My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 02 Ch. 27

Lucia was very welcomed by Veirya… Of course, Veirya was expressionless and didn’t go the extra mile by any means. It even took me a long time to explain to Lucia what had just happened. In saying that, I was certain that it was futile… But, to not be met with Veirya’s sword drawn upon entering was a grand welcoming in itself.

Very soon, another knock came from the door. Veirya jumped to her feet and drew her sword, consequently frightening Lucia, which almost led to her spitting her wine out. She frantically looked at Veirya and drew her dagger, “What’s wrong, Veirya? Did you offend somebody to react as if a powerful enemy has arrived? Could the Demon King have resurrected to come for revenge?”

“The Demon King would be easy for her to deal with.”

I smiled helplessly. I went to the door and pulled it open. On the other side of the door was Angelina, who was wearing a smile and Leah in her arms, who looked at me with a cheerful expression. With a smile, Leah exclaimed, “Papa, Papa! Leah did it!! Leah wasn’t afraid. Leah asked a soldier to call Sister Angelina! Leah did it! Leah didn’t get scared!! Papa, isn’t Leah amazing?!!”

I caressed Leah’s head with a smile. I took Leah from Angelina’s arms, and then put her on the ground. I then looked back at Angelina, “This is a bit sudden. I couldn’t personally go and invite you, because of Veirya, but I hope that you can join us for dinner.”

“I understand. I was happier that it was Leah who came for me, nevertheless. Having a handsome and cool fellow come for me would make me so excited that I’d want to eat him. Leah, however, gives me the opportunity to experience being a mother.”

Angelina then quietly laughed and glanced over. With a smile, she said, “You seem to have another guest, too.”

“Please come in. I’m not sure if you know each other.”

I made way. Lucia turned her head to look toward Angelina, who was at the door. Angelina shifted her gaze from her daughter, who was teeming with murderous intent, to Lucia’s face. I carefully watched the two’s expression. Lucia’s smile turned a little dull before she revealed a relaxed smile, “Ah, Angelina. What a coincidence. I, honestly, never expected that you’d be invited.”


Angelina’s expression was a little mysterious. It seemed as though she was complaining, as she expected better of Lucia. Lucia looked at Veirya and me with puzzlement, “Angelina is Veirya’s mom, right? This must be a family reunion, then, so why was I invited?”

“Without you, I don’t have the confidence to get the two to calm down by myself if they start fighting.”

I walked over to the table with a smile.

I was truly in a fantastic mood. While the two merely greeted each other, I acquired what I wanted from the way they looked at each other. Lucia may have known Angelina in the past, but she wasn’t surprised by Angelina’s appearance at our place. Normally speaking, Lucia shouldn’t have met Angelina at the town yet, so the fact that they didn’t mind each other whatsoever went to show that they had met before. Angelina was with Achilles and the chapel, which proved that the chapel, Achilles and Lucia had met before. The question was, “what did the three parties discuss with each other?”

After sitting down, Leah sat down next to Angelina and cheerfully enjoyed her dinner. It was a delicious dinner to Leah. Leah had her head down and happily ate the ear dish from the tavern, the meat stew, mashed potatoes and sausage. She had no interest in the people around her.

Veirya was the same as Leah. She didn’t seem to have any plans to butt heads with Angelina for the meantime. She cared more about trying to eat more. Angelina would be the only one who took the initiative to fight with Veirya for food, which might result in a fight, I assumed.

Lucia ate with a smile; she didn’t seem to realise what had happened. However, Angelina watched me the entire time, but then she’d look away the moment I looked at her. Perhaps Angelina knew what I was thinking.

I looked at Lucia and out of the blue, said, “Elven flavouring is amazing.”

Lucia proudly puffed out her flat chest, “Hmm? Oh, yeah, that’s right. Of course they’re good. Although we can find it in our elven forest whenever we want, it’s very expensive for you humans, it seems.”

I nodded, and then smiled, “It’s just that you didn’t give us much. We’ve basically finished it. It seems that Veirya and Leah are addicted to it now, though. Days without it won’t be easy henceforward. You sure have a lot a lot of variety. You’re very astute to have collected these things.”

Lucia had always felt that elves were superior, which was precisely why she was willing to go to any lengths and abandon anything for them, which gave her the strange sense of superiority. Thus, hearing compliments for elves would cause her to react the same way as ostentatious people do. If you said that something cheap in her house was delicious, she’d generously gift you a lot of it – provided that you’re on friendly terms. Subsequently, it was that sense of achievement and superiority that led to her getting carried away, and hence, forgetting some things.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, if you want more, I can arrange for someone to deliver some more to you. We send plenty of flavouring over monthly anyway. I’ll deliver you some.”


Angelina suddenly yelled at Lucia, causing Lucia to freeze. Her ears twitched a few times. Puzzled, she asked, “What’s the matter? Veirya is my comrade, and I absolutely trust them. Moreover, since you’ve chosen to trade here, would Veirya not know?”


Angelina was left speechless by the honest and upright Lucia. She looked up at me with hopelessness.

Lucia was a straightforward girl who also liked Veirya very much. I knew that I’d be able to acquire the information I wanted if I pried. And I had succeeded.

I shook my head with a smile. I looked at Lucia and Angelina, “No, no, don’t misunderstand. Angelina, Lucia, the truth is I basically have a good idea of what you’re doing already. You’re trading flavouring here, correct?”

Lucia looked at Angelina with surprise, “They don’t know?”

Angelina palmed her face with despair. She let out a long sigh, then set her fork and knife down. She glanced over to Veirya, who was next to her, and then hopelessly said, “Mister, you truly have good eyes. I must admit that you caught us. I never thought Lucia would be so unreliable. Nevertheless, we won’t give up on this. We made an agreement that we wouldn’t interfere with each other’s lives. I believe that you still remember that.”

I shook my head then stood up.

‘It’s time to bring out the terms and conditions.’

I looked into Angelina’s eyes and resolutely responded, “I won’t stop you. I’m not a tax officer or law enforcer. I’m just a lord’s assistant or, perhaps, a spoil of war. I just want to tell you that I want in.”


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