Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 71

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 5)

The other dragons weren’t what I imagined, or rather, the horde of dragons was different to what I imagined. My impression of them was creatures overflowing with pride and self-esteem, yet I found that not to be the case. The vibe they gave me was identical to ordinary elves. I didn’t notice anything special about them. Some dragons were even too shy to speak to me. With that said, it was just as Dragon Mom said: they were all female dragons.

I couldn’t identify their gender when they were in their dragon form. Nevertheless, once they changed to their elven form, it was self-explanatory. They were all females. They all looked at me with eagerness, including the ones who were too shy to dare speak to me. I had no idea if that was their nature or if they were just curious about me. Either way, I truly felt as though I was the sheep in the dragon’s den, meaning I felt I could be eaten at any moment.

Dragon Mom was right; I could be gobbled up at any given moment. Dragon Mom was initially slightly unhappy, but she cheered up a little after she saw so many of her kin that she could speak with. She was immersed in talking to her dragon kin. She was very happy to see traces of dragons having once lived.

Despite Mom looking down on the dragons, even she was willing to forsake her firm stance when facing off against loneliness. Therefore, she joined the dragons and conversed with them, tried out food the dragon race brought somewhere and she thought it was very tasty.

If I was being honest, I didn’t think the food was tasty in any capacity.

I finally saw enough dragons. Honestly speaking, I lost all interest in dragons. They didn’t have any goals. Mom said female dragons usually didn’t have any desire for war, and it was true. That was why the female dragons were safe to keep in the North; they wouldn’t harm the North. Next, was the biggest question, which was, “Will Dragon Mom stay here?”

Our welcoming ceremony had been completed. I assumed Camille and Irina, both of whom were next to me, would bring it up next. Camille wanted to know if Mom would stay or not. Camille believed Mom would be able to bring glory to the entire race if she stayed there due to her pure-blood. Further, she believed Mom could make the dragon race powerful again.

The silver dragon, Camille, and the black dragon, Dragon Mom, shared the same thought. They both wanted to revive the powerful dragon race. I suddenly felt I needed to prevent Dragon Mom staying, for the revival of the dragon race would definitely require me… As Mom said, a male dragon was mandatory to their race’s revival…

No, no, no, I’m not a male dragon. I was either human or elf. I was completely unlike a dragon, wasn’t I? Dragon Mom alone was too much for me. If I had to deal with the other dragons, too, I couldn’t accept it. Furthermore, I had no interest in signing on to be a reproduction tool. I couldn’t plant my seeds in them when I didn’t love them! I wasn’t some sort of seed-planting machine.

I had four daughters already, and that was enough. I didn’t have any desire to have another child. My four daughters were enough for me. I didn’t reckon I could flee without Dragon Mom, since I was a sheep in a tiger’s mouth.

Dragon Mom said the same thing. After she saw everyone, she whispered to me, “Son, you must remember not to walk around alone. These dragons have all somewhat changed after seeing you. These dragons can no longer withstand their loneliness. On top of that, they’re all aroused at the moment. If you appear alone, there’s a chance they’ll ambush and kidnap you.”

“Mom, don’t you think that the place we’re staying is extremely scary, too? Speaking of which… I touched Irina… Irina felt aroused… Moreover, there’s the silver dragon. If the dragon race is very frightening right now, wouldn’t it be incredibly scary to be living with two dragons?”

“No, it’s all right, because she has a husband, thus won’t have sexual feelings for you. Even if she does, she won’t act on them. She can still contain herself. I’m the way I am, for the reason that you’re my son, and a mom can do it with her son. As for Irina, do you think that she’s a problem?”

I didn’t think I needed to feel torn over any sort of strange problem anymore. I didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what Mom’s point was.

Mom explained, “Isn’t Irina quite pretty? Also, she’s not a bad fit for your age. Plus, she’s a virgin with a decent body. She may not be a pure-blooded dragon, but her elven blood isn’t overwhelming. Your children with her will be able to regain pure-blooded dragon status after a few generations.”

“Huh?” I looked at Mom with an utterly confused look. I was absolutely bewildered. I had no idea what she was trying to say.  I thought, “This is different to what she initially said, isn’t it..? Didn’t she tell me to guard myself? Didn’t she say to protect myself? How did this happen…? This is totally different to what you said… What are you trying to do..?”

As I watched for Mom’s reaction, I questioned, “What exactly are you saying? Mom, I’m somewhat confused as to what you’re trying to do… Didn’t you say I’d be in danger? Wouldn’t being with Irina mean dipping myself into danger?”

“No. Son, don’t you really like women? I thought you’d like Irina? After all, don’t you really like lustful dragons?” asked Dragon Mom, expression startled. Her reaction seemed to suggest she was utterly baffled as to why I’d reject the idea. She inquired, “Son, you have so many wives already, would you really mind having another? Also, if you don’t like women, how could you have so many wives? You already have four daughters, so wouldn’t it be good to have a son, as well?”

“What in the world are you saying, Mom?! Am I that sort of person to you?!!! That’s not how I am! I have feelings for the women around me. Do you know what Lucia, Nier and Ling Yue went through with me? We’re deeply in love with each other, because we went through so much. I don’t just get together with anybody at random. Irina and I don’t have any feelings for each other.”

Dragon Mom replied, “Isn’t that just because nothing has happened with you and Irina? Whatever the case is, no matter how much happens between you and other women, normally speaking, you should only love one woman. By that logic, you’d exclusively love Lucia; nevertheless, you already have so many women. Would you mind having Irina as another? Although Mommy wanted an egg, Mommy doesn’t think that you can accept that. As such, Mommy felt that Irina could after meeting her. She should perfectly suit your tastes, right? She is a good girl, after all. Mommy thinks you and her can have a relationship.”

“Huh?” I was absolutely aghast: “Mom, what in the world are you saying? I honestly don’t want to develop any feelings for her. My daughter is calling me ‘dad’ now. How could I have another relationship now? Yes, Irina is a pretty girl, but I don’t have the teeniest bit of interest in her. She’s nothing more than a cute girl to me. This has nothing to do with whether or not I can accept it, but whether or not my wives can accept it!! It’s impossible for them to accept me bringing back a dragon…”

“You don’t have to take her back. You just need to leave her with an egg. Son, do you remember that we came here this time to see if the dragon race could be revived? The dragons here aren’t good news to Mommy. They don’t have a male dragon, either. If this continues on, these dragons will grow more and emotionally unstable. In turn, that will cause them to become more and more maniacal before vanishing. Mommy has experienced it before. I saw my mom’s race vanish one by one due to that, leaving just me alone. Son, you just need to give them some hope. You just need to have a child with Irina.”

Feeling hopeless, I covered my forehead with my hand: “I can’t… Mom… I think you may not quite understand my feelings… I’m not willing to do this… I truly don’t have any feelings for Irina…”

“Is that an affirmative ‘no’?”

“It’s an affirmative ‘no’.”

Although Mom’s expression was upsetting to me, I had to refuse. I wholeheartedly couldn’t accept it. I certainly did have lots of women. Still, that didn’t mean I’d accept anybody. As I said before, I sincerely loved my women, and they sincerely loved me, as we went through enough tribulations together. What about Irina and me? We met once. I was dead certain that not even Irina could accept the idea.

“All right, then,” replied Mom. She sighed with a hint of disappointment and then rubbed my head. Poignant, she added, “Nothing we can do, then. Mommy can’t force you against your will. In saying that, Son, since you aren’t willing to do this, you must stay alert. Mommy won’t do anything to you, but if Camille wants to do something, she’ll definitely be scheming something.”


Irina at the present time…

“Mom,” called Irina. She walked up to Camille and sighed. Irina tightly gripped her dress. Change that to scales. She expressed, “Mom… I want… I can’t resist anymore… I really want… I want Troy… I want Troy.”

“It’s pointless to tell me that. You need to tell Troy.”

“But… but… I… I…”

“If you don’t dare to, then Mommy shall help you…”


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