Son-con – Vol. 14.5 Ch. 01

Liu Yue and Parent Meeting

Liu Yue looked at the pencil and textbook in front of her. Then, her head heavily flopped onto the table with a thud. The insects outside were almost louder than the teacher in front. The windows were all opened, but not a single cool breeze blew in, since it didn’t exactly exist. The weeping willow leaves outside appeared dead due to the sunlight. A shadow was cast, but she couldn’t feel a single cool breeze. The classroom at school was boiling in summer. There were only twenty students in the large classroom, but it was still so hot that she couldn’t feel motivated. To make matters worse, she had a furry tail. Her mom always rambled on and on all day and night about having to cherish the proud tail she inherited from the Moon Fox Tribe. However, Liu Yue was so irritated that she wanted to just chop it off.

If Liu Yue’s mom saw her dragging my tail along the ground, she’d fly off the handle. However, the floor was the only place that she could find something cool. Liu Yue didn’t dare to fall asleep, as it would be too obvious. Everybody would be able to tell she was sleeping as soon as her long and pointy ears flopped down.

Liu Yue’s said she didn’t have to go to school and could just be home schooled. Her mom, to the contrary, forced her to be sent to a boarding school with the reason, “Liu Yue will definitely have to socialise with people in the future.” Liu Yue didn’t have a complaint about it. It was the same as a child having to leave to go to their high school exams even if they did always live with their parents.

“I seriously don’t have anything in common with that old-fashioned fox. It’s been over ten years, yet she still wears those sorts of old-fashioned dresses. It’s blegh. I don’t even want to go near her. I can virtually smell a rotten stench if I go anywhere near her. She even complains about my clothing being too revealing every day. What, wrapping myself in a long dress in summer is polite? Comfort is more important to me.

Mom is still paying for my living expenses, but she couldn’t be more miserly than she already is. I finally mustered up the courage some time ago to write a letter to my father in the Imperial Palace. I have strong doubts as to whether my letter addressed to Troy Galadriel Rosvenor reached my father or not. That said, I did receive a large sum the next month,’ thought Liu Yue.

“Thirty years ago, the reason elves and humanity went to war against each other was because of humanity’s ambitions. Their confidence from winning every battle they fought and their desire to conquer led them to the only region of the continent that they had yet to conquer – the elves’ forest. The spark was that the Empress of humanity wasn’t treated with courtesy in the elven lands. This will be on your test; make sure to memorise it. The war thirty years ago was one of the most brutal wars in the South. It affected the relationship between elves and humanity for the next decade, and it also shattered the humanity’s legacy as an invincible army. Humanity’s failure forced them to stop their conquest of the continent, while the elves opened their doors to the world as a result of the war. Although heavy losses were suffered, the elves managed to have the opportunity to interact with humanity as a consequence. Afterwards, the elves’ lives were also changed…”

The teacher didn’t seem to notice her students already half asleep and was still fervently speaking of the war thirty years ago.

Liu Yue disliked modern history, not because she disliked history, but purely because she knew it was riddled with incorrect information. The war between elves and humanity her teacher recounted didn’t ignite because of humanity’s desires or something. It was solely because her two grandmothers were fighting over the rights to raise her father. The only reason the war was particularly brutal was because her grandmothers were special. Further, the illustrations in the book were wrong, too. Her blonde-haired Grandmother Vyvyan was fine, but her Grandmother Elizabeth was gentle woman. Her Grandmother Elizabeth wasn’t as cruel as illustrated in the books.

Liu Yue finally caved in,”Whatever. I’ll just deal with being called to the office. I don’t care anymore.”

Liu Yue placed her pen down and flopped down onto the table. Her long fox ears gradually flopped down and vanished from her teacher’s field of vision.


“Two parties meeting?” asked Liu Yue.

“Yes. Liu Yue, this time’s family meeting is very important. As teachers, we should sit down together to discuss your future with you and your parents. You will be graduating very soon. We need to discuss education, as in, are you going to continue higher up studies and go to the university in the Imperial Capital or are you going home to work? It all depends on your current circumstances. We will have multiple options for you to consider based on your personal situation,” explained Liu Yue’s teacher, expression cheerful.

Liu Yue was relieved, thinking, “So I wasn’t called here to be lectured for sleeping in class. I didn’t care about it when I fell asleep, and I wouldn’t lose anything if I copped a scolding, but it would be troublesome. It would be even more of a nuisance if I had to write a self-reflection paper.”

Liu Yue was the type who didn’t even treat her homework seriously. She slowly wagged her tail back and forth behind her. Liu Yue kept Troy’s name a secret when she enrolled so that others in the school wouldn’t know. If they knew she was Troy’s daughter, she’d received different treatment. Everybody considered her to be the daughter of a normal merchant family.

“My father is unlikely to come, so Mom will probably have to come. I’m somewhat happy when I think of Mom, but even more annoyed. When she gets here, she’ll definitely tell me off for my living habits. She might even fly off the handle about me asking Dad for money. She’ll complain about Dad adding to the trouble or something. The two of them are so intimate, yet she always has to act curt in front of me as if she’s divorced. I really don’t get what there is to be so reserved about between husband and wife,” thought Liu Yue. Done thinking, she gave her teacher a nod: “I will tell my Mom to come, then.”

“No. Liu Yue, I called you here this time to talk to you about this. Your mom seems to be out on business, so we couldn’t get in contact with her. This is a very important discussion, though. While your mother and father, umm…”

Liu Yue finally understood the dilemma. Her teacher called her over in private specifically to keep her parents matter from being known. Her teacher cared about her students’ privacy. Nonetheless, it was clear that her teacher had misunderstood the actual status quo. Liu Yue sighed: “Teacher, my parents get along very well. It’s just that they don’t live together…”

‘Whoa. Teacher, can you not look at me with those eyes of pity?’

Liu Yue irritably swung her tail in circles. Liu Yue’s teacher thought she was unaware her parents were divorced. She assumed Liu Yue was refusing to admit she was a pitiful child of a single-parent household. Liu Yue was being honest, though. Her parents got along very well. Her father wasn’t by her side solely due to his work.

Liu Yue’s teacher grabbed hold of Liu Yue’s hands and, in a caring voice, said, “It’s all right; it’s all right, Liu Yue. I understand. I understand. Whatever the case may be, he is your father. Since he is your father, he should be responsible for your future… I’m sure he will come, so can you please contact him and ask him to personally attend this parent meeting?”

Liu Yue resolutely cut her off, “He will not come.”

What Liu Yue wanted to say: “It’s not that my father won’t come, but I can’t let him come so as to avoid impacting my normal life here at school. Further, how is he going to come? How is he going to introduce himself? ‘Hello, Teacher, I am Liu Yue’s father, Troy. Sorry, sorry, I had deal with some trivial matters, and so I was late… My occupation is being the King of the North?’ I won’t be able to live an ordinary life anymore, then.”

Liu Yue’s teacher inquired, “Do you have any other relatives, then? Your grandmother? Your maternal grandma?”

‘They… There’s the Queen of elves. And then there’s the Empress of humanity. Who would you like to see? As for my grandma… I don’t have one. My mom is the only member of her family. If you must see an adult in my family, would you like to see the elven Queen of the North back then or her bodyguard? Or, did you want to see my two other moms, the two Queens?’

Needless to say, Liu Yue. couldn’t mention them.

“That won’t do, Liu Yue. You must have a relative come no matter what. How about this: Liu Yue, write your father a letter now and whether he comes or not will be up to him.”

‘Not writing it.’

“He’s your father. He should still care for you even if he abandoned you and your mother, right?!”

‘Yeah, I just told you, that’s not how it is…’

“Write it! If he doesn’t come, tell me his address, and I’ll personally pay him a visit!!”

‘Pray you can make it into the Imperial Palace…’

Liu Yue let out a heavy sigh when she saw her teacher’s frustrated look.

‘I guess I have to write it; otherwise, I might not be able to leave the office. I’ll just make up a name and address. Nobody will come if it’s sent to wrong address, after all.’

Three days later…

“Hello, Teacher. Liu Yue told me there was something you needed to discuss, so she specifically asked me to come to this parent meeting. Sorry, sorry, I am running a bit late. I am Troy Galadriel Rosvenor. I presume you already know me. You do not need to salute me. There is no need for you to. While I am the King of the North, I am just Liu Yue’s father in your presence and hers. Therefore, you can speak to me as you normally would. I may be Liu Yue’s father, but due to work, I do not have many chances to spend time with her. As such, I am not informed of her situation. If it is possible, I would like to trouble you to be a detailed.”

Liu Yue’s teacher was stunned and speechless, while the former wore a look of hopelessness. She covered her face with her hand. Nobody saw her bright smile. She was smiling as, one, she was pleased with herself, two, because she was sneering at her teacher, thinking “Told you so.” Lastly, she was happy about her father coming.

“He’s buried with work as is, but he really still is my father… This is a parent meeting, after all!” thought Liu Yue.


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