhat involuntary manner. She didn’t get enough sleep. Nevertheless, she revealed a happy expression when she saw me. Then, she subconsciously wrapped her arm around my neck. Perhaps we went that far, hence explaining why she was no longer shy. In saying that, there was an evident hint of embarrassment on her face. Her face wasn’t red because it was hot but probably because she was shy.

“Irina… we…”

“Yes.” Irina nodded, face still slightly flush. Softly, she continued, “Sorry, sorry… I didn’t want to use this method… But… but Mom said I had to use this method… as… as you are already married… and so… so… you would definitely refuse…”

“So why did you force yourself on me when you knew that I’d definitely refuse…? What exactly did you all do to me last night…? That wasn’t a normal alcohol drink, was it?”

“No, it was not… We used… Used… That… umm… that water…”

Irina looked at me. Her face was so red that she practically couldn’t speak. She entangled her fingers around each other. She virtually couldn’t enunciate a single word. To make it easier for her, I lowered my head and leaned my ear in close to her. I finally heard her soft voice. Her reply was no less than thunderclap to me.

I silently raged, “That’s what I drank last night?! No wonder why I was in that state last night! That’s a normal reaction, isn’t it…?”

I figuratively had my jaw on the ground. Meanwhile, Irina’s face was so red that she couldn’t speak when she looked at me.

I initially wanted to say something, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. The atmosphere between us was considerably awkward. So accordingly, neither of us spoke. After a short moment, Irina broke the silence. In a quiet voice, she stammered, “So… umm… As that is the case… You…”

“I have a wife.”

“I know.”

“I have kids, too.”

“I know that, too.”

“I love them, and I want to return to them.”

“I can understand that.”

I let out a breath of relief. I thought so. Irina was comparatively easy to talk. I should’ve been able to leave soon as long as Irina was willing to let me go, I assumed.

“So, I can leave now, right?”

“But I still want to be by your side.”

“Huh? Huh? Huh?!”


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