Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 57

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 18)

“So, you have to go out again?” asked Lucia, with a soft sight. She gently patted Nona, who was in her arms: “Did you not say that you wouldn’t be leaving again? I thought you were serious. I guess that means I was stupid for believing you.”

I smiled helplessly. Then, I touched Lucia’s head. I looked at the ahoge on Lucia’s head twitch and explained, “Sorry, Lucia. I promise that I won’t be going anywhere dangerous this time, though. I’m not going to some strange place, either. I promise I’ll be in the North. I’m just heading northwest.”

Lucia didn’t buy any of it. She then sighed again: “Your Highness, do you still not understand? It doesn’t matter where you go. Once you leave, you’ll definitely be at risk… I won’t stop you this time, either, but I hope you bring Ying with you.”

“Is Ying already capable of being a bodyguard?”

I was quite surprised.  I wasn’t informed of Ying’s situation. She was still training with Tanya. Honestly, the two of them were very compatible. Because Tanya was a child, the majority of people disrespected her to a degree. However, as she was the captain, they had to respect her on a surface level; they couldn’t get serious when a kid was imposing upon them. Ying’s case was different, though. Ying was a serious girl; therefore, she acknowledged Tanya as her leader for as long as Tanya was her captain. Further, she genuinely respected her on the surface and deep down. Tanya was also very happy to be respected, so the two of them would get along very well.

“Although she hasn’t completely graduated, Ying can counter magical species. So accordingly, by bringing Ying along, you will be safer if you run into magical species.”

Lucia sighed, and then looked at me with a hopeless expression. She seemed to have completely given up on dissuading me. The worst insult a man could suffer is making his wife reveal an expression of utter despair as Lucia did. I sighed. I gently hugged my wife. Nona, who was between us, looked at Lucia and I with a smile. If my memory does me justice, that was the first time we were so close.

Nona reached out to grab our chests. She giggled and tried to get me to come closer. Unfortunately, I was going to have to leave her behind for some time. I gave Nona a kiss on her forehead: “If we were in the past, I’d definitely bring Ying, but I can’t bring her this time. I’ll bring Dragon Mom this time. You should know that dragons are the strongest species, so I’ll definitely be safe.”

Lucia smiled: “I feel more reassured after hearing that. With that said, Your Highness, you still haven’t told me where you are going. Is there some secret place in the North that you can’t tell me about or are you going to search for another woman? I am at my limit with that, you know? Your children are this old already, so if you go out there and mess around with more women, you’re ridiculous.”

I shook my head with a hopeless smile: “Lucia, I will never do that again. I will never hurt you again. I don’t have the foggiest idea as to where I’m going this time. More precisely, I’m not sure of the exact location. All I know is that I’m heading somewhere northwest. I’m going to search for Dragon Mom’s dragon kin. I’m searching for the dragons in the N-”

“Stop!!” yelled Lucia, with a frown before I could finish.

Nona wasn’t the only one who was frightened, because I was startled, too. Lucia continued in a loud voice, “Are you out of your mind?! The dragon race is the elven race’s fiercest nemesis! Do you not know that already?! The dragon race is very dangerous for male elves, such as you!! Countless elves have died to them. Dragons are elves’ born nemesis! We even designated their territory out as out of bounds, yet here you are approaching them on your own accord?! Are you crazy?!”

“No… I mean, you’re right… But look at Dragon Mom. I don’t think it’s that dangerous…”

“Queen Sylvanas is a different sort of dragon! If you and Queen Sylvanas weren’t related, do you not think that she would’ve killed you?!”

Lucia had always viewed dragons as very dangerous existences. It was only fair, though, as all elves consider dragons to be dangerous wild beasts. After all, they had always been at odds with dragons. Dragons had victimised countless elves. As a pure-blooded elf, it was only natural that she was afraid of dragons. I didn’t consider them that scary, nevertheless.

“I don’t think they’re that frightening…”

“I can’t stop you if you insist on going, but I adamantly ask that you take Ying with you. Ying is the only person who can slay dragons. Furthermore, if you see a dragon, can you guarantee that Queen Sylvanas will stay on your side? If the dragons attack you, who will Queen Sylvanas help?” asked Lucia. Stern, she continued, “Perhaps I sound as though I am crossing the line by saying this, but nonetheless, you must be wary of dragons. They have always been a race that attacked us, and that fact still stands. Normally speaking, there are only two sorts of people who would search for dragons. The first type is the type who wants to slay a dragon. The other is those who no longer want to live. You have children now. What need is there for you to go there?”

Lucia sounded truly very vigilant and prejudice against the dragon race. I think Lucia would consider it for the best if Dragon Mom wasn’t in the North. I sighed and touched her head. In a soft voice, I said, “It’s fine, it’s fine…”

“That’s your attitude every time!!” exclaimed Lucia, before I could finish. “You do this time and time again. You always try to placate me with gentle words, and then run into danger. In the end, I’m left worried sick! This attitude of yours angers me, but what can I do?!! I’m your wife! All I can do is wait here! You never just go and do things; instead, you tell me first, and then you leave me worried by myself!! You always say, ‘it’s all right, it’s all right.’ You think that puts me at ease?! I’ve told you before, but you refuse to listen to me! I tell you it’s dangerous, but you insist on going!! You don’t care about anything!! We’re never part of your concerns!!”

Lucia literally roared out all of her inner thoughts. Once she was done shouting, I was truly scared she’d throw Nona straight onto the ground in her emotional state. However, she continued to tightly hug her daughter and sit onto the bed. She looked away. I walked over to her. Nona looked at her mom fearfully. She reached out to me, wanting to go to me. Lucia wouldn’t let go, though. I pressed my hand on Lucia’s shoulder. Before I could speak, she spoke out first, albeit facing her back to me: “Sorry, Your Highness, I got a little bit too worked up… I got a bit too wilful… Your Highness. I am your wife… I already feel very blissful that I got to marry you… I can’t ask for so much… If you have to consider things out there and us at the same time, you won’t be able to do anything. You just have to do what you want to do. I’m happy as long as you can come back. I will wait for your return here… I just want you to come back.”

I couldn’t hold my feelings in anymore, so I pulled her into my embrace. I tightly hugged her from behind and stroked her face. I could feel her cold tears on my hands. Lucia bit down on her lip to avoid her sobs being heard while she finished what she wanted to say. I subconsciously hugged her and rested my head on her shoulder, “Lucia… Please… don’t be so understanding, okay…? It hurts me so much… when you’re so understanding… How can I leave when you’re so understanding…? Sorry… Lucia… I know that it’s meaningless for me to say any more… I know that my apology is pointless, but I can promise that I’ll be back as soon as I can, and I promise to come back safe and sound. I will definitely return to you and our girls!”

“I’m not understanding… I’m not… I’m your wife… So I should think this way and do this… I’m your wife, so I must ensure everything I do is for you…” replied Lucia. Her body quivered a little, but she remained in my arms. In a soft voice, she carried on, “I’m your wife… I’m now the wife of the Prince I love most… That’s why I must do what’s best for you… But why…? Why…? Why do I feel that life has become tougher after marrying you…?”


“I don’t want to hear your apology… It makes me sound as though I’m burdening you…”

Lucia turned her head around to gently kiss my lips. She then pushed my arms away and stood up. She placed Nona into her crib. Being sleepy, Nona yawned, and then shut her eyes. She grabbed onto her sister’s arm.

Lucia gently stroked her daughters’ heads and, with her back facing me, said, “What can I do? I love you too much. I know I should be angry about these things. I know that I should be angry about you not being considerate of me. But despite that, my mind is blank when I see you. I just want to be by your side… I feel I’m already living in bliss when I think about my current circumstance… Therefore, I can’t think of anything. Your Highness, you must be careful out there… You must come back, Your Highness, you must. My Prince… Safe travels.”


I got to my feet and gave Lucia a light hug. She had suffered too much. She went through so much for my sake. It was time she experienced bliss, yet I kept taking advantage of her love and patience. As long as she was by my side, however, she’d be able to wait forever and love forever.

“I’ve never disappointed you, Lucia. Never.”


*Ahoge – It’s what’s commonly seen in Japanese anime and manga. It’s the single strand of hair that sticks out from the top of the characters’ heads. At the top of my head, Konohana Kitan’s Yuzu has one.


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