The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 20


*Slide… Slide… Slide…*

“Papa… Leah… Leah… won’t stop… Leah told you… Leah will make sure Papa is covered in Leah’s scent!”

Leah aggressively stripped me, and then lay sprawled out on my chest.

She crawled upward on me step by step. She then went back to my chest and bit the location where my heart sat. I felt the pain from her teeth digging into me. She bit my chest hard. I could even feel myself bleeding.

Leah didn’t end it there. She even began to suck my blood. Her breasts slid around on my body; her body also randomly emitted a faint glow. It wasn’t the moonlight, so it must’ve been her own body that was glowing. Leah’s body appeared so bright in the moment as if she was the bright moonlight.

“Now Papa is my Papa… Leah wants to be with Papa forever… Leah also wants to possess all of Papa’s gentleness and Kindness for myself… Leah doesn’t want Papa to have another woman… Although… although Leah doesn’t know why, either…, thinking about Papa giving Papa’s gentleness and arms to other women… makes Leah feel so sad… It feels frustrating… Therefore… therefore… Leah doesn’t want Papa to be too intimate with other women… Papa… If you’re too close to other women, aren’t you…, Leah… Leah will become very strange…”

I didn’t speak. Leah gently stroked my chest. She leaned in to the spot closest to where my heart was located and bit it. She then gently stroked the teeth marks. With a soft giggle, she said, “This is the magic Leah has set on Papa. In the future, no matter where Leah is, wherever Papa is and wherever we are, if Leah misses Papa or Papa forgets Leah even a teeny bit, your chest will hurt. Papa will forever remember the mark Leah left. Papa will forever remember this night…”


I gently pulled Leah into my embrace. She seemed to be very eager to be hugged by me. She leaned onto my chest with the ultimate happiness and then gently sniffed my body. With a content smile, she said, “That elf’s smell is gone. You’re now covered in Leah’s scent, Papa… Uhm, this is the best… Papa… Papa… You will forever be Leah’s Papa… Don’t leave Leah. Don’t go to other women… Oh, right, Papa, that marriage thing that woman mentioned, what exactly is it?”

I looked at Leah. While I caressed her head with a smile, I explained, “Oh, that… That’s… Mm… When a man and woman love each other then live together until death.”

“So, so does Papa love Leah?”

Leah nervously looked at me. She appeared to be eager to know my answer. I looked at her and seriously nodded, “Of course. Of course, Papa loves Leah. However, the love Papa has for Leah is different to the love in marriage.”

“But, Papa wants to live together with Leah, right? Leah wants to live together with Papa! Therefore, it’s okay, Papa! Leah understands. You told that woman, yourself, didn’t you? Leah will eventually understand what love is! Leah doesn’t understand what love is at the moment, but Leah will be able to understand it once Leah grows up! And so, Papa, after Leah grows up, can you love Leah? Can Papa and Leah get married?”

Leah looked at me with eyes brimming with anticipation. While she was transformed into her adult size, her behaviour remained considerably normal. She looked at me with anticipation. Her body was most certainly alluring, but I didn’t have any impure thoughts due to her pure eyes.

‘Veirya’s breasts are among the most voluptuous I’ve seen, but Leah’s breasts in her adult form are even larger. Should I say, she doesn’t disappoint as a succubus, or should I say, Veirya is but a mere human? If Leah calls Veirya ‘Mama’ when her daughter has bigger breasts than her, wouldn’t she feel awkward as her mother?’

I looked at Leah while she looked at me with immense anticipation. There was nervousness and anticipation in her gaze that she looked at me with.

‘She must be eager to hear my answer.’

I looked at her and pulled her into my arms. In a tender voice, I replied, “Leah, while love is a human instinct, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a target. Leah, you’re still young. It’s still too early to speak about love with you. In saying that, Papa understands your feelings. If you still consider it when you grow up, Papa will wholeheartedly consider it, as well.”

“Uhm! Papa! Leah will forever love only Papa, alone! Leah promises that! Nevertheless, Leah hopes Papa can love Leah, alone! Else… Leah… Leah will truly be very mad…”

Leah’s gaze then suddenly changed. I didn’t bother with her, though. It was the first time that I wasn’t erect in transformed Leah’s presence, because my attention wasn’t on her. I wasn’t thinking about her, Lucia, or even what that man discussed with me. No, not the chapel, either.

What I kept thinking about was solely Veirya. All I thought about was her dark gaze and expressionless look underneath the flame.

I didn’t understand Veirya. I didn’t know anything about her past, and I couldn’t read her mind. I didn’t understand my thoughts, either. I didn’t know what I was thinking about.

‘What exactly do I want to do with Veirya? I refused Veirya when she didn’t understand what marriage is, but I clearly could’ve leveraged that to get with her, yet I knew deep down that if I complied and possessed her, my conscience would torment me to death.’

‘If I genuinely like Veirya, I should be together with her.’

‘But nonetheless, if I don’t love her, I don’t need to consider her feelings. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose by marrying her.’

‘So the question is: how exactly do I feel?’


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