Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 5 Ch. 38

I Swear To Lead A Quiet Life of Peace. I Wish You Well, My Beloved. (Part 3)

Jingan arranged a total of four groups of assassins before they were to consummate their marriage. They were all weaker than first time assassins. Also, they didn’t act directly through her orders. Therefore, even if they spilled the beans, the mastermind wouldn’t be her. She didn’t want to kill Ming Feizhen, but to test him. To her amazement, she learnt that his skills were too profound to determine. His skills exceeded the Seventeen Hidden Dragons and were most probably at the level of the Ultimate Three.

Jingan possessed extraordinary insight. Ming Feizhen’s disguise skills were brilliant and meticulous, but not flawless. Jingan deduced that he was younger than his appearance suggested from the condition of his skin in his palms. She was amazed that a man around twenty five, twenty six could embody such profound skills.

Jingan scanned Ming Feizhen the entire time. He wore a delighted smiled from beginning to end. Occasionally, he’d check out Jingan’s buxom breasts and reveal a perverted look. Jingan didn’t feel shy about that, yet shyly smiled.

Before it was time for them to consummate their marriage, Ming Feizhen kept coming up with reasons to refuse her; he didn’t dare to touch her body. She, however, applied a powerful drug to the bed. It was a drug that was powerful enough to knock out beasts as large as an elephant. The purpose of the drug was to inhibit Ming Feizhen’s rationality, thereby allowing her to assassinate him. If he possessed profound internal energy, the effects would be reduced. Besides the drug, Jingan also arranged three hundred executioners outside. The moment he stepped outside, he’d be mincemeat. She didn’t expect for Ming Feizhen to adamantly refuse to join her on the bed, though. If he refused, how was she to carry out her plan?

“Fuma, do you hate me…?”

“No way!” exclaimed Ming Feizhen. He wiped away his playful attitude and wore on a serious look, “It is because I, your husband, practice The Most Perfect Square Has No Corners The Loudest Sound Is the One That Cannot Be Heard Pork Shoulders… Giant Pearl Purple Wrinkle Invincible Fried Chicken… I meant, Evil Demolition Overlord’s Divine Art that forces me to avoid sexual activity with women. Please forgive me, Princess.”

Despite always being astute, the Princess believed that claim of all things, because as far as her understanding of men went, they couldn’t resist her charms. She used herself as bait to seduce Ming Feizhen.

“Fuma… in that case, you have to let me sleep in your arms… every night from now.”

Jingan threw herself into Ming Feizhen’s arms, using his arm as her pillow.

Jingan wasn’t a girl who cared about maintaining her virginity, but that wasn’t to say that she’d offer herself to any man. What it meant was that she didn’t consider her body to be so important. As such, when the situation called for it, she didn’t mind using her body as bait. Alas, something awkward happened.

Ming Feizhen showed no signs of drowsiness. To the contrary, besides having more and more vigour, hid rate of breathing picked up more and more. Jingan, on the other hand… fell asleep. For some reason, she slept as though she had returned to her childhood, when she was in her mother’s cuddle, and enjoyed a deep and peaceful slumber on Ming Feizhen.

When she came to, she finally realised that she fell asleep. She opened her eyes to saw somebody else, “F-Fuma?”

She almost instantly covered her mouth to stop her voice escaping.

His long hair was as white as snow; it resembled collected heavy snowfall, yet looked as soft and thick as goose feathers. His hair was splayed before his face in casual fashion. It wasn’t just his hair that was different, though. His facial appearance was also completely different.

Upon close inspection, he was arguably quite the handsome man. If he looked quieter and was more reticent, he would look striking. It was a pity, however, for he loved to wear exaggerated expressions. He slept with his mouth wide open similarly to a child. To add, he had faint wrinkles on his eyes, which were signs that he usually liked to laugh and smile.

‘So this is his true appearance… Pfft… he truly resembles a little kid.’

Princess Jingan couldn’t contain her laughter when she saw Ming Feizhen curl his hair up and bite down on it as if he was chomping a chicken drumstick. Owing to the subtle jolt, Ming Feizhen opened his lazy eyes. Subsequently, Jingan quickly shut her eyes and returned to her sleeping posture while softly snoring.

She heard the man, who she slept on, exclaim, “Oh, shit, I fell asleep! Why did I have to fall asleep after holding on until dawn?”

She heard him pat his face and mutter, “It’s almost over now; don’t relax now. Fuck you, damn old Shifu… Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t be in the hands of this scheming woman as her husband…”

Jingan wondered to herself, “So he is Ming Huayu’s disciple. But how did he read me? I faked my expression…”

The voice next to Jingan’s ear was extremely soft. She opened her eyes ever so slightly to glimpse at him. Ming Feizhen was in the midst of face shifting at a sensational speed. He stuffed his white hair into his back collar; then wore on his wig before wearing on his mask; then he lathered a powder of some sort onto his skin where it was uneven, such as where his neck and mask connected.

Jingan was a tad surprised, “It seems that he hastily did his disguise yesterday. Otherwise, I might not have seen through his disguise with the skill he is currently displaying.”

Once Ming Feizhen finished his disguise, he glanced over to see Jingan still sound asleep.

After looking at her for a brief moment, Ming Feizhen caressed her face with his large hand and slowly remarked, “Why does such a good looking girl… keep trying to come up with ways to kill people? Killing without any consideration for herself… Just who are you doing this for?’

Jingan broke the silence after Ming Feizhen ended his remark, “Fuma.”

Jingan sat up and looked at Ming Feizhen’s expression look with her own mischievous smile, “Your touch tickles.”

Ming Feizhen spontaneously realised that Jingan was putting on an act before. Hence, he smiled, “Good morning, Princess.”

He was happy to not beat around the bush. However, Jingan responded, “I slept too long and made you wait for me to wake. I do apologise for that. Should others find out about my unbecoming behaviour, people would say that you married a lazy wife.”

“Marrying you is a great blessing, Princess. Nobody would dare to speak ill of you.”

In his mind, however, he said, “Seeing as you’re not exposing my fake identity, I guess you’re not all that upright and transparent, either.”

“Furthermore, I was not waiting for you to wake, Princess. You know, there are lots of executioners in the manor. I went to train with them this morning before the sun came up and passed on some of my knowledge to them. I hope we did not wake you.”

Ming Feizhen finished off with a smile, but his gaze showed his evident provocation, which said, “Lass, these little games of yours aren’t enough to kill me.”

Jingan responded with a quiet smile, “Hehe, I will be yours henceforward. Everyone in the manor will need to be educated by you. Every single one of them.”

‘Those aren’t my only plans.’

Sparks appeared in between the husband and wife couple’s eyes.

From that day onward, the “husband and wife couple,” stayed with each other for their own ends. They spent three years plotting and battling with each other and staying vigilant of each other. Nevertheless, nobody was able to win against the other.

Ming Feizhen couldn’t break out of the shackles as his Fuma identity by himself, for the reason that it would attract the attention of the imperial court. That would make his activities at Liu Shan Men difficult.

Meanwhile, Jingan couldn’t kill Ming Feizhen. It wasn’t that she didn’t have better and more vicious methods, but that she, too, had countless jobs to attend to, therefore leaving her without enough time to focus on solely Ming Feizhen.

Jingan was the same as what the Divine Moon Cult was for Ming Feizhen. They were roadblocks in his path to retirement, ones that he couldn’t resolve.

To Jingan, Ming Feizhen was a mistake she made on the chessboard that she couldn’t correct, unfortunately. In her original plan, she would rather be a widow than have a man, who wouldn’t touch her, fortunately, but was impossible to get rid of, not to mention always appearing around her.

The marriage that came to be through a failure and a sequence of errors and would only end with a death had yet to bear fruit. The only aspect which wasn’t stagnant was their understanding of each other, which continued to grow without end.

Ming Feizhen knew that Jingan had someone with exceptional martial mastery supporting her from the shadows, in addition to powerful supporters from the pugilistic world and the imperial palace. Moreover, Jingan was aware that Ming Feizhen was Ming Huayu’s disciple, as well as the master of Night Fortress. He was definitely not weaker than Yi Ya, the Qilin’s God of Battle.

‘So we’re acting, are we? Bring it on, then. Let’s see if you die at my hands or if you can catch me before I send you to the other world.’

Three years had gone by. Jingan silently gazed at the sky from the room in the fuma manor once again. Her mind followed a path that none knew of as when she was young.

Jin Wangsun followed her commands. The chance that the Emperor bestowed Jin Wangsun with was also her handiwork. This time, she forced Ming Feizhen to meet her as her fuma and made another attempt on his life, but it failed again.

‘Ming Feizhen can’t be killed with normal means, after all.’

Thus, Jingan forewent assassination plans; instead, she decided to leverage that fact. The young Princess had secretly set a plan up already. She was steady and calm. Even the individual who stood with her had to lament that they, themselves, couldn’t compare to her.

Lastly, she softly sighed, “Fuma, Dear… don’t disappoint me. Everything done… is for the throne.”


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