Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 58

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 19)

Mommy Elizabeth sat with one leg over the other. She coldly looked at Vyvyan, who was opposite her, and frowned. She complained, “I can’t get along with this woman! I thought you wanted Mommy to help you, Son. That’s totally fine. Mommy can help relieve you of your pressure. Mommy should do so, but what’s with this woman, Son? You didn’t mention this elf in your letter.”

“No, I didn’t…” My voice sounded weak.

My two moms had prepared to unite already, yet they were still hostile to each other. Vyvyan indifferently snorted: “There’s a procedure for everything. A tree needs to have branches before there can be leaves. A flower must have petals to bloom. You, on the other hand, don’t even know what procedure means. I received my son’s letter first, and I arrived first, yet you are acting as though you have the right to be saying you can’t get along with me. Do you have any shame, you know, that stuff you humans have?”

Elizabeth slammed her hand on the table and stood up. She snickered: “I can’t believe you have the audacity to say that. My son’s letter was addressed to his mom. He asked his mom for help. You think you have the prerogative to appear by my son’s side? You think you can help him? Tell me what you can do.”

Vyvyan coldly replied, “I can learn if I don’t know. Even if I have to learn, I’ll learn before you can. Nobody is born capable of everything. I taught my son how to eat with a spoon up until now. Tell me again what you did during that time. I can’t believe you still think you’re his mom. You didn’t even fulfil the obligations of a mother, and you think you qualify to be talking about being a mom?”

“Okay, okay, Moms…”

“You only have one mom!” exclaimed both of my moms in unison, startling me.

The two of them appeared to notice they gave me a fright, so they stopped quarrelling. Instead, they sat down there while shooting off their anger.

I admit it was my mistake. I shouldn’t have hid the fact that I asked them both to come in the letters… Actually, if I did inform them, I think the situation would be even worse. They might’ve fought just to see who’d get to come.

The truth of the matter was that the two of them had a very good relationship. I believe they both came here in high spirits and cheerfully when they received my letter. After all, they both wanted to stay by my side and take care of me. But alas, the presence of the other rained on their parades. The blissful life they imagined was shattered. The huge contradiction to what they envisioned encouraged their bickering.

Seeing the two of them stop talking, I forced a smile. It was my problem, no question about it. It was my only choice, though. The both of them needed to be present. Else, they’d be biased. I needed both of them present to keep the other in check.

“Listen to me, uhh, Empress and Queen… Um… I called you here this time, because I have a situation that’s beyond me. At present, I have too many things to sort out. I’m referring to the work related to the alliance… I have something I must leave to deal with. During my absence, I will need you two to handle the matters pertaining to the alliance. I’m sure you’re both capable of handling the matters. I’ll also be leaving Freya behind… Of course, I am making this request of you two as monarchs…”

Because neither of them acknowledged the other, I couldn’t say I was pleading them as their son.

The two looked at me and quickly nodded. I then smiled helplessly: “Of course, there’s one more request I’d like to make as family, and that is for you two to look after my children and wives. I shouldn’t have to go too far this time. I’m just making a trip northwest. There won’t be any danger involved, either.”

Elizabeth stated, “Son, I want to know where you’re going.”

I stopped to think before replying, “I’m not sure, either, as I’m going to search for a place. I only have a rough idea of where it is. Thus, I can’t say for sure. It shouldn’t be very difficult, though, neither should it take too long.”

“Uhm… Will it be dangerous?” Elizabeth didn’t seem to be concerned with what exactly I was doing. Her question about my safety must’ve been what she wanted to know most.

I responded, “It should be very safe, so you don’t need to worry. I’m going to search for a horde of dragons. Hence, I’ll be bringing the Dragon with me. She’s very powerful, so I should be safe.”

Elizabeth nodded.  Elizabeth didn’t know dragons very well, but Vyvyan had respect and fear for them. Dragons were truly a very powerful species. More specifically, Elizabeth’s attitude towards Dragon Mom wasn’t the best. After all, Dragon Mom once made a request that was impossible to accept.

Vyvyan seemed to be trying to give me encouragement: “It shouldn’t be dangerous. While dragons are very powerful, it’s possible to communicate with them. You can search for them, Son. Notify Mommy once you locate them. Mommy will team up with Ying to slay them. They are a serious threat to the continent, after all. One dragon is plenty. Of course, I don’t want to keep even one around.”

As an elf, Mommy Vyvyan still harboured animosity towards dragons. In addition, Vyvyan wanted to kill the woman who was intimate with me. That being said, I was strongly against the notion of slaying the dragons. To be precise, I didn’t want to kill them before they were hostile to me.

“If there are no mishaps, we shouldn’t fight in our own territory. If one dragon can create such uproar, a horde might do something bigger. Furthermore, the dragon is going with my son this time. If something happens, the dragon may not side with my son. Therefore, you can ignore what this woman said. It’s better to avoid conflict with the dragons.”

Elizabeth made a very rational statement. That was what I had in mind. Unlike with humanity, we still needed to balance out the balance of power in the North. Since Mommy Vyvyan didn’t have to worry about that, she didn’t care about killing or sparing. She didn’t consider the consequences. So accordingly, I should bear Elizabeth’s suggestion in mind.

Vyvyan irritably scratched her head. That was a gesture Vyvyan performed when she realised she was wrong but was unwilling to admit it.

I smiled. Then, I walked up to my moms’ sides. I held their hands and said, “Moms… Don’t argue with me until I finish. Are you two willing to help me? I know your relationship is not bad. I need you two to stay here at home to take care of my wives and children on top of maintaining our alliance. I know I suggested the alliance, but it’s not too good if I leave by myself now. At the same time, I can’t delay this any longer.”

Mommy Elizabeth grabbed hold of my hand and spoke up first: “No problem. No problem. If you can’t take it, just leave it to me, Son. I’m your mom. I’ll definitely help you.  Mommy will help you despite this woman being here, too!”

Vyvyan touched my head with a smile: “No problem. While Mommy doesn’t like this human, Mommy will do the best Mommy can. That’s how a mom is supposed to be. Son, if you don’t act wilful with Mommy, what’s the point of Mommy’s existence?”

Elizabeth and Vyvyan reached an agreement in a way. I knew their relationship hadn’t completely broken down. They would be decently friendly with each other if it wasn’t for me. There shouldn’t be a problem with them handling work in my absence. With my two moms at the palace, it’d be easy to resolve any issues Nier and Lucia might have, since they were family.

Everything in the Imperial Palace was sorted. I left early to let Mommy Elizabeth sleep earlier. I sent Mommy Elizabeth to her room. I saw her standing in the room, looking at me with a somewhat shy expression. I knew that what happened between us caused our interactions to be awkward when we were alone. Elizabeth always recalled what happened when we were together.

I wasn’t keen to get intimate under the sheets with her then, having said that… Honestly, I was spent. After I finished with Dragon Mom, Mommy Vyvyan tortured me again.  I wouldn’t even be able to do it with Nier if I wanted to. Plus, Elizabeth wasn’t Vyvyan. Elizabeth was very shy. She didn’t want to do it. They were literally copies of Nier and Lucia.

Mommy Elizabeth genuinely looked tired. I admit that it greatly saddened me. Mommy Elizabeth wasn’t as physically healthy as she was when she was younger. She had gone through so much that the exhaustion was slowly creeping in. While her appearance didn’t age, her body did.

I obtained an unknown lifespan length through my Dragon Mom’s dragon blood. My former body didn’t provide me with a long lifespan due to my half-human nature. My lifespan should presumably have been normal after obtaining dragon blood. I couldn’t confirm how long it is, but that was the beauty of life. You never know when you’ll die. That’s why you try so hard to live.

I contemplated, “If possible, I’d like to find something from the dragons that can extend Mommy Elizabeth’s lifespan. Since dragon blood works, can I assume there’s something else which it can be replaced with?”


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