Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 70

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 4)

“Good morning, Son. You don’t look too good.”

I smiled helplessly.  Nobody would be able to sleep in peace after such an experience, right…? If an initially gentle and cute girl turned sex-crazed all of a sudden in front of you, you would feel as though their mind was broken, right? Furthermore, the young girl clearly wanted to do something to me. I was scared all night. I was afraid Irina would kick the door down and jump me. I even dreamt of it. No, it wasn’t a wet dream but a nightmare through and through. It was a nightmare that determined life and death.

The first thing I did upon waking up the next day was ensuring that I was okay, my clothes were still as they were supposed to be, and that there was nobody weird next to me. Only then did I leave in peace.

Dragon Mom looked at my face and touched it with a look of concern: “Son, are you not used to life here?”

“Not exactly…”

I smiled. I decided to not tell Mom. It wasn’t intentional on Irina’s part. She must’ve been aroused, because of my male gender. It was a normal phenomenon. I couldn’t criticise her for something that was normal.

I then heard footsteps from my side. Dragon Mom and I were standing in the main hall. We turned around to see Irina and Camille coming over. Irina’s expression immediately changed when she saw me, and she lowered her head, causing me to feel awkward, too. Dragon Mom’s eyes stopped on Irina and my faces. She seemed to be startled. Camille didn’t show any reaction. Instead, she greeted us with a smile, “Good morning, Sylvanas and Troy. Did you sleep well last night?”

“Not bad.” I nodded.

“Fortunately for us, our scales can be cleaned conveniently, but you have to wash your clothes, right? Don’t stand on ceremony with us. Sylvanas is your mother and of the same race as us. This place can, therefore, be considered your home. You can let Irina wash your clothes. How about it, Irina?”

After her mom called her, Irina panicked and raised her head to respond, “Ah… I… I can do that…”

Camille smiled and touched Irina’s head. Dragon Mom didn’t comment.  Frankly, I initially didn’t have anything to say, either. I went through so much yesterday. It was a long journey in the wild to get there, so my clothes were dirty. I had just changed my clothes. My next set of clothes was in the room. I was initially planning to wash my clothes on my own, but I couldn’t say “no” after they offered to wash it. Still, I was worried when I looked at the state that Irina was in… I was worried about Irina doing something in my room… With that said, my worry was a little rude, wasn’t it?

Irina wasn’t that sort of person by nature. She was only aroused, because of her dragon nature. It wasn’t Irina’s fault. I was sure that she didn’t want to do that. Thus, I chose to trust her. Plus, I had to take the initiative to get intimate with her for her to get aroused. She’d be fine if I didn’t touch her, then.

“Do you have any plans today?” asked Dragon Mom.

I shook my head to indicate that I was fine with doing anything. Honestly speaking, I wanted to see more dragons. I wanted to know more stories about them. I wanted to deepen my understanding of all kinds of dragons. I wanted to know what they were thinking.

“I plan to see more dragons.”

“I see,” replied Camille, nodding to signal it was fine for me to do so. She also provided me with a map.

I could see that the dragon race were fearful of cohabiting; hence, they still required an alliance even then. A horde of dragons didn’t live together, either. They needed to put some distance between each other. I didn’t know how large the forest was, but it was essentially fertile land to adventurers. All they had to do was defeat the dragons guarding the caves and infinite wealth was theirs to be had. They might not be able to defeat them, having said that.

Dragon Mom gave her thanks and then bid Camille goodbye. I exited the cave. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, but I lost interest in dragons’ meals after recalling the breakfasts Dragon Mom previously prepared for me. I’d rather eat wild fruits in the forest.

I had Lucia to thank. In the past, I couldn’t distinguish between edible and inedible things, but Lucia taught me by the hand. For example, the dark red fruit underneath the tree was edible; but nonetheless, you couldn’t eat too much of it. It could induce drowsiness, so eat too much and you’d pass out. I grabbed a handful of them and tossed one by one into my mouth. Mom watched me, and then had one herself. She asked, “Will you be all right eating things at random? How about Mommy prepare a deer for you.”

“I’m all right, Mom. This fruit is edible. Lucia is from the Shadow Squad. She, therefore, was trained to live in the wild. She taught me this stuff. Speaking of deer… Mom, can we go back to the village? The White Deer King is still there. I think she’s very angry by now…”

If I was the White Deer King, I’d be pissed. After all, it was noon. We arrived around sunrise and woke up after some shut eye. From the White Deer King’s perspective, we fundamentally left her in the village to have fun on our own all day and forgot her… I needed to go and pick her up.

Dragon Mom nodded. Judging from her expression, she had already completely forgotten about the White Deer King. If I didn’t remember her, I think we’d suddenly discover we were missing something when we got back to the palace. I wouldn’t be surprised if the White Deer King stormed my Imperial Palace with a group of deer if I left her behind.

Dragon Mom transformed into her dragon form, and I climbed onto her back again. We flew toward the village.

I told myself, “I have to bring the White Deer King with me from now on no matter what I do.”

I didn’t have any complaints about today’s schedule. It was a perfect opportunity to deal with the dragons.


Irina at the present time…

“Is this… the scent of a man…?”

Irina fully mentally prepared herself before she entered the room Troy stayed in. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t been in a man’s room before, since she had to enter Inard’s room to take care of him. However, she had never feared entering a room so much.

Irina took in a deep breath, smelling the scent in the room. She could no longer hold her breath. It was merely the scent of a man in the room, but nevertheless, very addicting. She felt she would feel aroused again if she continued breathing.

Irina peered inside the room and discovered a pile of clothes still lying on the bed. She let out a breath of relief, for she was glad Troy didn’t toss clothing all over the place. He was exceptionally tidy for a member of an imperial family. All of his stuff was neatly arranged, and so were his clothes. Irina picked them up.


“Crap!!!” I belted out of nowhere, startling Mom and causing her wings to tilt.

After I shouted, I turned to turn around. I suddenly remembered that my underwear was in that pile of clothing! A scary question came to mind: what will happen to Irina if she gets her hands on it…?


Irina reached out with her shaky hand to pick up the short bit of fabric. It was no big deal, as it wasn’t as if she never touched briefs before. Nevertheless, Irina could feel her heart gradually racing more and more. She looked at the briefs she picked up before she realised. Her mind went blank. She went limp on the bed. She breathed in the dangerous scent, and that feeling rose up inside her again.

Irina’s legs went weak again, while her body began to heat up. She suddenly had a daring idea. She slowly lifted the pair of briefs up to her nose. Her mind suddenly went blank; those love hearts instantly appeared in her eyes again. Everything was as it was yesterday. She went limp on the bed. All of her scales vanished. She held the briefs up to her nose and sniffed it with all her might. She even bit the briefs and continued sniffing them. Her fingers also began to move on the bed. This time, she was more stimulated than yesterday. It felt totally different to yesterday. Yesterday, she was on the ice-cold floor, but she was on a warm bed this time. Not to mention the warmth came from Troy’s body.

Troy’s warmth and smell enveloped Irina. It was more stimulating than yesterday and felt much more ecstatic. She didn’t want to do it yesterday. She even reminded herself not to do it this time.

All Irina could think was, “I told myself that I needed to live as an upright person. I have to… Forget it… This isn’t bad, either… This is so nice…, so blissful… Being able to smell this scent and feel this warmth is such a rewarding feeling that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. This is the first time I’ve felt so good. It feels unbelievably good. Every cell in all of my organs is moaning with bliss. This feels too good. It’s so good…”

Irina began to desperately rub and feel herself. She wanted it deeper inside her, but that was as long as a human hand was; the same applied for the fingers.

“It feels so good, so why do I still feel so empty? Every time that it feels the best, it feels as though I’ve entered an abyss and am unable to reach the peak. Why? Why does something feel missing no matter how I sniff, kiss or suck?” questioned Irina. Her instincts told her, “This isn’t enough! This isn’t enough! This isn’t enough! This isn’t enough! It’s nowhere near enough! Once more, once more, once more.”

Irina found out for the first time that she had so much water in her. She indulged in it for some time before she eventually came back to her senses. She was stunned to discover that she passed out at some point. She swiftly sat up and looked at her lower body. She was dumbfounded. Her face turned red. She quickly got off the bed, but almost dropped to her knees. She couldn’t support her own weight. She picked up the wet briefs in a flustered manner. She pulled the blanket and bed sheet over and then darted out the door.


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