Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 73

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 7)


I was absolutely dumbfounded. Everybody but one person watched me and that was Irina, who had her head down and trained her eyes on her cup. She probably would’ve dipped her face into the cup to hide her face if she could. Camille pulled her up with a smile and pushed her over to me. Irina partially reluctantly came up to me. She carefully extended forth her hand, seemingly wanting me to take it.

Dragon Mom whispered in my ear, “If you take her hand, it means that you accept.”

And so, I pulled back my hand that I had subconsciously extended toward Irina. I blankly looked at Irina and everybody around. All the dragons were startled by the announcement. It was as if they all wanted to get up and come over to my side, but could only stay around me due to Mom’s imposing aura. I was undoubtedly a good-for-nothing dragon, yet I became the star. I looked at Irina. Her lips were trembling, and she was incapable of saying a word.

“What’s wrong, King Troy? Making a girl wait for so long is not what a gentleman should do. So, what is your response to the beautiful young girl’s proposal?”

Camille didn’t look as though she planned to wait for me. Instead, she held Irina’s hand out before me as if she was trying to stab my face with her hand. With my gaze on Irina, I desperately retreated. I then dryly laughed and replied, “R-Response to what…? I don’t know… I mean, I’m married… I have wives, and even my child is old enough to call me ‘dad.’ So, sorry, I can’t accept this kind offer.”

Irina looked up with surprise: “You already have a wife?”

“Yes. My child has grown up. I have four cute daughters,” I replied in a flustered manner, smiling helplessly. “Miss Irina is very pretty and kind. To me, Miss Irina is a very charming girl. I would have been happy to accept Irina if I wasn’t married. Actually, I might have even taken the initiative to confess to you.”

“Really…?” asked Irina, with a helplessly smile. She then sadly wiped her eyes. She turned back to look at her mom: “It can’t be helped, Mom. All we can say that I was one step late. As Troy is already married, I should not continue clinging to him. Sorry.”

“No, no, no, it’s all right; rather, I am very happy to know that you would confess to me. It is just that we don’t have the fortune of being with each other,” I said with a smile. I thought, “This should resolve it, right? After all, it was Irina who gave up. Therefore, this matter should end here.”

I looked at Camille with a polite smile then glanced over Dragon Mom to signal for help. Mom didn’t seem to say anything, however. That was not what I expected…

Camille responded, “That is fine. That is not an issue. I think that, as long as there is love, it is no big deal as to who is first or after. As you said that you would have confessed to Irina, I do not think that it is too late.”

“What are you saying…? I have children…” I said with a helpless smile.

I felt the need to explain to Camille what shame and the elves view of love was. Given she lived with the elves and was a jealous creature, she’d tell her daughter to snatch another’s love by force. Actually, she wasn’t encouraging her daughter to steal another’s love; she basically told her daughter to be a third party.

Righteously, Camille explained, “Isn’t that perfect, then? Since you can have a child with your wife, you can have a child with Irina, too. After all, the one Irina needs right now is you, King Troy. Or rather, it is not just Irina who needs you. King Troy, our entire race needs you. As you can see, all of our male dragons perished in the internal war. Without you, we would not be able to continue reproducing. While there are anthropoids and elves, they are not our pure-blooded dragons at the end of the day. Irina is not a pure-blooded dragon. If we continue reproducing with other races besides dragons, we will only give birth to descendants with less pure dragon blood. Subsequently, the dragon bloodline will become inferior and inferior. You are different, though. You are a pure-blooded dragon. I believe your children’s dragon blood will be much purer after several generations. But the minimum requirement is the first generation receives a pure dragon’s blood.”

“No, no, no… Hang on… Please let me clear this up… I’m not saying that I don’t care about your issue. What I mean is… this… mm… how do I put it…? I don’t hate Irina. It’s just…. just… What I mean is… I’m married and have children. If I have children with Irina, I’d be betraying my wife. If I get together with Irina when I don’t love her, it’s irresponsible of me toward Irina… I don’t think… Irina and I can be together just to have children…”

I had no idea what I was saying. I merely desperately grabbed any words that came to mind. I knew I wanted to refuse. My mind was filled with images of Lucia, Nier, Ling Yue and my daughters.

I said in my mind, “I have my most beloved wives and children. I can’t do this. I can’t have children with a dragon. It’s impossible. Why, though, why do I feel so dizzy? Why is it virtually impossible for me to speak… Why…? I’m not startled… Neither am I so shocked that I’m lost for words. I’m just… starting to feel dizzy… Does this have to do with the alcohol? Was it too strong?”

“That’s fine, that’s fine. That does not matter. I am sure you two will find love together in the future. I am sure you two will find happiness and the love you want when you’re together. Look at you two. Look at you. You are both young and healthy. You are both at the age where you should be falling in love. This is the perfect time for you to establish a family. You are at the perfect age to save the dragon race. Troy, Irina is our dragon race’s flower we are most proud of. We are now giving you said flower. We hope you can do something for our dragon race.”

I wanted to shake my head, but my entire body felt weak. I felt too weak to do anything. With that, I could clearly feel what it was what I wanted. I knew what I wanted most right then. I wanted my Nier and Lucia. I yearned for that wildness and stimulation with Nier every night more than anything at that moment. I began to desire intercourse. I wanted Nier in heat. Perhaps somewhere other than Nier would be fine, too… I just needed her to replace Nier.

My mind went blank. All I could think of was Nier’s body, Lucia’s body and more bodies. I even recalled the time I did it with Dragon Mom. I didn’t want to listen to anybody speak anymore, and I didn’t want to speak myself. All I wanted was to sleep with any dragon. Any would do.

A smile crept up on Camille’s face. Dragon Mom didn’t wear any expression. She continued drinking in silence. She wasn’t even willing to spare Camille a look. Instead, she looked elsewhere. Irina looked to her mom then at me and panicked a little. The other dragons all showed looks of slight regret and concern. Some even wished for a drink.

“Oh, it appears Troy is not used to our alcohol here. It turns that he is already drunk. I am very sorry. He is supposed to be our main guest, but it seems he has to leave first. I believe Queen Sylvanas is willing to continue drinking with us. Irina, take Troy back to his room first. I shall stay here with everyone.”

“Oh… All right…”

Irina looked as though she had resolved to do something. She took in a deep breath and then approached me. She wore a determined expression as though she was a revolutionary moments before dying a martyr. She supported me using her hand. When we made contact, I felt as though an electric current ran through me. Everything in the past replayed in my mind. I wanted to push the woman in front of me down. My first reaction upon seeing her refined face was a desire to get on top of her and ravage her. I wanted to do something to her. I wanted to keep her by my side for eternity. I even… Wanted… to… have a child… with her…

My brain was completely muddled: “Why do I feel a tinge of unease though? Why? I no longer know who I am… Why do I still feel uneasy? Is there some consequence waiting for me? What am I worried about? What do I need to worry about? I have no idea, and I don’t care. Isn’t a young girl in front of me right now? Isn’t she what I want?’

Camille proudly looked at her fellow dragons. She raised her cup up with a smile and said, “Nobody can resist against a drink brewed from Irina’s holy water that’s enhanced with magic and an aphrodisiac fruit combined with the holy water leaked from an oestrus female. No such person in this world exists. Nobody can resist it no matter how mentally strong they may be. That young man’s mind will be filled with Irina, alone, after one cup. I am sure my daughter will like him. I am sure he and my daughter will gain something. I am sure the hope of our entire dragon rest rests on their shoulders. I am sure Queen Sylvanas did not bring Troy here merely for a holiday.”

“I only agreed this once. If you dare to tie my son down with this for life, I will scorch this place tomorrow. I agreed to this just this once. If my son doesn’t develop feelings for Irina after this, I’m returning with him.”



Irina was nervous, but she was more so excited and emotional as she unlocked the door. Two dragons threw themselves at their prey in the room.


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